"Than push-ups from a floor are useful to men and whether exercise can do harm

"Than push-ups from a floor are useful to men and whether exercise can do harm

It is necessary to support a body in good physical shape by everything. Unfortunately, at the modern rate of life not each person will have time for campaigns to the gym. But to bring a body into a form, to make it hardy it is possible also in house conditions, carrying out elementary exercises. Push-ups concern them. Having given to this exercise of minutes 20 in day, you will quickly achieve positive results.

Essence and correct equipment

Push-up — simple physical exercise during which performance a large number of muscles is involved. Its essence consists in a raising and lowering of a body by means of muscles of hands.

For performance it is necessary to accept "an emphasis lying" and to lower an equal body parallel to a floor, bending at the same time hands in elbows. It is necessary to fall until a humeral part of a hand with a forearm does not form a right angle. Then we straighten hands, raising a trunk.

There are various technicians of performance of push-ups which depend on position of hands and legs.

Learn about rules vypolneniye of different types of push-ups, in particular about the return push-ups for a triceps.

So, if you need to work the top part of a big pectoral muscle, then exercise is carried out at arrangement of the lower extremities on the eminence.

For study of the lower part of a big pectoral muscle of a hand have to be on the eminence.

Also depends on width of arrangement of a hand what part of a muscle will experience big strain.

Widely placed palms load an external part of a pectoral muscle, and narrowly put — internal.

There are also other types of push-ups:

  • classical;
  • the head up (from a bench);
  • the head down (standing on hands at a wall);
  • push-ups from knees (an emphasis not on toes, and on knees);
  • push-ups with jumping up (hands move between the eminence and a floor in the course of exercise performance);
  • push-ups with cotton (when the body is in the top point, hands tear off from a floor and clap);
  • push-up on fists (an emphasis not on a palm, and on fists);
  • push-ups by one hand (an emphasis on one hand, and the second is brought for a back);
  • push-ups with broad setting of hands;
  • pliometrichesky push-ups (during raising of a body of a hand come off a floor and throw the case up).

Whether you know? On October 5, 1965 the first record on continuous push-up was set up. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. American Charles Linster who executed exercise of 6006 times became the champion. In 1980 this record was broken by Japanese Minoru Yoshida, having made 10,507 push-ups. At the moment this record still keeps.

Rules of performance of exercises on push-up:

  1. You hold a back directly. All body is extended by a string to one line. Not to stick out a bottom.
  2. On a breath fall, on an exhalation rise.
  3. Do not work too much. A beginner will be to make 5-15 otzhim for one approach enough. Those who are confident in the physical force can begin from 15-20 times for approach. Be not wrung out more than 40 times for approach, keep forces. Between approaches have a rest two-three minutes.
  4. There has to be a regularity in occupations. It is better to do by the small number of push-ups, but it is frequent, than in large quantities and seldom.
  5. Before the occupations surely make warm-up. It is necessary for a warming up of muscles to minimize risk of developing of injuries. It is the best of all to run a trot or to jump on a jump rope. It is also necessary to warm up hands.

And now about advantage

During push-ups, not only muscles of the top part of the building and hands are studied, also the press and gastrocnemius muscles strain that allows to tighten a silhouette quickly.

Load of muscles

We already said that during push-up many muscles are involved. Further we will tell in more detail about a role of each of them.

Big pectoral muscle. She is responsible for the movement of a shoulder. In the course of exercise performance she is responsible for pushing away of the case from a floor. In life we not strongly load these muscles therefore there is their partial atrophy. Push-up helps to strengthen a muscle and to increase it in sizes.

Triceps, or three-headed humeral muscle. Also its reduction to the case is responsible for extension of a forearm, assignment of a hand back. Depending on position of hands (width of their statement) differently there is a study of this muscle. The closer hands are located, the triceps will be studied quicker.

The triceps is studied when performing such exercises as bendings of hands on Scott's bench with a bar, a level, a press of dumbbells lying on an inclined bench, thirst of a dumbbell for a belt one hand in an inclination.

Deltoid muscle. Is the muscle of a shoulder forming its silhouette. Is responsible for the movement of a shoulder and hand. Also takes part in a case raising during push-up.

Whether you know? The shortest muscle of a body — stremenny, its length is only 1.27 mm. It is in an ear and is necessary for eardrum tension.

