The best ways to accelerate metabolism

The best ways to accelerate metabolism

Metabolism it nothing but speed of the expense of calories human body. The more and quicker the person burns calories in the automatic mode, the metabolism is higher. Metabolism can be accelerated if to take many factors into account.

Intellectual loading

As a rule, brain activity is the most little significant factor in respect of acceleration of the metabolism. Working in the intellectual sphere, you will spend for 2-3% more calories from metabolism.

But if during intellectual activity there is some nervous tension, the organism switches over to the stressful mode. It promotes that the body begins to spend already for 11-19% of percent more, than basic level of expenses of caloric content. The stress is much better, than brain activity is capable to influence increase in the heart rate, so and power consumption in unit of time

Providing temperature condition

In order that to maintain the body temperature of 36.6 degrees in cold, the body needs to spend some number of calories. Calories is the energy, and energy is converted into heat. The ambient temperature is lower, the calories are spent more.

For example, when you train on the racetrack, be not wrapped up too strongly. Allow the body to feel the small cool. It though is a little, but will increase your metabolism.

Use this property, take the alternating douche. In this case everything works by the same principle, that is the organism gives the large number of calories for constant regulation of body temperature.


When the person eats, his organism needs to spend calories to acquire food. There is the direct regularity: when you consume 50 g of protein, you spend 60 calories only for its assimilation. Caloric content of 50 grams is 200 kcal, that is the metabolic cost at consumption of protein increases by 30%. Whereas fat food increases expenditure for 0-5%, carbohydrate by 5-15%.

The proteinaceous diet practically is always followed by loss of excess weight and acceleration of the metabolism. Even if to feed the pregnant woman with the increased protein content, the child will be born with smaller percent of fat. Moreover he is born more great.

Existence of trainings

Existence of power trainings accelerates metabolism not only during the training, but also after it for 24 hours. Metabolic rate will be increased by 10-12 percent. You were trained, and even day will burn after that in the autonomous mode more calories.

The cardiotraining also influences acceleration of the metabolism as raises the heart rate. The pulse value is higher, the more calories will be burned in unit of time.

So, to increase metabolic rate it is quite real task. Take the alternating douche, train, increase protein percentage in your diet. In total, these methods considerably will accelerate your day burning of calories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team