Than jogging is useful: possible results and correct equipment

Than jogging is useful: possible results and correct equipment

Regular physical activities strengthen our body, promoting not only to good mood, but also improvement of health. However in everything it is necessary to know when to stop and if you already decided to start working out, then it should be taken into account all features of exercises and their possible contraindications. This rule concerns also jogging as this occupation, as well as many others, provides load of an organism. In what its feature and how to master technology of run for the most effective results — read further.

There are several types of run, but optimum for daily jog it is considered shuffling, or the jogging providing movement of the person of rather long distances with a speed of 7-9 km/h that not much quicker than standard fast walking. However jogging has also the certain individual characteristics distinguishing it from others the technician. So, in this case when moving people kind of splashes the weakened foot (from here and the second name) or strictly hits a heel against a support.

However the most important feature is shorter phase of flight, that is there is practically no period of a straight state: as soon as one leg makes a start from the earth, the second immediately falls by it.

Considering more sparing mode of such running (in comparison with usual run makes smaller impact on joints), some athletes use it as warm-up at more serious loadings or during restoration after traumatized.

Whether you know? Till 1970 only men participated in runnings on any distances.

Besides, if to trust the same professional athletes, then this look, on condition of a long training, promotes emergence of so-called effect of the runner — conditions of a certain euphoria which is followed by improvement of mood and inflow of happiness and ease.

It was already repeatedly proved that jogging extremely positively affects a condition of an organism and the general health of the person. At least, it is excellent fight against own weaknesses and powerlessness as, running, we receive the vital energy directed then to achievement of goals.

If to speak about more physiological results, then it should be noted positive impact of the specified occupation on endocrine and nervous systems. The fact is that in the course of jog the person should overcome constantly gravitation of Earth, at first jumping up, and then again falling by legs in vertical position.

At such moments the blood-groove in vessels comes to a resonance with run and too begins to be shaken therefore the sleeping capillaries open. Thanks to a large number of the revealed vessels also the microcirculation strengthening work of bodies of internal secretion increases. The raised stream of hormones begins to reach the most remote cages, adjusting their normal activity.

Contrary to opinion of some people, jogging has positive impact and on work of heart. So, as a result of regular trainings the number of its reductions decreases, and it begins to work more economically at the expense of what also pulse is normalized.

Important! At serious problems with principal organ it is better to replace jogging with just fast foot walk.

At a long rhythmical training the pulse rate reaches 120–130 blows in a minute together with what peripheral blood vessels extend and their resistance decreases.

All this very soon leads to a lowering of arterial pressure and if before it already was low, then the result will be opposite — it will raise. Some runners call the occupation the real antidepressant, noting its positive impact on the mood. So, after a half-hour running there is a feeling of joy and happiness explained with the strengthened work of a hypophysis. This endocrine gland produces endorphins — joy hormones which even within 30 minutes after the running are capable to render antipainful effect.

To achieve all described results, it is not enough to know about the general features of the shuffling movement, it is important to master the correct technology of such run. It without fail includes three main components: warm-up, the movement and a hitch, each of which also has distinctive characteristics.

Precedes run and has to last not less than 5-7 minutes. After a dream or the unlucky working day all ligaments and muscles of a body are in the compressed state. They are not warmed and, respectively, are insufficiently filled with blood and energy for active loadings and activity.

First of all it is necessary to pay due attention to joints and ligaments surrounding them, having executed several easy rotary motions: involve brushes, a waist, pelvic joints, knees and a neck. It is necessary to repeat all these movements in most weakened state, till 10-12 rotations in each direction.

Quicker inclinations, on 10 times in each party, squats and moves legs and hands will help to warm the body though also static exercises will be useful (for example, level). Carrying out all these movements, try to strain muscles to feel a tension of sheaves, be only not overzealous, otherwise it is necessary to forget about further race against time.

The first 100 meters of a distance also have to be perceived as warm-up, and it means that it is necessary to accelerate gradually and the required speed should be gathered only after a body conclusion in normal operating mode.

Whether you know? Experts consider that it is possible to achieve the maximum results in a marathon running only up to 30 years. It is quite probable that this is true as to the fastest marathoners in the world from 27 to 29 years.

Well done warm-up will help to achieve the most effective results in the running, besides will make it the safest for a body. Always attentively listen to yourself, and over time you learn to understand what exercises should be executed in this case.

Technology of jogging, or dzhoggin as it is called still by experts, rather simple, and here accurate following to all recommendations will precisely reduce overfatigue and load of joints.

It will be interesting to you to learn about how to combine run and martial arts.

  • at pushing away from the Earth's surface (all foot) there has to be a full straightening of a leg in a knee;
  • the step should not be too wide, and for its increase it is enough to increase the rate of run;
  • always we hold the case to the straight lines which are slightly inclined forward;
  • hands need to be bent in elbows at an angle in 90 degrees, and they should be moved both forward, and back;
  • we keep free breath (the conversation should not cause short wind);
  • at the correct performance the pulse rate remains at the level of 180 beats per minute, and even at those who were engaged in jogging for weight loss.

If you feel that pulse became more frequent, try to pass to the reduced speed or fast walking. It is simple to check similar need: if you quietly breathe a nose, so such changes are not required, and here at breath by a mouth it needs to be leveled.

One more important making technology of jogging the hitch is. It is impossible to dump sharply gained rate of the movement or to stop completely as load of heart in that case will sharply increase that, in turn, will cause problems in its work.

Jog needs to be finished gradually, slowly passing from run to usual walking. For this can and the short moment a cardiovascular system will manage to adapt to change of loading. Besides, after passing of small distance do not forget to execute a small set of exercises which will help to restore normal breath and an extension of muscles.

