The best exercises on buttocks with dumbbells"

The best exercises on buttocks with dumbbells"

For those who seek to have a beautiful body it is regularly important to train. It can be done also in a fitness studio, and at home. For maintenance of an attractive look and an ideal shape of buttocks special exercises with dumbbells are effective.

Correctly to train gluteuses, it is necessary to understand their anatomy.

Anatomy of gluteuses

The buttock consists of three large muscles: big, average and small. The size and volume of buttocks will be depending on the size of big muscle. The average, so-called side gluteus, is attached to a side part of a hip, is responsible for movement of legs back and forth.

The training of this muscle gives a beautiful relief to hips. And it is quite easy to control degree of its "nakachannost" as the muscle is remarkably looked through. Small is under average, is responsible for the movement of a leg to the left or to the right. With its help it is possible to pump up the top part of a buttock.

Whether you know? For performance of one step the person needs to reduce and relax about 200 muscles in a certain sequence.

As it is correct to select loadings

In gym it is correct to pick up loading the fitness trainer will help. And here at home it is necessary to calculate everything independently:

  • first of all, it is necessary to remember that the set of exercises has to be directed to gluteuses. At the wrong selection or performance of exercises, legs and a back will be pumped over. It will be pleasant to someone, and someone had absolutely other purpose;
  • it is originally necessary to carry out more than the supporting exercises, then to start more difficult;
  • besides, it is necessary to consider a condition of buttocks before the trainings. If on them there are fat deposits, then at first it is necessary to lose weight, and then to tighten muscles;
  • all trainings begin with the small number of approaches and actions. Then gradually loading increases. If at once to give big loading, then, except delayed onset muscle soreness and exhaustion of muscles (instead of strengthening), nothing can achieve. Loading needs to be given such that to the next training of a muscle managed to have a rest and be restored;
  • women for lifting of a bottom need to carry out a large number of repetitions therefore the training can be segmented: 4–5 approaches till 10-15 exercises. It is necessary to watch that not exhaustion, but pleasant fatigue was after classes felt;
  • exercises with dumbbells very well are suitable for pulling up of gluteuses. Naturally, their weight at men and women can differ. For men at the beginning of the occupations the weight in 4 kg, and for women — 1.8-2 kg will be optimum. Over time men can increase weight to 9 kg, to women — up to 4 kg.

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Important! The most important in trainings with dumbbells — the equipment, but not the number of exercises. Adhere to the equipment.

The best exercises

Squats, attacks, inclinations, the bridge will become the most effective technicians to pump up buttocks. They are carried out at first freely, and then with obligatory weighting by dumbbells.

Attacks with dumbbells

Technology of performance:

  1. This exercise begins to be done from a standing position with keeping of dumbbells in the upper extremities.
  2. Further the step forward is carried out by one leg. It is also a starting position.
  3. To fall down more deeply, holding a back under 90 ° concerning a floor. The leg which ahead, at the same time too forms a corner in 90 ° the second, bent in a knee, does not lay down on a floor.
  4. Then a push of a front leg to return to a standing position and to execute the same other leg. At the same time it is obligatory to strain buttocks.

Classical squat with dumbbells

As it is correct to squat with dumbbells, not all know:

  1. Performance needs to be begun from a standing position, a hand with dumbbells — down, legs — at shoulder length with a little divorced socks, to look before itself.
  2. To slowly begin to bend legs, squatting as low as possible. At the same time shoulders and a breast move forward. To present that you sit down on a small chair.
  3. To be late. To rise, straining buttocks.

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Squat of a plie

These squats differ from classical in statement of feet of legs and the fact that one of dumbbells is used:

  1. To begin from the following provision: legs are wider than shoulders, feet are developed on 110–120 °, a back a straight line, the press is intense, we hold a weighting compound before ourselves.
  2. To fall down, hips — parallel to a floor.
  3. To be late, rise, straining back muscles. Here it is important to hold a back correctly: not to round and not to bend.

Important! Never it is impossible to begin a training without warm-up, a warming up and an extension.

Inclinations with dumbbells forward for buttocks

This exercise with high degree of loading. For beginners its performance has to be careful, delayed onset muscle soreness in all body is inevitable:

  1. Costing a starting position, dumbbells in both hands, shovels are cramped, a back direct.
  2. Body we incline forward, a basin — back, hands — down.
  3. Legs can be bent a little, but ideally — to leave straight lines.
  4. Exercise is carried out smoothly, concentration — on back muscles.

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The buttock bridge with a dumbbell

Level of complexity of this exercise depends on the weight of dumbbells: the bigger weight, the big loading. This exercise of concrete orientation only on gluteuses:

  1. Here the bench on which in a starting position it is necessary to lean shovels is required, to bend legs in knees, to place a weighting compound on a bend of legs and a basin.
  2. Basin needs to be lifted so that with a back it formed a straight line.
  3. To strain buttocks, curving a few back.
  4. On an exhalation — in a starting position.

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General recommendations about a training of buttocks

That occupations had effect, it is necessary to follow some recommendations:

  • it is necessary to be engaged regularly, it is desirable at the same time (better in 1 hour prior to food, whether it be a lunch or a dinner);
  • to carry out exercises in light comfortable clothes;
  • breath is especially important: on an exhalation — tension, on a breath — relaxation;
  • 10–15 repetitions of each exercise in 3–5 approaches will become the norm, but here everything is individual;
  • if you are engaged at home, before occupations air the room, make damp cleaning, turn on the favourite music;
  • occupations have to be not wearisome, and a little tiring therefore correctly count loading;
  • at the strengthened trainings the food is important, it has to be proteinaceous, but not carbohydrate;
  • it is necessary to observe also the water mode. For an hour before starting exercises, it is recommended to drink about 0.5 l of water;
  • this set of exercises can be alternated to others, for example, on the running path or the exercise bike.

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As exercises for buttocks work: video the Described complex perfectly will be suitable both for women, and for men. Lifting of buttocks is a persistent long work.

Whether you know? Every day spends about 50% of all energy of an organism for reduction of muscles of people.

Regular trainings, the balanced food and additional loadings — those components which will help to achieve a goal quicker.

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