Useful and medicinal properties of a cod for a human body

Useful and medicinal properties of a cod for a human body

In the well-known introduction of northerners "You do not sing a tresochka — you will not work in a lesochka" this fish absolutely not accidentally is mentioned. The inhabitant of cold Arctic waters of a crash accumulates in the meat so much useful and nutrients that becomes one of main courses for, for example, Pomors and at the same time serves as a fine dietary product for supporters of healthy food.

The danger to all children and at the same time effective means for their correct development — cod-liver oil — is got from a liver of a cod. It is rich with Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D, called, respectively, "eye vitamin" and "vitamin of the sun".

At its meat also solidly there is B12 vitamin which has the second name too — "red vitamin".

Whether you know? The cod, but also a haddock, a pollack and a navaga falls under the concept "cod" not only, actually.

Presence at treskovy fillet of such major mineral as selenium is very noticeable. In portion (85 g) of this fish mineral is present at quantity more than a half (58%) of standard daily rate. Fillet with phosphorus and so-called minerals of "beauty" in the form of zinc, sulfur and the same selenium is rich.

In solid quantity there is at it a potassium: in 100 g of boiled or his fried cod 516 mg contain that makes 15% of standard daily rate, necessary for the person. There is in meat of this remarkable product also a calcium so necessary for growth of a children's organism.

Important! Meat of a cod should not be used along with cheese as it strongly worsens digestion.

This product differs in the high content of protein and quite small presence of fat. As a rule, crude fillet contains about 19% of protein and only from 0.3 to 0.9% of fat. In 85 g on average there are 89 calories, that is about one calorie is the share of each gram. These qualities cause important dietary properties. Its high-quality protein is capable to replace fat grades of pork and beef in such a way that the person does not feel at the same time any breakdown and lack of sense of fulness though fat with fish it consumes very little.

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Presence at it of "eye vitamin" and "vitamin of the sun" promotes visual acuity, growth of cages in an organism and also strengthens bone tissues.

And "red vitamin" supports nervous system of the person in good condition, brings order to power balance of an organism, helps reproduction of erythrocytes and also successful development of children. The portion of this product contains 37% of day norm of this vitamin for the adult.

Whether you know? The most qualitative cod is got in coastal waters of Iceland and Alaska.

The selenium which is available in a product actively acts as antioxidant, and one more mineral phosphorus promotes good condition of cellular membranes, cartilaginous tissue, teeth and bones. The "vitamins of beauty" mentioned above promote the normal growth of hair and nails and support skin in a fine state. Extremely important for good work of heart existence in fish of potassium which improves activity of a cardiovascular system. And, certainly, in a cod, as well as in other sea fishes, there is a lot of iodine. This microcell positively influences development of a brain of the person and is especially shown to pregnant women, nursing mothers and children during the entire periods of their intensive intellectual development.

Treskovy fillet saturated high-quality protein in which composition vkhodzt nine most valuable amino acids that is very effective promotes good comprehensibility of a product.

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Saturation useful substances and excellent dietary qualities of this product, it seems, do it by a desired dish literally for all, except for those rare citizens who were not lucky with individual intolerance and also having gallstone and urolithic diseases.

However in the last decades because of steadily extending pollution of waters of the World Ocean of a crash, acquiring the useful qualities, began to accumulate in itself and undesirable elements in the form of heavy metals. It turned out that highly toxic mercury and arsenic are capable to concentrate in bodies of predatory fishes to which also it belongs, in really dangerous doses.

Important! Physicians in the different countries advise pregnant women and children to abstain from the use of predatory ocean fishes, including also a cod.

From time immemorial the people going to distant wanderings took a dried cod to the road. And not only because of valuable nutritious properties of this fish. The abundance of protein and very small presence of fat in general allow to store her much longer, than fatter fish.

The same qualities promote drying fish even without addition of salt in her. It can be stored in a dried look very long, being a source of good nutrition all the year round and in every spot on the globe.

With development of the refrigerating equipment there was a possibility of long storage of fish in the frozen state. But most often today it gets to retail chain stores in the form of slices of chilled fillet. However at violation of the rules of processing and storage its natural and specific smell is capable to become more active sharply and to worsen considerably.

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This remarkable fish is good all and practically for all, and at her correct production and use is capable to bring to people on a table sound, healthy and tasty food.

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