Use of yoga at backbone hernia

Use of yoga at backbone hernia

The yoga which is one of six orthodox philosophical schools in Hinduism, today gains more and more popularity in various countries of the world as spiritual, mental and physical practice which helps with management of mental and physical functions of a human body. However now the yoga is practiced not only to reach a sublime spiritual and mental state, but also for the purpose of treatment of some diseases. One of them is also backbone hernia.

Yoga as prevention and treatment of back hernias

Diagnosing vertebral hernia for the patient, physicians appoint regular performance of physical exercises. East gymnastics is in that case ideal option as it adjusts an organism, allows to find harmony and balance thanks to what bodies are restored.

The yoga is appointed as treatment at hernias nuclei pulposi, protrusions, osteochondrosis and scoliosis. To cure a hernia nuclei pulposi, such gymnastics should be used accurately.

Serious approach to such therapy is important: the course needs to be picked up with the expert, considering all specific features of an organism. It is impossible to begin to be engaged independently.

The yoga helps to cope with hernias in different departments of a backbone: cervical, chest, lumbar and sacral, etc., besides, it well influences all organism, and not just its affected part.

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Thanks to it east gymnastics is a great choice for fight against backbone hernias, however it is better to warn such diseases before they appear. In this plan of the yogi is also an effective method.

For example, it is very useful for the pregnant or planning pregnancy women as problems with a backbone in time and after pregnancy appear very often in connection with incubation of the child which has negative impact on a condition of a back to practice yoga.

It is important! To reach effect in prevention of back hernias, it is important to practise regularly, without allowing overfatigue of an organism.

Features of performance of asanas at back hernias

That treatment of hernia of a backbone was productive, when performing asanas it is necessary to follow some rules:

  • it is necessary to practise so that there were no considerable pains;
  • to avoid blows and pushes in a back and also jumps;
  • at first it is necessary to refuse asanas which assume twisting of a back, then to begin to carry out them very slowly and carefully;
  • the set of exercises needs to be repeated every day, since the smallest loadings, gradually to increase them;
  • to observe systematicity and to adhere to a professional advice;
  • if there was an acute pain, it is impossible to bend with the unbent knees forward;
  • the pose of the child needs to be carried out only in the presence of a subject which will support you (a pillow, a blanket);
  • daily occupation surely has to come to an end with Shavasana.

Whether you know? Skilled yogis can hold the breath for very long time — about an hour.

Precautionary measures and contraindications

The yoga is a useful practice which suits people of any age and sex, quite often physicians appoint a yogoterapiya as physical activities. However, nevertheless there are some contraindications to performance of such exercises at backbone hernia.

To refuse occupations yoga or to suspend occupations it is necessary in such cases:

  • at emergence of a strong pain syndrome;
  • if you feel numbness or pricking on all body or in some of its parts;
  • at a shiver and weakness in legs.

Also it is necessary to adhere to the following precautionary measures:

  • to exclude from an asana course after which back pain is felt;
  • to exclude rounding of a backbone;
  • it is impossible to practise after intake of anesthetics.

It is especially important to follow the above-mentioned rules of performance of exercises of yoga at backbone hernia for beginners when muscles did not get used to loadings yet.

Yoga and prevention of diseases of a back

Yogoterapiya is used not only for treatment of back diseases, but also for their prevention as it promotes relaxation of muscular clips, improvement of blood circulation in vertebral area, increase in a tone of back and belly muscles.

To avoid development of vertebral hernias and to strengthen a back, it is recommended to carry out the following asanas:

  1. Tadasana (mountain pose): the training begins and comes to an end with this exercise. It is necessary to become directly, to straighten a back and to straighten a breast, hands to arrange on seams, that is to extend on each side trunks. The chin has to be located parallel to a floor. In this situation it is necessary to stand half-minute, at the same time breath has to be quiet and free.
  2. Utkatasana (chair pose): standing in the previous pose, it is necessary to bend knees and to take away back a basin (as though you sit down on a chair), raise hands up and arrange them so that they were each other parallel, you hold a back exactly. It is necessary to keep in such pose about half-minute.
  3. Uttanasana: for performance of this asana it is necessary to return to a mountain pose, then, holding knees completely direct, to bend forward, trying to come nearer as much as possible facing legs and to reach hands socks. The back should not be strained, it has to just hang down. It is necessary to stick in such pose to 20 seconds.

Whether you know? Among the first yogin the belief went that the quantity of dykhaniye at the person is limited. They believed that the more slowly there will be their breath, the longer they will live.

