To owners of the round bottom: exercises, occupations on the exercise machine

To owners of the round bottom: exercises, occupations on the exercise machine

For improvement of appearance of buttocks of the woman can perform the complex of special exercises. It is necessary to work with dumbbells or the post, otherwise muscular gain won't be observed. The fullness with muscles gives to buttocks rounded shape and elasticity.

Lunges by one leg forward – one of the most popular and effective exercises for development of muscles of buttocks. It can be carried out with dumbbells or with the post. In the home position of the leg there are already width of shoulders. If you use the post, put it on shoulders. If dumbbells, lower hands with them along the body. Widely you vyshagnit forward, keeping the case to straight lines. The front hip practically parallel to the floor, is transferred to it all your weight. If you are insufficiently prepared, begin with small operating weight not to injure the knee joint. The back knee at the vyshagivaniye doesn't touch the floor. Be late for a while and return to the home position.

Exercise "bridge" for development of gluteuses. Lay down on the back, put hands parallel to the trunk, and bend legs in knees. On the breath tear off buttocks from the floor, lift as it is possible above, be late in the extreme position for several seconds. Feel tension of gluteuses. As this exercise is performed without burdening, it can be executed many times in a row to feeling of burning. The bridge can also be carried out, having put feet on the bench.

Enough protein in the diet – guarantee of successful muscle growth. Eat more dairy products, low-fat meat and fish. Drink protein cocktails before and after the training.

Stanovy draft – universal exercise for muscles of the lower extremities and the back. Perfectly studies buttocks. Put the post on the floor, near the foot. Put legs widely, socks have to touch pancakes practically. The back keeps direct situation throughout all exercise. Sit down and undertake the signature stamp wide grip. Get up from the squat, in parallel lifting the post. The signature stamp has to slide along shins. This exercise is contraindicated at backbone diseases.

That there was the progress, gradually increase burdening weight. If you can execute without special work 10-15 times with the concrete weight, time for its increase came.

It is possible to swing muscles of buttocks as well on exercise machines. For this purpose the chair the crossover and the exercise machine with the lower roller will be suitable for cultivation data of legs. For the first exercise get into the exercise machine chair, outer sides of shins lean against rollers. Begin to part legs in the parties through cargo resistance, being late in the extreme position. The more the exercise machine back is rejected, the middle part of the gluteus is loaded more. If it vertical - works the big gluteus. The following exercise for buttocks – leg swings back. Use the special exercise machine with the lower lever. Become to it the face, one leg on the support, and another rests against the roller. On the breath take away this leg as it is possible further back. Be late for several seconds in the extreme position and lower the leg. Now on the same exercise machine execute leg swings aside. This time become to it the side, the working leg lift the roller sideways. Don't do breakthroughs, you seek to perform exercise slowly. All swings can also be done on the crossover, the exercise machine with the lower block. In this case the role of cargo is played by the lower block - the cuff for the leg on the metal cord.

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