"Uddiyana of a bandh: useful properties of ""belly lock""

"Uddiyana of a bandh: useful properties of ""belly lock""

Today we will study the basic equipment of Hatha yoga which is used in the medical purposes. Many beginning "yogis" are familiar only with primitive exercises which do not demand long preparatory stages that the bandha cannot tell about an uddiyan. Let's deal with the principle of influence of "the belly lock" on an organism, we will talk about contraindications and the correct technology of performance.

Short description

Exercise represents peculiar "lock" which mechanically influences certain human organs. In the course of performance, not only vitals, but also textures of nerves and an endocrine system are affected.

Together with it, the uddiyana of a bandh bears a certain danger as the wrong performance or presence of any diseases which are connected with the involved bodies can cause complications or other negative consequences.

Bandh it is in appearance similar to usual retraction of a stomach owing to what edges become visible, however for performance not muscles of a stomach, and negative pressure in a thorax which forces a stomach to be involved are used.

Whether you know? The Hatha yoga is concentrated on clarification of a body, mind and vital energy. This direction was created in the 10-11th century.

Than exercise is useful?

It is no secret that all exercises of yoga play a positive role as in the course of physical recovery, and spiritual. Uddiyana of a bandh is also not deprived of advantage, however it is worth remembering that only the correct performance completely will realize all potential of "lock".

  • Positive impact on a blood system. When you create negative pressure in a breast, blood from the lower part of a trunk and the lower extremities directs up, to heart. Such action not only improves a blood-groove, but also adjusts the correct supply with blood of all vitals. Also restoration processes accelerate.
  • Action on abdominal organs. In the course of performance there is an extension of bodies of a GIT. Such actions improve digestion and stimulate production of gastric juice.
  • Nervous system. Uddiyana of a bandh affects nervous system as strong soothing therefore it makes sense to do exercise after unlucky day.
  • Influence on an endocrine (hormonal) system. Especially valuably for those who suffer from problems with a pancreas and adrenal glands. "Lock" improves blood supply of these important bodies that positively affects their work.
  • Influence on an urinogenital system. In the course of performance many abdominal organs rise, therefore, "lock" helps to raise the lowered kidney. Also "procedure" stimulates removal of excess liquid from an organism, improving blood supply.

Whether you know? In 2008 the leaders of Islamic clergy in Malaysia published a fatwah against the Muslims practicing yoga. In it it was said that in yoga there are elements of the Hindu religious doctrine therefore practice of yoga for Muslims is blasphemous.

When to carry out it?

We learned that the uddiyana of a bandh is very useful exercise, however before learning about what should be done and in what sequence, we will discuss indications to application as exercise is medical.

It is possible to carry out "lock" at any chronic diseases of an abdominal cavity and a pelvic part. Carrying out a bandha, you will be able to get rid of diseases which demand long-term treatment (prostatitis, hemorrhoids). Girls will assess positively influence on a menstrual cycle which after systematic carrying out will return to normal.

It is possible to draw a conclusion that "the belly lock" helps to cure a large number of unpleasant diseases, however it is worth remembering that the disease should not be in an aggravation stage.

Equipment of an uddiyan of a bandha

Uddiyana of a bandh – exercise which to execute, knowing technology of performance, only units will be able is rather difficult.

The problem is that it is necessary not only to accept the correct initial position, but also to learn to breathe as it is demanded by technology of performance. Therefore we will consider the usual system of performance and preparatory.

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Correct performance

Let's begin with an initial position without which it will be difficult to carry out "lock".

We put legs on width of shoulders, slightly bending in knees as it is done by goalkeepers before punching of a penalty. Further we put hands slightly above patellae, placing brushes so that fingers looked inside. We remove cargo from a back, moving on hands.

Important! The back has to be equal.

After adoption of the initial provision there is the most difficult part which will demand from you attentiveness and patience. We deal with breath.