  1. Dandasana (staff pose): previously having spread a rug on a floor, it is necessary to sit down on buttocks, to straighten legs ahead, to pull socks on itself, hands to arrange on each side, having put palms on a rug. The back and a neck have to be the most direct, the top it is necessary to last up. It is necessary to hold an asana 20 seconds.
  2. Pashchimottanasana: it is necessary to pass into this pose from previous. It is necessary to bend forward, beginning an inclination with a belly part, and already then to incline an upper back. Gradually bending, it is necessary to conduct hands on legs to feet, then — to grasp with hands thumbs of legs. Beginners with it can have difficulties therefore they can grasp anklebones.
  3. Uttkhita Trikonasana (pose of the extended triangle): to place legs so that between them there was a distance about a meter. Turn the right foot with fingers to the right, widely part hands and bend, trying to reach the right hand the right leg. Having raised the head, look at the raised left hand. Having left an asana, it is necessary to relax and repeat it, but already in other party.

Occupations yoga are how effective at vertebral hernia?

As a rule, problems with a backbone are result of an inactive way of life owing to what the muscular corset is weakened and loadings begin to be distributed incorrectly and unevenly on different departments of a backbone.

Yogoterapiya — one of effective methods which helps if not completely to cope with such problems, then precisely to improve a state and health of the patient for quite short period and without excess expenses.

If to support occupations with yoga the healthy balanced nutrition, it can help to overcome hernia for several months. The term of such treatment depends on disease severity and readiness of the patient to such physical activities. Such rehabilitation can borrow some about one year.

Yoga at hernias of various localization

Depending on localization of hernia, there are some differences in physical activities on a back. It can be intervertebral, be in cervical department of a backbone, chest or lumbar and sacral. Also a little the course at a protrusion of lumbar department of a backbone differs.

Yoga at hernia of cervical department of a backbone

The purpose of exercises for a neck is removal of a hyper tone of muscles, strengthening of cervical department, increase in mobility of a backbone. The most popular asanas used for treatment by means of yoga at hernia of cervical department of a backbone:

  1. Shavasana: quite simple exercise which essence is in just to lie on a back, having parted hands and legs in the parties, to relax and to breathe quietly.
  2. Vrikshasana: this asana is intended for relaxation clamped cervical a muscle and pulling of all backbone. It is necessary to take a belt, to become, having cramped legs together. To tie by a belt hands so that palms were at shoulder length. Having extended hands forward, to deliver foot of the right leg on an internal part of a hip left so that the knee was turned to the right side. Then all over to stretch up, to be recorded for several seconds, to become in an initial position and to repeat the same exercise, only with other leg.
  3. Varihardasana: is one of the most difficult poses for beginners. It is necessary to become, widely to place legs and to turn the case and feet to the right. Then it is necessary to arrange the right leg so that in a knee it was bent at an angle 90 °, to raise hands up, to connect palms and to stretch to a ceiling. After return to an initial position to repeat exercise in other party.

Yoga for chest department of a backbone

Often a prerequisite of appearance of hernia in chest department of a backbone is the giperdinamiya or, on the contrary, too weak loadings, that is why the purpose of exercises of yoga for this part of a back — relaxation which helps to remove stress from this site.

  1. Tadasana with hands in Gomukhasana. For performance of the first asana the patient needs to become straight, to cramp legs together, to place hands on seams. Legs should be unbent as much as possible that hips departed a little back.

Further, taking a breath, it is necessary to bring hands over the head, and exhaling — to lower the right hand down, to bend it in an elbow and to get for a back. The palm, thus, has to appear between shovels. — lower the following step and bend the left hand in an elbow, take it fingers of right. Such pose it is necessary to hold several respiratory cycles, stretching a thorax.

  1. Balasana (or child's pose). It is necessary to kneel, to put hips on calves. To make a trunk an inclination forward that the stomach touched hips. To extend hands over the head and to reach a forehead for a floor. To hold an asana several minutes.
  2. Uttkhita Parshvakonasana. For the third asana it is necessary to become exactly, to place legs, leaving between them distance about 120 cm and to part hands in the parties. Wrap the left foot inside a little, and — develop the right leg so that it was completely turned to the right.

Exhaling, bend the right leg in a knee, and left in the extended situation take away to the left. Bend the case to the right, lower the right hand on a floor before foot of the right leg. Give the left hand from above along the case, over the head develop a palm inside to top. In such situation cost several respiratory cycles, then repeat a pose from the opposite side.

