The best exercises for trapezoid muscles of a back

The best exercises for trapezoid muscles of a back

Muscles of the top humeral belt need a constant training for maintenance of volume. Many athletes work for building up the muscle bulk of shoulders, but only trapezoid muscles of a back give to a silhouette necessary power and impressiveness. In this article effective exercises for development of trapezes, their anatomy and important councils for holding trainings will be considered.

Anatomy of trapezoid muscles

The trapeze is a flat and wide bunch of muscle fibers which is located in cervical, humeral and scapular parts of a body. A part has it the form of a triangle which a basis leans on the top part of a backbone, and indicates by top the shoulder basis. As similar triangles on a back there are two, together they form a full trapeze. The trapeze is divided into three bunches — lower, average and top. It operates the movements of shovels, rotates humeral bones, promotes turn of the head and partially operates facial muscles. This group of muscles is responsible for rise and lowering of hands through shovels.

Important! Carrying out exercises with a considerable weight, you hold the head exactly and you look strictly before yourself. Rotations by the head, its inclinations increase risk of an injury of cervical muscles and vertebras.

Effective exercises

A large number of the exercises directed to detailed study of trapezes is developed. Their regular performance will provide harmonious pumping of a humeral belt.

Shrag with dumbbells

This exercise removes muscular spasms in the top area of a back and improves a bearing. Movements in it natural, therefore traumatism minimum. Become exactly, legs place at distance 45–50 cm from each other. Take in palms of a dumbbell and as much as possible relax hands — they do not participate in this exercise. Now raise shoulders so as if you shake them, wait two seconds and return to the previous pose.

Video: shrag with dumbbells

Shrag with a bar

There are several ways of performance of this exercise:

  • lobbies: become before a bar which is on a floor or a rack. A foot place 45–50 cm on distance. Remove a shell from a rack simple rise or lift it from a floor stanovy draft. Cramp shovels and straighten shoulders, relax hands that the shell on them hung. Shrug shoulders, wait one-two seconds and smoothly lower them in the previous situation. Use for raising of a shell only force of trapezes;

Learn as it is correct to do shrag with a bar.

  • behind the back: this exercise is considered more energy-intensive and difficult though it is carried out similarly. Steadily become a back to a bar, cramp together shovels and get palms for a back. Undertake them a signature stamp and lift a bar. Relax hands, then raise shoulders, extending bar weight up. Be late for one second, then return to the previous situation.

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Shrag in an inclination lying

Are carried out lying on an inclined gymnastic bench. Begin to train with a small weight, gradually increasing it. Pick up shells, lay down a stomach on an inclined bench so that your hands freely from it hanged down. If you look strictly before yourself, then be convinced in the fact that your waist is in equal situation (it is not bent from weight).

Whether you know? Up to 1959 all records in bodybuilding were reached only by diligent trainings. The American athlete Bill March became the first athlete who began to accept steroids for increase in muscle bulk. There was it at the suggestion of the doctor attributed to his team. Steroids gained huge popularity, despite mass side effects. They were forbidden to the use only in 2005 within the World anti-doping congress.

Smoothly shrug shoulders, lifting weight in hands, then return them to former situation. Inhale on descent, exhale on rise.

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Shrag on bars

Weighting compounds will not be necessary for you for performance of this exercise. Jump up on bars and bring up yourself on hands. You discipline the case perpendicular to bars. Shrug shoulders, lowering body weight only at their expense. In the lower point be late for two seconds, and then lower shoulders, lifting themselves back. Do not bend elbows, otherwise a part of loading will pass to bicepses. This exercise still is known as the return shrag.

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Thirst of a bar for a chin (broach) narrow hold

Exercise which demands good mobility of trapezes. Become exactly and steadily, widely undertake palms a signature stamp and lower a bar in the relaxed hands. Begin to lift it by means of trapezes and deltoid muscles, gradually bending hands in elbows.

Examine general exercises on back muscles with dumbbells.

Lift a shell until the chin does not touch a signature stamp, and elbows will be lifted approximately to the level of ears. Stand in the top point for one second, then also smoothly, the sliding movement lower a bar in the previous situation.

Video: draft of a bar narrow hold to a chin

Moves of dumbbells in an inclination

Makes the greatest impact on the top area of trapezoid muscles. To execute moves correctly, put feet steadily, slightly bend knees and bend forward. Take in each hand on dumbbell, relax hands and part them in the parties, and cramp shovels. Slowly return hands to an initial position, constraining their movement for the account of intense trapezes. You remember, it is necessary to carry out moves smoothly, without shaking dumbbells in hands, without allowing their collision.

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Cultivations in the exercise machine Peck Dec

Exercise, similar to moves of dumbbells, which is carried out due to work with exercise machine resistance. Sit down on a seat of the exercise machine and check whether the scope of handles under your scope of hands is adjusted. Hands when performing this exercise have to come a little for a back during disclosure.

Lean stupnyam against supports for legs, a breast — against an exercise machine back. Undertake palms handles and cramp shovels together. Without bending a hand in elbows, smoothly part exercise machine handles to the maximum point, detain a pose for two seconds. Also slowly return handles into place only due to effort of trapezes. Hands and trapezes you hold strained during all approach.

Important! Increase the weight of shells with which you train, gradually. The extreme weight taken at the first training will reduce amplitude of movements and will overload muscles up to partial gaps.

Recommendations about a training

To receive the maximum advantage of exercises and to reduce traumatism probability, it is necessary to observe technology of their performance. Also there are certain nuances which knowledge will help to improve training process:

  1. Before each training you do obligatory warm-up. Warm muscles squats, push-ups, carry out a series of incomplete pullings up and hang for a while on a crossbeam.
  2. Give the maximum tension on a trapeze in a peak point of exercise. It will help to raise the loading rendered on them and to increase power expenditure.
  3. That pumping of muscles on volume was more effective, shrug shoulders on height, maximum allowed for them. Give preference to quality before quantity, it is guarantee of building of muscle tissue.
  4. That it was simpler to you to keep the case in vertical position, hold the breath when performing exercise and do peredy between repetitions.
  5. After each training practice a hitch. It will allow to relax the overloaded muscles, to remove their spasm and numbness, to accelerate restoration after the training.

Exercises for trapezoid muscles promote increase in fortress and increase in volume of muscle fibers. There is a large number of types of such exercises, and practically all of them are carried out with an additional weight. Only their correct alternation and regular performance can provide harmonious development of muscles of the top humeral belt.

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