After acceptance of a pose it is necessary to exhale and make the most correct yogovsky breath which means the following: slowly we inhale air through a nose, filling with it a stomach so that it began to be stuck out forward; without interrupting breath, we move apart the lower edges; we finish a breath with full expansion of a thorax which has to rise; slightly we raise clavicles.

Further we do a sharp exhalation, finishing which to you it is necessary to squeeze an anal sphincter, raising at the same time a crotch.

After a full exhalation we need to block a throat language "root" so that you could not inhale. At once after "the lock on a throat" we lift a diaphragm, expanding at the same time a thorax.

That it was simpler to execute this element, present that you need to raise a thorax the same as you raise shoulders. At the same time the stomach should not strain, otherwise exercise will be executed incorrectly.

Important! Lifting a diaphragm, leave a pose and touch a stomach (only in the course of performance understanding). There should not be no tension. So you will be able to understand, correctly carry out or not.

As soon as you raised a thorax and owing to what, the stomach was pulled in, press a chin to clavicles. It is necessary to make it after a small raising of shoulders (hands remain in a former position).

It is necessary to be in a pose with a breath delay until you do not feel discomfort. Then we open a throat, letting in at the same time air lungs without additional breath.

It is recommended to carry out about 10 repetitions to reach effect.

What if it is impossible?

As it was told above, to execute from the first very difficult, however there is a number of simpler preparatory exercises which will help to comprehend an essence, to penetrate into what cannot be described.

Let's begin with a training of a yogovsky breath:

  1. We sit down in a lotus pose, straightening a back.
  2. We put hands on a stomach so that we distinctly could control a breath.
  3. We inhale, filling a stomach with air. You need to push palms at a breath as much as possible to concentrate on process.
  4. Slowly we exhale, without pressing on a stomach.
  5. We move hands on the lower short edges, clasping them at the edges.
  6. We take a breath so that you palms felt how edges in the parties disperse. The divergence has to be noticeable. At the same time the thorax has to move only slightly up. We control immovability of a stomach.
  7. For control of a breath, we leave one palm on a breast, and we move the second on a stomach. We carry out a breath by a breast, leaving a stomach static.

Training of a false breath.

Rather simple part of a training which nevertheless causes difficulties in some beginners.

Sit down in any pose in which you will be able to keep a straight line back. We take a breath then a full exhalation so that your lungs completely lost air. After that present that you are under water and instead of air you will inhale water that cannot be done.

Further close a mouth and a nose (if are not sure that restrain) and try to inhale "emptiness" so that at the same time the thorax rose. If you ever detained air, then this action has to be familiar to you. Last seconds the thorax begins to rise involuntarily though you do not take a breath. Trying to make a false breath, you have to expand a thorax so that the stomach began to rise, but muscles of a press were relaxed.

As soon as at you it turns out – you will understand at once as there will be a feeling as if your thorax is stretched in the opposite directions.

After a short delay exhale and repeat anew.

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Combination of a yogovsky breath and false breath in a convenient pose.

To perfect the above actions, you for a start have to do them in a convenient pose. The best option is to lay down on a back and to bend legs so that knees looked up. Further make the same actions, as in "standard" option of an uddiyan of a bandha, paying attention maximum to technology of performance.

It is difficult to describe similar exercises words as a lot of things are learned in practice. The main thing is not to hurry and not to be nervous if at you at once everything does not turn out.


Uddiyana the bandha has a number of contraindications which are connected with diseases of an abdominal cavity and a basin at the time of aggravation and also "special" states which do not allow to carry out exercise:

  1. Exacerbation of stomach ulcer and 12-perstny gut. Any deformation of fabrics can lead to an anguish therefore it is not recommended to carry out exercise.
  2. During a menstrual cycle. Any manipulations with bodies these days are extremely undesirable.
  3. During pregnancy. Deformation of an abdominal cavity will also touch a fruit that can pour out in serious consequences, up to an abortion.

With care or with observation of the trainer to carry out at such diseases: pathology of lungs, heart diseases, hernias of an abdominal cavity or big sizes of a stomach.

This exercise which though demands long development however has enormous physical and power effect.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team