Yoga at hernia of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone

The yoga asanas recommended for treatment at hernia of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone — the most hard feasible. That it was easier for you to orient, be engaged it is possible, being guided by video on the Internet.

  1. Supta Padangushtkhasana: it is necessary to lay down on a back and, having relaxed gluteuses, to put hands along the case and to press shoulders to a rug. It is necessary to take a belt in the left hand, to make of it a loop and to push in it a heel of the left leg. Further it is necessary to extend a hand with a belt, to bend a leg and as much as possible to take away it to the left, then — to straighten a leg as far as it is possible, holding at the same time the right leg and a hand adjacent to a rug. To return to initial situation and to execute an asana with other leg.
  2. Ardh Shvanasan: it is necessary to become facing a wall, being at distance in meter from it. To lean against a wall the hands located at shoulder length it is not lower than the level of breast. Then, inhaling and exhaling air, the wall should lower hands, inclining a trunk. To straighten hands so that they were parallel to a floor. On a breath — bend a back bridge, on an exhalation — unbend, repeat such movements several times then — you can come back to an initial position slowly.
  3. Adho Mukh Shavasan: to execute this asana of yoga at hernia of lumbar and sacral department of a backbone, take pair of dense towels and arrange them on a rug so that, lying one on another, they formed a short flight of stairs. Become pyramid a stomach down so that the top towel was under area of a basin. Do a support on the hands and legs pressed by feet to a floor. Then lower the top part of a trunk and lay down a cheek on a rug, having relaxed hands. In such pose it is necessary to lie 5 minutes.

Yoga at a hernia nuclei pulposi

As for a hernia nuclei pulposi, such asanas will help to cope with it:

  1. Ardh Uttanasan: it is necessary to rise, having raised hands, on an exhalation to bend forward, having bent knees so that the stomach and a breast laid down on hips, and hands — on a floor. Inhaling, it is possible to begin to raise a breast and hands against 90 °. Further, exhaling, return to the previous situation, and on a breath — become straight. Repeat an asana not less than 5 times.
  2. Bkharadvadzhasana: for this exercise you need a chair. Sit down on it sideways so that the right hip adjoined to a back. Holding knees and feet close, take away shoulders back, and raise a trunk up so that buttocks did not rise from a chair.

Having exhaled, turn the case to a chair back. Legs have to remain on the place. Take hands a back of a chair and help to turn them the case not sharp breakthroughs. Final situation: having turned the case to the right, be developed by the head to the left and in such situation hold on about 20 seconds. Then return to initial situation, be developed in the opposite direction and repeat the same movements.

  1. Virabkhadrasana: it is necessary to become directly and to expose the right leg forward, resting the left leg about a wall behind. Inhaling air, bend the right knee, having made attack. Hands at the same time have to be bent and raised so that palms were at the level of the person and were turned forward. Take away hands back and push forward a breast.

It is important! To reach desirable effect, it is necessary to carry out a set of exercises for fight against a hernia nuclei pulposi several times a day.

Yoga at a protrusion of lumbar department of a backbone

At backbone hernia in lumbar department such exercises of yoga are applied:

  1. Urdhvakhastasana: it is necessary to become, having straightened a back and to put hands in the lock behind the head from above. Rotating a brush, change position of palms so that serially to top looked back, their front party. At the same time it is necessary to pull in a stomach and to control breath.
  2. Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana (or pose of a dog muzzle up): to lay down on a stomach, to straighten legs, then raise an upper body on hands, palms have to be up to standard of shoulders. Leaning on hands, raise the head up, cave in in a back a little and take away shoulders back. On an exhalation it is necessary to raise buttocks, leaning on legs and to hold on in such situation about a minute.
  3. Baddh Konasan (or pose of a butterfly): it is necessary to lay down and place hands. Inhaling, raise direct legs, and exhaling, you part them in the parties.

Easy warm-up at office

To practice yoga, it is not obligatory to attend special classes. It is possible to carry out simple exercises and at work, sitting at office. Here some of them:

  1. Sit down on a chair, having leveled a back, and close knees and feet. You hold with the right hand the left knee, and left — a chair back. During 5 breaths repeat breakthroughs of the case towards a back. Then repeat the same exercises, only in other party.
  2. Also exactly sitting on a chair, put the right anklebone on the left hip. Press the right hand on a knee of the right leg so that it fell a little down, and muscles stretched. Having repeated exercise of 5 times, change a leg.
  3. Remove the case of a body from a chair back, raise the left hand, bend it and put behind between shovels. Then, pressing other hand on the left elbow, stretch muscles.

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