The products containing cellulose

The products containing cellulose

In this article we will consider a kind of complex carbohydrates — cellulose which is more often replaced in food with plain carbohydrates.

We learn that it represents and than is useful, we will discuss the products rich with cellulose and also the list of the problems caused by a surplus or the shortage of this carbohydrate.

Cellulose and its influence on an organism

It is worth beginning with what is represented by cellulose. It is complex carbohydrate which name we often see on the useful products promoting a healthy lifestyle. But it is worth asking what is cellulose, and many of us will not be able to give the distinct answer.

Cellulose is a texture of vegetable fibers of which leaves of garden cultures, a peel bean and grain and also vegetables and fruit consist. For our organism cellulose — difficult digested food which digestive system is not able to split completely.

There is a question why we need this carbohydrate if we do not receive any nutrients from it?

The fact is that she, in simple terms, acts as a certain sponge which cleans intestines and accelerates process of passing of food. Also this polysaccharide excludes dysbacteriosis and helps to normalize digestion of food so that to reduce adjournment of fats.

She is different types which part you know:

  1. Cellulose (is a component of wood, cotton, a peel of various cereals and bean).
  2. Hemicellulose (also contains in bran and cereals; reduces the content of cholesterol and occludes microflora).
  3. Lignin (contains in cereals and bran, with storage time becomes less usvoyaemy; performs the same functions, as the previous types of cellulose).
  4. Pectin (reduces absorption of fat and level of cholesterol; contains in a citrus, bean, cabbage, natural juice with pulp).

Standard daily rate

Having discussed that cellulose represents and what products contain its types, we will talk about standard daily rate which allows an organism to digest quickly food without postponement of fats and increase in level of cholesterol.

On average the standard daily rate of polysaccharide varies from 25 to 35 g. To satisfy norm, it is necessary to use, for example, 0.75-1 kg of bananas or even 2.5 kg of cabbage. Fortunately, there are products with high content of complex carbohydrate.

Important! The standard daily rate depends not only on body weight, but also on a way of life and food. Eating a large number of junk food, you increase norm of cellulose which is necessary for you.

The products containing cellulose

Above we said that complex carbohydrates contain in vegetables, fruit, various cereals and bean. That is the products containing cellulose is rather most part of our diet, however further we will submit the list of those products which have extremely high content of polysaccharide.


In vegetables the percentage is not big. So, for example, only 1.5 g of carbohydrate are the share of 100 g of radish. It besides that it is not possible to eat a large number of this vegetable. The second place is shared by sweet pepper and turnip from 1.4%. These products are also not used in such quantity to satisfy at least a part of norm.

Further there is a pumpkin and carrots from 1.2 g of cellulose on 100 g of products. And, at last, potatoes and cabbage which can be used in a large number however these vegetables have minimum content of carbohydrate — 1%. We draw a conclusion that we as it is impossible to eat several kilograms of any product will not manage to satisfy requirement by means of vegetables. At best, you will be able to do it several days then you will have a disgust.

Whether you know? The greatest need of an organism for polysaccharide comes by 14 years and lasts up to 50 years. Then need decreases by 5-10 units.

Fruit and berries

With fruit the situation is many times better, than with vegetables. Further we will provide the list of cultures which have the maximum content of complex carbohydrate:

  • raspberry — 5.1 g;
  • wild strawberry — 4 g;
  • dates — 3.5 g;
  • banana — 3.4 g;
  • raisin — 3.1 g.

It is necessary to tell that dried fruit and berries contain many times more cellulose on unit of weight because they are deprived of moisture.

The fact that massively the consumed apples and pears have only 0.6% of polysaccharide of lump that does them by useless products in respect of a cellulose source is also interesting.

Grain and pasta

Speaking about what products contain cellulose, at once it is necessary to remember grain crops as the list of the products having the maximum quantity of complex carbohydrate needs to be begun with them.

Celluloses, grain with the maximum contents:

  • wheat bran — 43 g;
  • linen seed — 27 g;
  • rye — 16.4 g;
  • buckwheat — 12 g;
  • grits — 11 g;
  • rice — 10.5 g;
  • wheat — 9.6 g;
  • sesame — 9.1 g;
  • barley grits — 9 g.

That is the majority of grain, both processed, and not processed (integral), incorporate the big percentage of polysaccharide, allowing us to cover day norm, having used less than 400 g of products. Respectively, it is necessary to pay attention to grain crops and products on their basis.

Let's remind that the majority of bars for weight loss which dazzle with existence of a huge number all useful are based on cereals.

Whether you know? Cellulose prevents development of type 2 diabetes.

Beans, nuts and seeds

A champion on cellulose content from all bean cultures are green peas. Yes, green option, but not dry. In 100 g of peas 11 g of complex carbohydrate contain, respectively, the day norm can be covered, having eaten only 210-300 g of beans.

Further soy (13 g), almonds (12 g), hazelnut (10.5 g), peanut (8 g), beans (7.0 g), a chestnut (6.8 g), sunflower seeds (6.1 g) and also haricot (3.9 g) follows.

On the one hand, bean it is possible to use much as they perfectly approach as a garnish, however the daily diet with high content of these products can cause a meteorizm, swelling and other unpleasant consequences of a surplus of bean. As for nuts and seeds, the first are seasonal delicacy, so, it is impossible to build on them a diet. The second, besides cellulose, contain huge amount of fat that will obviously not affect positively a figure.

Important! It is worth understanding that the amount of complex carbohydrate in one product depends on a grade, the place of growth, ripeness and quantity of sunlight therefore data on the same product can strongly differ.

Surplus and shortage

will finish article with discussion of shortage or excess of carbohydrate in our organism. Let's talk about what lead extremes to and as far as it is serious. The excess of polysaccharide does not foretell anything dangerous to our organism. In case of the use of a large number of products with extreme content, the following problems can overtake you:

  • abdominal distension then the diarrhea or a lock can follow;
  • in case of a serious surplus the nausea and vomiting is possible;
  • violation of microflora of a GIT.

That is, if you are fond of products in which there are a lot of complex carbohydrates, then the surprises connected with the system of digestion can follow. It is impossible to tell that you get serious poisoning, however it is also impossible to call such state normal. In case of the shortage of polysaccharide your organism will react as follows:

  • toxins will collect in an organism, causing various problems and also the general unpleasant smell;
  • there will be problems with the vascular system;
  • The GIT will work so slowly that assimilation of food will turn into torture;
  • there will be an excess weight;
  • diabetes can become aggravated.

If you noticed at yourself several coincidence to above-mentioned problems which result from the shortage of cellulose, then you understand as far as this polysaccharide is important for our activity.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that cellulose is the natural cleaning matter speaking to us about what products we have to consume that is visible from above-mentioned lists. The abundance of products rich with carbohydrates allows us to make a choice, raznoobraziv thereby a food allowance. Listen to the requirements and try to eat more healthy food.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team