Technology of the correct run for the forced zhiroszhiganiye

Technology of the correct run for the forced zhiroszhiganiye

I have couple of acquaintances who daily get up early in the morning and run. They jog, every morning 10-15 minutes. The purpose of these jogs, at the girl – to lose weight, at the guy – "to dry" muscles. Both of them are engaged in this business already more than half a year, but nobody achieved desirable result. Why?

At first I will tell why jogging every day 10-20 minutes to burn fat very difficult, and then I will tell how it is necessary to run effectively to burn fat, and I will also describe the unpretentious program of trainings which everyone will be able easily and just to modify under itself(himself). So, I answer the main issue "Why I run and I don't grow thin?"! The answer is simple: because jogging 10-20 minutes, you almost don't burn fat. Here's the thing: when jogging the organism receives energy from the glycogen, it is, in fact, the digestible sugar which is in cages of your organism. And your organism very quickly restores the lost glycogen … which besides goes on the covering of energy consumption. And such roundabout when jogging can last long enough, up to 40-50 minutes. And only when cages of your organism cease to develop enough glycogen, the wise organism is received for fat cages. How the organism understands that it is time to use fat as fuel? Doctors say that as soon as inflow of blood to fat cages increases and the amount of the oxygen dissolved in this blood increases fat begins to be split. I.e. when you begin to be tired and pant seriously.

Result: if there is desire to get rid of excess fat, jogging, then it is necessary to run more than 50 minutes, i.e. in 40-50 minutes it is necessary "to raskochegarit" the organism and even minutes 10-20 minutes to run about, burning fat. BUT! Attention! When jogging (9-12 km/h) of more than an hour the organism exhausts all stock of the glycogen, and the speed of the lipolysis isn't rather high to cover all cost of energy, and at this moment the organism throws up easily split protein which is in your muscles in the fire chamber. So if you want "to be dried", but don't want to lose the muscle bulk, then long jogging – not the most advantageous option. What to do to those who wants to throw off several kilograms of fat, but doesn't want to spend for it on the hour for the running or doesn't want to leave such work by the rolled muscles? The answer is simple – interval run. What is interval run? This alternation of run on the maximum of efforts and rest. I do it so: 100 meters the step, 100 meters jogging, 100 meters sprint with the maximum calculation. Let's look what occurs in the organism at interval run. When I run 100 meters on the maximum of forces, and this very resource-intensive occupation, this distance completely becomes covered by that glycogen about which I mentioned above. When then I walk 100 meters, the organism convulsively restores the glycogen for following "rape", but at the same time for the covering of the current needs only fat is split. To be honest, I don't know why so occurs. If among readers there are physicians – can they will explain. Perhaps, it occurs because after sprint the inflow of blood to fat cages considerably increases and the amount of dissolved oxygen is also very high. But the main thing that it works. And the last 100 meters I to jogging, in fact, have a rest, I spend and at the same time I restore the glycogen. In half an hour of such training you will spend the lot of calories, will burn the heap of fat and besides very much will be tired. Muscle bulk at the same time, on assurance of doctors, doesn't decrease (and I trust it, comparing muscles of marathoners and runners on short distances).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team