The most effective exercises on a triceps for women

The most effective exercises on a triceps for women

In everyday life of women such muscle of a hand as a triceps, is involved infrequently. As a result it gets out of a shape, droops, and soon to her owner to have to hide an unattractive part of a body under a long sleeve. Not to allow similar, 2–3 times a week are enough to do exercises on strengthening of a triceps. About the most effective of them, together with the detailed description of the technology of performance, you learn from this article.


The triceps is a three-headed muscle of a shoulder which is located on its back party. It consists of 3 components: long, literal and medial muscles. To their help there is a bending and extension of an elbow.

The triceps occupies about 2/3 all lengths of a shoulder, and care for it plays an important role for formation of beautiful hands. Therefore we learn in more detail as it is possible to pump up tricepses effectively.

Whether you know? About 25% of the injuries got in the course of the trainings fall on muscles of a forearm and a brush.

Top-10 exercises

Trainings for this area of hands can be organized as in gym (independently or with the assistance of the trainer), and at home. For achievement of result will be small dumbbells enough (up to 2–3 kg).

Push-ups from a floor narrow hold

Acquaintances open our top for all push-ups by means of which it is possible to force to work all muscles of a forearm. Exercise we look as follows:

  1. We fall by all fours, leaning on palms and socks.
  2. We place hands so that the distance between palms did not exceed width of shoulders.
  3. Now we take an initial position: we stand at attention, trying to level legs and a back to one line.
  4. Slowly we bend elbows, we fall down as if we want to reach a thorax of a floor, but at the same time we watch that there was no deflection in a back.
  5. Having fallen most low, we come back to initial situation.

Important! It is necessary to fall on a breath, and to rise — on an exhalation.

Optimal variant will be to make 4 approaches on 15 repetitions. But at the first trainings it is possible to begin with 4–5 push-ups, gradually raising loading.

The return push-ups from a bench

One more kind of push-ups which transfers all load of tricepses — the return push-ups.

It is possible to do them by means of a bench in gym, and in house conditions the low chair or a sofa for this purpose will approach. The scheme of movements in this type of exercises is simple:

  1. We turn a back to a bench and we lean hands against its edge, having turned palms to a body. We try not to place hands widely.
  2. We bend legs so that knees formed a right angle. We rest Stupnyami against a floor, however we use them only for a support. In the course of push-up it is impossible to make a start heels or socks.
  3. When the initial position is taken, we start exercise performance: slowly we bend elbows, lowering a body down and taking a breath.
  4. Having lowered the case most low, we rise on hands back, doing an exhalation.

It is desirable to repeat exercise three times, carrying out till 9-12 repetitions on each circle.

Whether you know? 10,507 push-ups were made without stopping by Japanese Minoru Yoshida in 1980. This record is still not broken.

During the first trainings it is possible to reduce loading, having moved legs is closer to a support.

Push-ups on a fitball

Performance of this exercise requires a fitball — a big ball (with a diameter from 45 cm) for aerobics.

This more difficult option of push-ups is carried out in several stages:

  1. We lay down a stomach on a fitball, we lean hands before ourselves, having placed palms is slightly wider than shoulders.
  2. Now slowly we fall a breast to a floor, bending elbows on a breath.
  3. Then we rise back, exhaling.

The complexity of this exercise is that it is necessary to keep legs in balance during the push-up. Therefore beginners will hardly manage to execute it without appropriate physical training.

Push-ups on a fitball: video

Important! Push-ups on a fitball are contraindicated to pregnant women.

Side push-ups

The people far from fitness or sport as this very narrowly targeted exercise seldom have an idea of this type of push-ups. However it very effectively studies a triceps therefore we could not ignore side push-ups. The correct performance of exercise looks so:

  1. We lay down on the left side, having slightly bent knees.
  2. We clasp with the left hand a waist.
  3. We set the right palm against a floor at the level of shoulders.
  4. Exhaling, a basic hand we lift the case up, straining a triceps.
  5. Inhaling, we come back to an initial position.
  6. We make the same other hand on other side.

Side push-ups are fulfilled during 3 approaches till 10-15 of repetitions for time.

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Extension of hands with a dumbbell sitting on a bench

Earlier we had exercises with body weight, and now will add work with dumbbells. In a sitting position, we carry out extension of hands with a dumbbell as follows:

  1. We sit down on a bench, a fitball or a chair.
  2. We take a dumbbell two hands and we lift over the head.
  3. After slowly we bend hands in elbows and we exhale, lowering cargo to the maximum situation.
  4. Then we lift it back, taking a breath.

