Types of endurance and their characteristic"

Types of endurance and their characteristic"

Endurance — one of important indicators in sport, at maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, is also useful also in life. Therefore its training is a popular and important question which is often raised by people to the doctors or trainers. To understand as the system of endurance is arranged as to develop it and why it is necessary, it is necessary to study all aspects of the matter in detail.

Types of endurance

First of all, it is worth paying attention that there are several types of endurance which are responsible for development of certain muscles or their complexes and also separate skills, for example, to speed. For a training of each look it is necessary to do special and specific exercises.

The general

The general endurance has a synonym — aerobic. It means that the person is capable to perform work of moderate intensity throughout long time, at the same time the most part of muscles is involved, that is practically all organism works.

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Functions of economy of the general, biochemical and functional energy are responsible for this indicator. It is often main object at trainings and is the most important and necessary in everyday life. As the general and special endurance are interconnected, without the first the second will not be well developed.


There is also a special endurance which is responsible for long performance of work in which the concrete skill is involved. Depending on it the special endurance is divided into several subspecies on the basis of characteristic of activity (jumps, run).


The high-speed look is responsible directly for maintenance of speed throughout long time. But also it can be applied also to intensity. Run, swimming, driving the bicycle and so on belongs directly to cyclic activity, for example.

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On the basis of experiments with run V.S. Farfel marked out dependence of speed and time which comes to light in intensity. It is divided into several types or zones:

  • moderate;
  • big;
  • submaximum;
  • maximum.

Also these zones sometimes are called capacities.


The power look is responsible for repetition of a certain activity which demands big expenses of energy for the minimum quantity of time. That is, they are directed directly to muscular efforts. Allocate several types:

  • static — maintenance of muscular loading in one pose the long period;
  • dynamic — performance of identical muscular loading long time in the long mode.

First of all, the power endurance is applied at loadings with big and small scales.

High-speed and power

Connection of two previous types is necessary for performance of activity throughout the long period and at the same time with high intensity, that is power loading.


The coordination look is necessary for such sports as figure skating, basketball, volleyball. It means coordination of loading, ability at the same time accurately and clearly to expose the actions, to maintain uneven power loading.

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As it is possible to develop endurance

One of the most important questions are ways of development of endurance as special trainings and exercises are necessary for improvement of this skill.


The aerobics consists of exercises which promote accumulation of nedookislyonny products of energy, it at the physiological level trains endurance. Also exercises can be divided into repeated and interval which are carried out with a gap several minutes.

When using aerobics it is necessary to choose a number of exercises in which necessary groups of muscles are used and to carry out them with a certain interval which needs to be reduced to desirable result gradually.

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Power exercises

Power exercises are necessary for development of the general, power and high-speed and power endurance. At the same time use exercises in which are often necessary special weight. It is possible to apply two methods:

  • to gradually increase weight;
  • to gradually increase loading time.

Important! It is impossible to take very big weight at the beginning, it involves a muscle strain, hernia and other consequences for health!

For a start it is necessary to determine the optimum duration and weight, only after to increase by 10% after a while that the organism correctly perceived such power consumption.

Diversity of loading

The diversity of loading is necessary, first of all, for coordination development. As connection of a training of several groups of muscles and alternation, or creation of combinations contributes to the development of reaction of the person to change of actions.

For example, in basketball time of a training can be divided into several periods in which the intensity of a game has to be highest, after a break, gradually this break reduce.

Healthy nutrition

Enormous expenses of energy are necessary for development of any kind of this indicator therefore such sources as a dream and healthy nutrition, have to satisfy not only day norm, but also it is a little over it.

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Also food has to contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals as constant load on an organism exhausts it. Thus, we can draw a conclusion that the endurance is divided into several types, each of which is based on a certain activity, or group of muscles therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to a type of a training. It is necessary to develop all types gradually, and at the same time to watch food and a dream for providing a good stock of energy.

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