Than steroids are harmful

Than steroids are harmful

Steroids are substances animal or vegetable (more rare) than origin with high biological activity. They treat doping substances, stimulators of muscle growth, are actively applied in bodybuilding and other sports. Athletes often deny the harm done by this medicine, but the facts indicate the opposite nevertheless.

What is steroids

Men's hormone – testesteron – growth hormone is the cornerstone of the majority of steroids. Practically all of them treat the category of drugs and are applied in medicine to treatment of such diseases as muscular dystrophy, various hormonal failures, etc. And athletes use them for accumulation of muscle bulk and increase in endurance, often without thinking of what harm they can do to the organism.

In sport steroids are received according to the strict scheme that reduces a little negative impact, but doesn't move away him completely. At the time Shvarnegger commented on it: "If you seriously do bodybuilding, then in old age you have to have enough means earned from this sport for treatment".

Harm from intake of steroids in youth affects the organism after 40-50 years when sports career behind. This fact and the fact that steroids yield good results pushes many athletes on their reception. Actually to receive steroids it is considered reasonable only when there comes the limit for the body builder and without stimulation he isn't capable to increase the results. But in real practice "stuff" with steroids absolutely young and unripe athletes that is absolutely wrong.

Harm of steroids

First, for the beginning athletes steroids can not bring big benefit and the expected result, but will do harm to internals. Young bodybuilders in the organism have many own testosterone. And if to begin to receive it in addition as medicines, then the organism will just cease to develop the in the necessary volume, and at long reception will stop doing it absolutely. What is very dangerous to the man and can lead to full impotence and change of the body on women's type. Secondly, at the sharp termination of intake of steroids and trainings, for example, on the etiology, the body "is very quickly blown off". And to restore then former muscle bulk "on dry" as athletes say, already very much and very difficult. Thirdly, at the regular use of steroids further it is already almost impossible to restore the normal hormonal background. And you all life should sit on hormones just for maintenance of health. Fourthly, at use of steroids in moderate doses sooner or later at the athlete there comes "ceiling" and results don't improve any more. Then many increase the dosage. But the hormonal splash to which the athlete subjects himself is capable to provoke such consequences as: - oncology: brain cancer; - liver cancer; - diseases of kidneys; - depression, cruelty, angry behavior; - yellowing of eyes and skin; - serious problems with skin (pimples); - the unpleasant smell from the mouth; - the rough voice at women; - formation of the body as the opposite sex – growth of the breast at men and its reduction at women; - heart attacks; - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; - men have the impotence; - women have the failure of menstrual cycles; - weakening of sinews; - growth delay. For this reason it is especially dangerous to give steroids to absolutely young athletes.

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