Keep at the same time shoulders motionless that all loading gave on muscles of hands. During one training do 2–3 approaches till 8-12 of repetitions.

Whether you know? Dumbbells were thought up by athletes in Ancient Greece. But invented them not for formation of a beautiful body as many could think, and for … triple jumps. By means of dumbbells the jumpers improved the indicators: after running start the athlete on the third jump rejected dumbbells back, adding in such a way 10–15 cm in length of the jump.

Costing extension of hands with a dumbbell because of the head

This exercise is done according to the same scheme, as previous. However in this case work with a dumbbell is carried out in a standing position, having slightly placed legs on width of shoulders. If at once it is not possible to carry out exercise in such position, then it is possible to set aside slightly one leg back that it was more convenient to hold balance.

And those who want to complicate a task can hold at its performance a dumbbell with one hand, but not two.

Dumbbells can be used when performing complexes: on back muscles, on buttocks, on a press, for weight loss.

Extension of a hand in an inclination in an emphasis

Such exercise helps to improve a relief and to give the beautiful form to muscles of a shoulder and a forearm therefore do not forget from time to time it to study. Technology of performance of exercise is simple:

  1. We take a dumbbell in the right hand.
  2. On the left side we rest a knee and a palm against a bench, bending in a belt.
  3. Being in such position, we bend the right hand (without releasing a dumbbell) so that the shoulder remained in parallel to a floor.
  4. Now we do directly exercise: we raise and unbend a hand with a dumbbell.

Carry out 5 circles till 8-10 of repetitions on each hand.

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Press lying narrow hold

This exercise — for gym as the bar and a gymnastic bench will be necessary for it. Scheme of work in this case following:

  1. We lay down a back on a bench, resting stupnyam against a floor.
  2. Hands we have slightly already width of shoulders.
  3. We take a weighting compound and, holding it above, we have in the middle of a thorax.
  4. Slowly we lower a bar down, without allowing it to lay down on a breast. At the same time we press elbows to a body.
  5. We squeeze out cargo back up.

We repeat so 3–4 approaches on 8 pushes.

Whether you know? In 1894 the founder of bodybuilding Evgeny Sandov set a world record. It lifted one hand a bar on which ends hollow spheres where about 1 person sat were established. The total weight of equipment was 122 kg.

The French press with a bar lying on a bench

This exercise is done so:

  1. We take an initial position: we take a bar narrow hold from above and we lay down on a bench so that the head appeared at edge of a support.
  2. Holding cargo on straight arms, we bend elbows in the direction of the head a little.
  3. We control that feet were on the earth, and the waist slightly caved in.
  4. Now, inhaling, slowly we lower a bar for the head, practically concerning it.
  5. On an exhalation we lift a bar back, keeping at the same time elbows and shoulders motionless.

Important! Whenever possible use bars with a curved signature stamp not to allow an overload of joints.

Press down on the block

This exercise perfectly suits athletes of all age regardless of a floor therefore it is used in many sports.

Will be necessary for its performance the block exercise machine (Crossover, Draft from above, etc.) and the curved handle on which palms will be slightly wrapped inside. The direct handle quite will be suitable for its replacement. The press down on the block is carried out as follows:

  1. We incline slightly a body forward.
  2. At the same time we press elbows to sides, having a little brought them forward.
  3. The successful fellow has to be 1-2 fists wide between brushes.
  4. The movement is carried out by means of only elbow joints: we pull the handle down, unbending hands.
  5. At effort, a press down, we inhale.

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Try to do exercise, using force of tricepses, but not due to breakthroughs.

Training on a triceps for girls: video

Useful tips

At the end it would be desirable to provide several advice which will help to make your training even more effectively:

  1. Before the main work surely you do warm-up — not less than 5 minutes.
  2. After each approach stretch muscles — it will not increase them in a size, but will add them force, and in the future uberezhyot a triceps from an obvisaniye;
  3. Try not to hurry, carrying out exercise — at the fast movements of a muscle will be loaded insufficiently.
  4. Increase loading gradually, to you it has to be comfortable during performance of a task. If it not so, lose weight.
  5. Increase of loading at first happens due to increase in number of repetitions. But if you feel that the optimum number of approaches are already capable to carry out, then comes it is time to increase weight.
  6. On rest between approaches give yourself 0.5-1 minute, and between exercises 2–3 minutes are allowed.

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The triceps, unlike a press, legs or buttocks, does not belong to the list of muscles which women hurry to bring into a form first of all. However without complex work over all over it is impossible to create a beautiful figure. Therefore we hope that the set of exercises given above on a triceps will make your trainings more effective, and hands — are stronger and more graceful.

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