The best exercises for morning exercises for men

The best exercises for morning exercises for men

Not the cup of fragrant coffee, but morning exercises is considered a great way to cheer up since morning, to adjust the body and reason for the labor working day. She does not demand great physical efforts, it is a lot of time or difficult sports equipment, however will allow to support a body in excellent sportswear and to get rid of a couple of extra kilos. Charging in the mornings — the most excellent occupation which you should not neglect, especially to representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Than the morning exercises are useful

It is difficult to overestimate advantage of morning exercises, however you should not compare effectiveness of similar exercises to a full-fledged training which main objective extension of muscles and dumping of a large number of extra kilos is considered.

Charging is carried out in rather easy form, strongly without loading heart which is not capable to switch sharply from a condition of rest in a condition of heavy physical activity.

At competent implementation of a set of exercises for morning exercises it is possible to achieve the following results:

  • to strengthen a muscle and bone tissue;
  • to make a body more beautiful, harmonious and relief;
  • to improve brain activity, to thereby increase working capacity;
  • to normalize functioning of nervous system;
  • to be loaded with energy and cheerfulness for the whole day;
  • to improve mood, thanks to changes in a hormonal background;
  • to reduce body weight, to prevent a set of weight.

Simple charging promotes emission of hormones of happiness in the mornings — endorphins which save from bad mood, increase resistance to stressful situations, fight psychological fatigue and a depression.

Whether you know? The morning exercises are a wonderful, safe power engineering specialist who is capable to replace coffee or other energy drinks. It perfectly stimulates brain activity, promotes awakening and cheerfulness.

Regular trainings also give the chance to improve mobility of joints, to reduce the probability of development of cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen the immune system, to revitalize all organism.

As it is correct to be engaged

That the morning training was the most effective, at its performance it is necessary to adhere to simple, but very important rules:

  • to train approximately at the same time that will give the chance to develop a useful habit without which it will be difficult to organism to do subsequently;
  • to begin charging, being in a bed: to accurately stretch and stretch muscles, to make circular motions hands and legs, to make a trip by bicycle;
  • to wake up, it is possible to rinse a face cold water, to take a small sip of water. Before a training it is impossible to drink or have breakfast much;
  • during charging whenever possible it is necessary to open windows, to be engaged in well aired room as during physical exercises the organism consumes much more oxygen, than at rest. The shortage of oxygen can provoke dizziness, nausea, a headache;
  • to choose for occupations comfortable clothes from natural materials which will not hold down the movement, to press joints;
  • during implementation of gymnastics it is necessary to watch how there is a breath process. The breath needs to be taken through a nose, exhaled — through a mouth;
  • it is recommended to begin a training with small loadings, gradually passing to heavier;
  • it is necessary to carry out exercises, adhering to a certain speed;
  • special attention should be paid to an extension to prevent injuries of joints and a muscle strain;
  • to pay attention to exercises with dumbbells which will allow to improve a body and to work necessary muscular groups. The weight of dumbbells can vary depending on to what group charging is directed;

Important! A set of exercises for morning exercises and also the level of loading it is recommended to choose taking into account age of the man and his initial physical training.

  • that the body developed is balanced and is proportional, it is recommended to do gymnastics on different groups of muscles serially;
  • it is necessary to finish morning warm-up gymnastics for breath.

Basic complex of morning exercises

The men's program of charging for morning has to be the most balanced and harmonious. It is possible to load serially different groups of muscles on days of the week or to study at once all groups.

However, despite the number of exercises of which the training will consist its basic complex surely has to include following three:

  1. Squats: allow to work hips, legs and buttocks. It is possible to squat, using dumbbells. Exercises should be done with the most equal back, trying to squat rather deeply.
  2. Push-up from a floor. Legendary exercise which gives the chance to involve practically all groups of muscles, to effectively work an upper body, tricepses, pectoral muscles, to pump over a press. Experts advise to alternate push-ups: narrow and wide hold, on fists, the return, etc.
  3. Raising of a trunk. Traditional stomach exercise which studies the lower and average press. It is necessary to rise by method of twisting. For better result and the maximum load of a press it is possible to alternate side turns of a trunk and the return twist.

It will be also interesting to you to learn, than push-ups from a floor are useful to men and also - whether it is possible to be pumped up in house conditions.

Also it is possible to include in a complex of gymnastics:

  • level on elbows which gives the chance to train a large number of muscles — the press, backs, hands, legs, hips;
  • attacks forward and back, positively influencing an internal part of hips, buttocks and legs.

Surely before implementation of the main program, it is necessary to make small warm-up gymnastics: to accurately rotate a neck, brushes, feet, joints in shoulders, to execute trunk inclinations in the parties, circular turns by a basin.

Whether you know? Especially useful warm-up since morning is for persons interested to lose weight as allows to adjust appetite. In such situation of people feels hungry only when his organism really demands some food.

The morning exercises for men are the easiest, cheap and effective way to hold the body in shape and to improve functioning of all systems of an organism. However, devoting time to warm-up, it is necessary to follow two rules: first, not to turn gymnastics into a power training, and secondly, to be engaged regularly.

Only then it is possible to achieve necessary result and an ideal body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team