The Chinese gymnastics Chi kung - a way to a sound body and spirit

The Chinese gymnastics Chi kung - a way to a sound body and spirit

heard about miracle impact of an ancient Chinese improving system on a human body. Persons interested to join this art often do not know what to begin with what set of exercises to choose. Fitness training Chi kung — that universal decision which includes all positive aspects of Ancient Chinese improving art and helps to remain always in a tone, excellent physical shape and good mood.

What is Chi kung

Enough time and concentration will demand to deal with what is Chi kung, on the one hand, simply, but, with another. This ancient Chinese art is quite many-sided, includes both the respiratory gymnast, and the whole set of exercises directed to improvement of a body and reason. The chi kung represents the internal, directed to improvement meditations, concentration and external manifestations in the form of exercises. Qi is vital energy in the Universe, Hun — development of ability, skill. More simply - it is to be able to create energy.

It is a little history

The complex of the Ancient Chinese exercises consisting of eight stages was created more 2000 to that by the commander from China. He put a task to make ideally developed system set of exercises for effective training of soldiers.

Whether you know? This technique had to promote support of soldiers in excellent physical shape at the high level of fighting spirit that they at any time could engage.

The developed system proved so productively and effectively that deserved attention ancient daos and it began them to be used. They adopted it when training masters of martial arts, having toughened it a little.

Basic principles

The Chinese gymnastics Chi kung for beginners has a number of the principles, they do not differ in complexity:

  • it is necessary to move on occupations with smoothness, in unison to breath;
  • language is slightly raised up during movements;
  • eyes remain blinked;
  • the clothes do not constrain, free, comfortable;
  • the room needs to be aired, and it is even better — to give classes on air;
  • the attention concentrates completely on exercise which is carried out;
  • at movements the release of sweat has to be absent, only a light perspiration. If nevertheless it was necessary to sweat, then it is necessary to change clothes not to overcool, and to reduce the speed of performance of a complex;
  • after the end of occupations we will not allow souls with cold water;
  • after the termination it is impossible to eat still at least half an hour;
  • exercises Chi kung are calculated on carrying out every day.

Important! It is necessary to start occupations right after got up and warmed up a little.

Advantage of exercises

The set of exercises Chi kung is extraordinary useful, it reduces in general feeling of a stress, joint pain, promotes strengthening of work of heart and immunity. This system does not guarantee full disposal of problems with health and the effect, naturally, will not occur suddenly, but improvement of an organism, its resistance to diseases, an opportunity to remain in excellent physical and moral shape will be shown surely at regular trainings.

Among extended the practician of yoga it is necessary to call Ayengar, Anuloma-Vilom, the Mule of a bandh, Jalandhar of a bandh, Uddiyana of a bandh, Agni Yoga, Kaula-yoga, Hatha yoga, yogalates, the Bhakti yogi, Fly yoga, Atm Kriya of the Yogi, Kriyya-yoga, akroyog, kapalabkhata.

Each of eight exercises has the useful impact on a human body:

  1. Breath normalization — has a positive impact on functioning of heart and vessels, helps to avoid developments of stagnation in blood. The special advantage of performance of this exercise is felt by the people with problems of heart and liver suffering from the increased arterial blood pressure.
  2. The exercise allowing to expand a thorax — well influences in case of short wind, problems with heart, lungs, at neurotic manifestations, heartbeat norms are higher.
  3. Rocking — positive result at problems with a backbone, reduces fat level in lumbar department.
  4. Circular motions — promote strengthening of a waist and hips, heart and joints of shoulders.
  5. Swimming movements — favorably influence brushes, joints (humeral and elbow), at asthma and diseases of the top respiratory bodies.
  6. The movements reminding rowing oars — help strengthening of nervous and digestive systems, heart muscles.
  7. The exercises similar to tossing of a ball — tone up work of all human bodies.
  8. Wavy movements in a big way — promote stimulation of functioning of a spleen, kidneys, undervoltage of muscles and deposits of fat on a waist.

Important! Ancient Chinese practice Chi kung is capable to help to overcome considerable problems of the person of psychological character, just weakening a muscular clip of engaged.

8 simple exercises

At first easy warm-up after which it is possible to begin occupations is done. It is recommended to get acquainted with exercises on two-three in a day that helps easy and productive storing. Through several occupations they are systematized and will be able to be made rather easily, bringing pleasure. It is recommended to make them all on six times. The following exercise is a continuation previous.

When performing practicians Tsigun for beginners it is better to master each exercise on two-three times in the beginning to avoid muscular pain. Gradual increase in loading will save from painful and discomfortable feelings.

