Walking for weight loss: advantage and harm, correct equipment

Walking for weight loss: advantage and harm, correct equipment

Walking in human life occupies very important role, is the main way of movement since the beginning of existence of mankind. But every year people think out more and more ways to facilitate to themselves life and to refuse walking that promotes emergence in the person of excess weight or obesity. Mass use of electric bicycles, boards and self-balancing scooters which almost fully replaced walking for some category of people became the last boundary. It is very dangerous, when walking people involves 90% of all muscles of a body, thereby training them daily and preventing an atrophy. For maintenance of an organism in a tone each person needs to take not less than 10,000 steps daily. It is easy to track it, each modern smartphone is equipped with programs for calculation of steps which watch your activity and rather precisely can count how many steps you took for today. Below you learn about types of walking and their advantage for health.

Walking for weight loss

Each person with an excess weight thinks of weight loss to improve the health and to get rid of the problems in an organism connected with excess weight. The first that comes to mind, is to begin to run, but here not everything is so simple.

With an excess weight the run is contraindicated to people, he creates excessive load of knee joints and inevitably leads to problems. That to avoid it, it is necessary to begin with walking. It does not do harm to legs and does not create excess load of a cardiovascular system.

In what advantage?

Daily walks in the fresh air have a set of positive sides. The most obvious – improvement of health, removal of emotional pressure and maintenance of all muscles of a body in a tone.

But walking has much and other positive sides, namely:

  • probability of developing of a tumor in intestines is 30% less at the people who are regularly engaged in walking;
  • walks lasting not less than 30 min. improve and strengthen work of a cardiovascular system;
  • the risk of appearance of a varicosity sharply decreases at daily walking more than half an hour;
  • regular trainings by walking are capable to normalize arterial blood pressure;
  • positively influences strengthening of the musculoskeletal device of the person and a condition of joints;
  • during foot walk of people spends 300–350 kcal an hour;
  • contributes to normalization of level of cholesterol in blood;
  • evening walk helps to cope with insomnia.

Learn more about what types of walking what muscles work when walking exist, than fast walking is useful.

Possible harm

Despite all pluses the walking, as well as any other type of vigorous activity, can do harm. Most often about it it is possible to hear from people whose work assumes the constant movement without an opportunity to allow legs to have a rest. So, in case of long walking in incorrectly picked up footwear you harm the legs, in particular feet suffer. If to add to it still badly developed muscles a foot, then in a complex with bad footwear the risk of their deformation and appearance of various diseases of the lower extremities increases.

Not to do itself harm, it is necessary to choose when walking comfortable speed according to the opportunities.

Important! When walking with the high level of heartbeat the organism begins to burn NOT fatty tissue, but a glycogen quicker to supply an organism with energy.

Correct approach to walking

To receive the maximum result in short terms, not only regular walks, but also healthy nutrition that it is the most effective to hold trainings with advantage for health are necessary.

It is incorrect to think that you receive some essential result from the fact that you will just go on the city. Walking – the whole science in which new technicians, types and technologies of improvement of already available techniques are annually developed.

Calculation of calories

Important component at weight loss is calculation of the consumed and spent calories. It is important to keep a rational difference not to do much harm to an organism. An optimal variant will consume 500 kcal less, than you spend every day. In case this figure is more, the organism will pass into a regime of economy of resources: decrease in level of activity of a metabolism for economy of the energy resources demanded for maintenance of vital processes of the person will begin.

This process will continue until the organism does not begin to receive amount of food necessary for it. These can explain the fact that the big imbalance between the number of the spent and consumed calories reduces efficiency of weight loss.

In the world filled with various gadgets it is very simple to conduct calculation of calories. As well as for measurement of quantity of the passable steps, there is a set of special applications which as much as possible facilitate also process of calculation of calories.

Learn whether it is useful and how many calories are burned when walking on the place.

Similar appendices are contained by own catalogs of products with the detailed description of caloric content and amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. During the day you fill out the table of products which consumed, and in its termination will be able to estimate: you kept within a desirable limit of calories or not.

Depending on a way of life, each person needs to pass different quantity of steps. However scientists reached agreement that 10,000 steps a day – optimum quantity for weight loss without harm for health. No matter, what it will be walk: morning or evening, from it the number of the burned calories will not change. The main thing that it was no later than 2 hours prior to the beginning of a dream that the organism was not too excited and could prepare quietly for sleeping.

Also it is worth noticing what when walking is on average burned on 150–200 kcal an hour less, than at run. However the risk to be traumatized or do much harm to itself much less, as explains ​​ popularity of this way in fight against excess weight.

Gradual increase in speed

Very important during walking for weight loss to choose optimum initial speed, it is the key to an effective training.

For people with an excess weight or obesity it is worth beginning with 10-15-minute walk daily at low speed. It is caused by the fact that earlier heart did not receive such loadings and it needs to get used to changes.

It is necessary to increase walk duration prolonging it every week for 5–10 minutes then it is possible to change also speed. Walk lasting 45-50 min. is considered optimum, at longer walk you receive only recession in indicators of the burned calories.

After your heart and the vascular system got stronger, it is possible to pass to speed. We lift speed, being guided by heartbeat. It is necessary to increase it so that your warm rhythm was within 130–140 blows a second, at higher values of combustion of fatty tissues passes significantly worse. It is worth being very careful at increase in speed and to conform to the above rules. If during walking you had pains in heart or the health worsened, it is necessary to reduce speed or to have a rest.

