The best places for surfing

The best places for surfing

Surfing - the breathtaking view of sport. Beautiful, bright, adrenalinic! For surfing the ideal wave is necessary, and it is not everywhere. Experienced surfers chose several beaches long ago and are ready to share them with beginners.

To choose the place for spending vacation it is rather difficult. But it is even more difficult to decide on the place if one of the pastime purposes on vacation is the surfing. In this article the best places for occupation are considered by surfing.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka as the resort island it isn't especially popular among tourists, but enjoys wide popularity among surfers. And it with an ulterior motive, on Sri Lanka is comfortable tropical climate, good beaches and big waves.

First of all this island will be to the taste to beginners in surfing. Thanks to the fact that this resort isn't too popular there aren't enough people here, beaches aren't loaded and are ideal for training. On Sri Lanka it is possible to surfboard all the year round, but it is better to pay the attention to the western part of the island in the winter, and in the summer – to east.

Malibu, California

The city of Malibu is located near Los Angeles in the State of California and it is considered one of the best resorts in the USA. Malibu is good also for occupations surfing. Waves here very big and long, water temperature comfortable. Climate in the city very warm, and beaches well-groomed and clean, with the developed infrastructure.

Rest in this city will suit everyone, both beginners, and professionals.

It is the best of all to surfboard in Malibu in September, October or November as these months, thanks to strong winds, the best waves are created.

Maui, Hawaii

Perhaps, one of the most popular resorts for occupations surfing are the Hawaiian Islands, in particular the island of Maui. Why this island is so popular among fans of surfing?

Exactly here ocean waves incredibly long and big, thanks to strong winds. Waves are so huge that surprise even the most experienced surfers. For this reason rest and occupations surfing on the Hawaiian Islands best of all will suit professionals, than beginners.

Besides, the surfing on the island of Maui can be very dangerous to the inexperienced person. Therefore it is better for surfers who aren't sure of the ability yet to find other place. Professionals should look narrowly at this island and also the city of Paia.

It is the best of all to go to the Hawaiian Islands in winter time when the strongest winds, and, therefore, and big waves.

Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is the country consisting of the set of islands, but the most popular among tourists and also fans of surfing, the island of Bali is.

This island is considered by right the best place for occupation surfing in Asia. Why? Waves to Bali are absolutely different, both big, and not really large thanks to what can surfboard both beginners, and skilled professionals. Also on the island the infrastructure is very developed that does stay comfortable and convenient. Warm, pleasant climate.

Because the island enjoys wide popularity among surfers, to Bali various competitions are held.

The best months for visit of the island of Bali are April and May and also all summer months and September.

Dunedin, New Zealand

New Zealand is very popular among all fans of extreme sport, but in particular among surfers. The best place for occupation surfing is the city of Dunedin. It is famous for the picturesque landscapes, clean beaches, and the most important - big, high and frequent waves.

The climate in the city and in all New Zealand comfortable, but is one minus – the water washing the city of Dunedin, practically the whole year is cool. But nevertheless the city enjoys wide popularity and popularity among fans of surfing.

Thanks to the developed infrastructure in the city it is possible to be engaged also in other types of extreme sport. New Zealand can be visited at all seasons of the year.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is not only one of the largest and developed cities in Australia, but also popular among fans of surfing. Bondi-Bich and Manley for this purpose are considered as the best beaches.

For visit of Sydney and occupation the December, January and February as this time climate the most comfortable are considered as the best months as surfing. Waves in Sydney will suit surfers of any level.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team