Exercises Chi kung for beginners are presented in pictures and video lessons and are carried out in a certain order:

  1. Breath stabilization: standing, hands are lowered, to relax, focus on brushes. A breath — we raise the upper extremities before ourselves approximately at the level of shoulders (a palm down). Exhaling, the lower extremities we bend that knees were at the level of toes (a quarter a squat). The back direct, a thorax is not displaced, the head under an inclination. At the same time the upper extremities slowly fall, approaching knees, the lower extremities become straight. Movements are carried out at a breath, up down — at an exhalation.
  2. Expansion of a thorax: at inhalation — legs become straight, the upper extremities at the same time go up to shoulders (palms to one another), then disperse separately palms up. Focus on a thorax. An exhalation — we cramp palms before ourselves developed to one another, hands fall, turning palms from top to bottom, engaged the squat accepts a position a quarter. Palms at knees, the lower extremities it is necessary to straighten.
  3. Rocking of a rainbow: we inhale — directly put hands are raised, palms are developed to one another. We exhale, the body is transferred to a little bent right lower extremity, the foot does not come off a surface, the left leg in direct situation, touches a surface with a sock. The case and the left upper extremity bend to the left side, the right hand moves over the-headed palm developed from top to bottom. Similar to the movement are made and in the opposite direction. It is necessary to monitor respiratory processes.
  4. Drawing apart clouds: the upper extremities fall, being crossed in the bottom of a trunk, to transition in a quarter a squat. Inhaling, we level knees; the lower extremities, being crossed, rise, being developed by palms over the head up. The lower extremities become straight palms on the parties, exhaling, we lower them. There is a return in a quarter a squat, the upper extremities are crossed before themselves. It is necessary to focus on chest department.
  5. Assignment of a shoulder back: continuing to stay in a quarter a squat, we level the left upper extremity a palm up forward. There is a bending and turn palm up of the right upper extremity, further it departs to a hip. The right upper extremity near a hip — the case makes turn to the right side, the hand is raised in a big way (slowly) to an ear. It is necessary to focus on the right palm. There is a bending of the right upper extremity and pushing out further (kind of to force) brushes forward on ear level. The left upper extremity is bent, carries out by a brush the arc-shaped movement and decreases to a hip. Then there is a repetition of all stages in the opposite direction. It is necessary to focus on shoulders and hands.
  6. Driving by the boat: legs are bent a little more, than before, it is necessary to bend down forward with omission of hands. Further the upper extremities in situation directly leave back, palms up, hands are raised as much as possible, knees become straight. The lower extremities do movement in a circle and fall, legs are bent. It is necessary to focus on a back and hands.
  7. Ball game: we become straight, the case goes to the left side, the upper extremity (left) in initial situation, right — up to the left, a palm up. The right upper extremity at the level of the left shoulder, occurs movement tossing of a ball, all weight on the left leg. The right hand falls, there is a repetition in other party. It is necessary to look after the imagined ball, focusing on the lower extremities. Exercise has to give pleasure.
  8. Admiring by the moon: in the provision quarter squat the upper extremities fall more to the left, knees come to direct situation, the left hand is raised by a palm up. To bend the right hand before chest department, the head turns to the left side, the look is transferred to the left upper extremity. We exhale, hands fall, there is a return to initial situation. There is a repetition of movements in other party. The upper extremities have to move to synchronously chest department and the head, the body needs to stretch as much as possible, heels do not come off a floor, to focus on hands.

All movements are made smoothly and slowly, it is constantly necessary to control breath, movements up — a breath, from top to bottom — an exhalation.

Whether you know? Much know of advantage of breathing exercises, but not all it is aware that at respiratory movements by a stomach big degree of loading with always the working body is removed — from heart.

Video lessons


The Chi kung equipment suits not all. At its implementation the people suffering need to consider contraindications of its application:

  • diseases of internals with a chronic current;
  • violations of mentality;
  • pathological heart troubles;
  • spine injuries;
  • consequences of craniocereberal injuries;
  • blood diseases;
  • infectious diseases of bodies of a support and movement;
  • oncological diseases;
  • neuroinfections.

Important! It is carefully necessary to make exercises to women during critical days, performance of some of them is not desirable. Only under observation it is allowed to give classes to pregnant women and people with eye diseases.

Temporary contraindications:

  • intake of medical drugs in considerable doses;
  • rehabilitation after carrying out surgery;
  • condition of chronic fatigue;
  • the aggravated diseases;
  • condition of overheating or overcooling;
  • indicators of the increased body temperature;
  • heavy physical and sports activities;
  • after meal.

Main objective of the Chi kung complex — advantage for health of a human body. The one who decided to be engaged in this system will be not only flexible better physically developed, but also will become much more hardy as in the physical, and moral plan. Regular trainings by a technique Chi kung are also capable to solve some psychological problems of the specific person who began to master a system.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team