Become directly, put legs at the level of shoulders and raise hands through the parties up, bending a back and being extended after hands. At this moment the deep breath then it is necessary to throw the relaxed hands down (with a small inclination forward) is carried out and to make an exhalation.

Important! For the maximum effect of occupations it is regularly important to train, but if for any reasons every day it is impossible to run, allocate at least 20–60 minutes of 3-5 times a week. Certainly, the schedule of trainings will be at all a miscellaneous.

As soon as breath and pulse are stabilized — can pass to the stretching exercises: slow inclinations of a trunk in different directions, inclinations of a neck or rotation by the head.

Also do not forget to execute an extension of legs, doing attacks in different directions. Such completion of jog is considered the most correct and is recommended by professional athletes.

Studying features of jogging of many beginning athletes, interests a question of concrete time of a running, for effective result the nobility is not enough as it is correct to run, it is necessary to consider still favor of an organism to this process.

Learn how not to miss during run.

While some devote to it several hours in the morning, others postpone this occupation for evening, and here it is very difficult to understand who is right.

Discussing this issue, experts came to a conclusion that the main thing here not the strict schedule and the mode, and comfortable finding of sport in your life, especially if you do not set as the purpose to lose weight or be prepared for a marathon running. However if this is true, then it is necessary to consider the daily rhythm of your organism controlling many driving processes: blood pressure, a metabolism, regulation of temperature indicators is obese.

By the way, daily fluctuations of temperature affect our physical activity and when it reaches the maximum value, running trainings will be the most effective.

At this time both the reaction speed, and coordination of movements are at the peak of the activity, and the warmed elastic muscles reduce risk of getting injured.

At the healthy person such difference of temperature indicators on average makes about 1.5 °C, and the minimum value is noted in 1–3 hours prior to awakening, and maximum — in the second half of day, closer by 18 o'clock. It is possible to define an own temperature rhythm by daily measurement of temperature and fixing of the maximum value in day more precisely. Considering it, the period in three hours prior to this peak will be the most suitable time for run.

If jogging is used as a way of weight loss, and interests you more how many calories it burns, say, for an hour, then it is better to come for jog before a dinner. In that case fat deposits will leave not only during the movement, but also within 2.5 hours after loading as the physical activity significantly improves metabolism in an organism.

In fight against excess weight it is in such a way important to consider initial parameters of a body and intensity of jog. For example, if the woman weighs 60 kg, then in an hour of moderate run without stops (with a speed about 10-11 km/h) she can get rid of 590–620 Kcal.

For clarification of an organism and its general improvement of some physical activities it is not enough. You can though every day to run for three hours, but the lack of a diet will not allow to achieve desirable result.

  • before direct jog the stomach has to be almost empty that gives the maximum feeling of ease (in the morning, soon after awakening, take several pure sips, and the night before try to have supper till 20-00, slightly gorging on);
  • practically right after jog it is possible to drink the diluted juice or water, and here the use of other products should be postponed at least for an hour (run intensifies clarification of an organism which can stop any product, except purified water therefore it is worth postponing the use of food on as bigger time after jog is possible);
  • consumption of meat and other heavy food, especially in a fried look and in the second half of day, will create heavy feeling during the following morning jog (separate food will help to simplify a situation a little);
  • smoking and the intake of alcohol or drugs is absolutely incompatible with occupations run therefore if the night before you drank a little and felt let a lung, but intoxication, then it is better to postpone morning jog, it all the same will not bring any benefit, load of heart will only increase.

It would seem, such harmless occupation as jogging, has to bring only benefit to an organism, however in practice sometimes it becomes clear that it is better to reduce similar loadings or in general to exclude as they do harm to joints.

Learn more about a run contraindication.

Especially this statement concerns cross-country run with an uneven surface and its frequent changes (parks, landings or the thrown alleyka) and also races on concrete. In the course of fast movement on them extremely weakened foot of the modern person transfers pushes to joints of legs up, and then to a backbone and bodies of a small pelvis that quite often leads to appearance of injuries. Thus jogging can cause development of osteochondrosis of a column of a backbone and as result, hernia of an intervertebral disk. In certain cases connect with regular jogs also appearance of the deforming osteoarthrosis of large joints (talocrural, knee and coxofemoral). Of course, it does not mean that all people need to refuse morning run, but experts nevertheless defined risk group.

Important! At a good feast with consumption of alcoholic beverages or regular smoking on restoration of all systems of set of energy it is required of couple of days to several weeks. In other words, having addictions, to begin to run for the sake of a healthy organism it is simply useless.

  • people with hereditary predisposition to arthritis, sciatica or arthrosis (if the specified diseases were diagnosed for the immediate family);
  • with the congenital or acquired by pathology foot that has an adverse effect on its spring function (a valgusny curvature, flat-footedness, etc.);
  • curvature of a spine column (the most frequent problem — scoliosis);
  • presence of injuries or backbone surgeries in the past;
  • the professional features having an adverse effect on a condition of a backbone and joints of the lower extremities (the sedentary work causing development of osteochondrosis);
  • excess weight;
  • various pathologies of joints of the lower extremities;
  • severe injuries of legs in the past.

Besides, the micropushes received in the course of run have an adverse effect on a condition of bodies of a small pelvis therefore some experts do not recommend to be engaged in jogging to patients with:

  • syndrome of chronic pain in a basin;
  • chronic gynecologic diseases;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • proktity, sigmoidity or any other pathologies of a large intestine.

Nevertheless, not all people with the specified diseases refuse jogs, and some claim that run, on the contrary, improves their health. In this case it is important to remember that in any business the main thing reasonable approach therefore to whom as not to you to care for own health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team