The alarm system for the bicycle

The alarm system for the bicycle

The bicycle became transport widespread and well-loved by many long ago. And, it concerns not only small settlements, but also big cities. Certainly, each owner is concerned by safety of the iron friend. The alarm system for the bicycle will help to defend transport in car thieves.

The alarm system for the bicycle is the reliable assistant in protection of your vehicle. Each owner is concerned by safety of the property, often it is necessary to leave it on the street where there are no specialized parking lots of cycle transport. Exactly there the risk of stealing repeatedly increases.

Types of the cycle alarm system

The alarm system was developed for bicycles to reduce the probability of stealing of the vehicle. It is the sound siren fastening to the bicycle frame. In stealing attempt the siren will join, and the owner learns that someone tries to commit stealing.

Devices are manufactured several versions, have various functions. For example, there are wireless systems which besides the warning about stealing give the chance to find the bicycle in the radius of 200 m.

They are used in places where there is no opportunity to park the bicycle and to close it on the lock. In this case it is necessary to leave the vehicle literally on the street where any passerby can take it.

For prevention of stealing of people when avoiding the vehicle turns on the alarm system. In attempt of stealing the vibration sensor, including the sound siren works. Thus, if the owner, for example, for a while came into shop, then it is possible to leave and catch the thief. Besides, the swindler who isn't expecting anything similar will be deafened the first moments by the shrill sound of the siren.

Principle of work

The principle of operation of the alarm system for the bicycle consists in cross of the loud signal from the device and on the control panel to the owner. The signalka by means of buttons on the panel or the charm joins and disconnected.

Device of this anticreeping means very simple

Standard functions of the ordinary alarm system are:

  • the loud signal having loudness to 120 dB;
  • possibility of thin control of sensitivity on time and distance;
  • distance steering;
  • additional food in case of the long parking;
  • the notification about the battery discharge.

Having installed the alarm system on the bicycle, you will be able to leave quietly it unguarded in any place. It works by analogy with the automobile signalka, also notifying the owner on stealing attempt.

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