Front gear muscle. Located in front department of a chest wall. Is responsible for the movement of shovels and edges on a breath.

During push-up it is actively studied and forms a courageous silhouette of a thorax.

Press. Behind muscles of a press abdominal organs hide. During push-ups of a muscle experience static load.

For strengthening of a press carry out such exercises as squats, exercises on a bench for a press, breathing exercise "vacuum", fitness yoga, a handstand.

Thus there takes place their strengthening. The good press not only supplements a beautiful silhouette it also protects internals from heavy blow in a stomach.

Big gluteus. Is responsible for the movement of hips and fixing of a trunk. Testing, similar to press muscles, static load, gluteuses strengthen the work. At the strengthened training the beautiful silhouette of buttocks is formed.

Strengthening of brushes

Strong hands are necessary for the boxers and other athletes practicing blows by hands.

That the brush was strong, and pain from blow was felt less, it is necessary to carry out push-ups on fists and on fingers. Perfecting skill of push-up on fingers, it is possible to pass gradually from an emphasis on five fingers on four, etc.

Of course, it can do only to professionals. The beginning athletes have to master at first exercise on fists. For this purpose it is enough to allocate 5-7 minutes a day.

Coordination improvement

Push-up headfirst helps to improve coordination.

It is possible to improve coordination by means of attacks with a bar on shoulders, akroyog, squats with a bar on a breast.

In addition, you study humeral muscles, the backbone receives less loading. At you the fear of the turned state vanishes. Also, having stood certain time headfirst, you force blood to circulate more actively on your organism, thereby eliminating stagnant processes.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to be engaged in such situation to those who have injuries of joints, problems with the vascular system, diseases of eyes and changeable pressure.

Correctly to execute push-up headfirst, you need to become about a wall at distance of two-three steps. Quickly step forward and along with it lower hands on a floor.

Raise a leg which remained behind up and behind it at once — the second. You have to appear at distance of 10-15 centimeters from a wall.

Important! During exercise performance do not touch by the floor head at all. There will be strong load of cervical vertebras that is fraught with negative consequences.

Influence on endurance

The man needs very to be hardy. Life constantly sets a number of tasks for which performance it is necessary to apply much physical force for him. With age this force is lost, and here at regular trainings it can be kept for many years.

For this purpose the main thing is to carry out push-ups in large quantities time, doing many approaches with short stops. Also there has to be a regularity at trainings, then the organism will quicker get used to loading.

Push-ups and health

Being wrung out, you force heart to drive more intensively blood on an organism that well affects work of all cardiovascular system.

For normal functioning of a cardiovascular system recommend to use blueberry, a motherwort, chicory, bear fat, goji berries, seaweed of a chuk.

The raised blood-groove in an organism improves supply of bodies with nutrients that raises the general tone of all organism. Good current of blood allows to normalize exchange processes. The improved blood circulation is capable to deliver fresh blood to those places where stagnation was observed, thereby having prevented development of serious diseases.

Active muscle work also allows to get rid of stagnant processes.

Weight loss

During push-up you force to work a large number of muscles, thereby without giving to an organism of chance to turn inactive muscle fibers into a fat layer. Active work of heart provides normal blood circulation which stimulates metabolism.

At a normal metabolism of calorie are not laid in store, and are actively burned. And if also to normalize food, then at physical activity the organism will receive missing energy from fat deposits.

Important! For weight loss it is necessary to be engaged every day and every day gradually to increase the number of push-ups.

Whether harm is possible and as to avoid it

Active interest in push-ups and neglect in other exercises will lead to the fact that your thorax will become too beefy, and, so very wide. It spoils appearance.

If you are not able to distribute reasonably load of an organism, then will be quickly tired. It often happens to the beginning athletes who wish to give all the best to the maximum, and do not think of consequences. Moderation — here that the most important.

Probability to be traumatized if you neglect warm-up is high.

Push-ups are not recommended:

  • to men with high pressure;
  • to men who had spine injuries, hands and other problems with a skeleton;
  • to men with brittle bones.

You should not think that push-ups give only a beautiful torso. Yes, it is pleasant to have a courageous silhouette, but also it is pleasant to have strong and strong hands without which not to do men in everyday life. For this purpose it is also necessary to be wrung out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team