Important! During walk it is necessary to drink not less floor of liter of water to avoid risk of dehydration.

Correct breath

During the training the correct technology of breath is not less important, but whether really it is so important? About it there are hundreds of articles and not one dozen researches is conducted. The only thing that it is worth adhering to that during breath to you it was comfortable, and is not important, you breathe through a nose or the mouth.

The technician of breath is a lot of now, as well as supporters of each of them. You have to breathe naturally, derive from it a maximum of pleasure and advantage, but not as read in the popular magazine. There is very easy way to check whether correctly you breathe and speed is how comfortably chosen.

If during the training you can quietly answer questions to the friend without knocking down of a rhythm of breath, everything means it is picked up optimum.

Beginners absolutely should not be obsessed with technology of breath, the organism perfectly will be able to adjust amount of oxygen necessary for it independently.

Features of a diet

It is worth remembering that without the balanced food you will not achieve desirable result. No matter, how many steps you took if after the occupation as a reward for the efforts, you bought and ate cake in which there are more calories, than you burned.

It is necessary to reconsider the food allowance and to cardinally change it, following recommendations below:

  1. The first that needs to be made, – to exclude from a diet all semi-finished products, sweets, fast food. Such food massively includes fats and carbohydrates which, not only that very much kaloriyna, after them in an hour you will feel hunger again.
  2. To refuse all products from high-grade flour, bread from whole-wheat flour and pasta from firm grades of wheat can only be an exception. Complex carbohydrates in a diet on the contrary will be useful, usually they are in grain, for example, of buckwheat.
  3. To exclude sausages. In their structure all the rest there is not enough meat, and – fats and substitutes. It is better to prepare a small piece of boiled chicken fillet which is rich with protein and will provide you necessary energy. Also protein can be received from eggs, milk, nuts and fowl.
  4. Sunflower oil needs to be replaced with olive and to increase quantity of fish in a diet.
  5. With fruit it is necessary to be careful too, they are rich with carbohydrates therefore their quantity needs to be controlled.
  6. After the training, plain water satisfies thirst better, refuse juice which half consists of sugar.

If it seems to you that after transition to the balanced food you will have nothing to eat, it is worth reconsidering cooking methods. Preparation of dishes on couple or suppression will be the most effective, such food will not be greasy and high-calorie.

Whether you know? The marrow diet is considered the most low-calorie, with its help it is possible to dump one week prior to 2 kg.

Vida and technology of walking for weight loss

As there are different types of run, and it is possible to go differently. Everything depends on needs of the person, his preparation and result which he wishes to receive.

So, the person who wants to lose weight quicker will suit sports walking better, but it is not suitable at all for the person who in the life is farther than supermarket across the road from the house did not leave.

Walking intensive will be suitable for it, it more slowly sports, but by the number of the burned calories not strongly concedes. The people wishing not only to lose weight, but also to build up muscle bulk perfectly will suit walking option with weighting compounds.

Thanks to such variability of walking, everyone will be able to choose that he approaches under his requirements.

Scandinavian with sticks

It is one of types of walking which resulted from need to keep physical shape of athletes of winter sports in a tone in the period of a summer season and lack of snow. After several years the new look proved very well, athletes showed excellent results after application of the Scandinavian walking, and their physical shape did not worsen.

It is caused by the fact that when using the correct equipment and the corresponding equipment the same number of muscles is involved as well as at run, but the risk to be injured much less.

This look is very useful to weight loss, it has no contraindications and is suitable for people of any age category. But to burn fat in such a way, it is necessary to work at first over the correct equipment, otherwise advantage will be no more, than from simple walk.

Learn more about technology of the Scandinavian walking for beginners.

Highlights at the Scandinavian walking are:

  • at a step it is necessary to roll a leg from a heel on a sock if the step is taken by the right leg, then synchronously you make a start the left stick and vice versa;
  • hands and legs move synchronously, as when walking, but with a bigger amplitude;
  • stick it is necessary to hold so that the hand of the case which is ahead held it at an angle 90 degrees, another accommodated in the direction of the movement of a stick;
  • the hand has to move with an amplitude of 45 degrees;
  • it is necessary to use only special sticks which are selected individually under your growth.

Before starting fast walking, it is worth fulfilling the correct performance of the equipment in the slowed-down option.

In comparison with usual walking, the Scandinavian option has a number of advantages:

  • the number of the burned calories increases by 40%;
  • pressure upon a backbone and knees thanks to sticks decreases;
  • allows to correct bearing shortcomings;
  • at the same time top and lower parts of a body are involved.

The choice of the correct equipment is also important. It is not recommended to go with ski sticks as they are higher and at the movement the technology of walking will suffer. Besides, footwear needs to be selected such that it did not become wet, but allowed to take away moisture, with additional depreciation in a front and back part.

During the occupation it is necessary to support heartbeat not higher than 135 beats per minute, duration has to be from 40 to 60 min.

On a ladder up

Unlike the previous look, walking on a ladder creates much bigger load of a cardiovascular system up, as a result – this look will not suit all categories of people.

Whether you know? German Thomas Dold set a world record, having overcome on steps of 86 floors in 10 minutes.

The people with heart diseases raised by arterial blood pressure and varicose expansion of veins should refrain from such occupation. The main advantage of this method is the increased expense of calories, it can make up to 400 kcal for half an hour of the movement on steps.

Duration of a training needs to be counted individually for each person as excess loading can do more harm, than advantage. It is possible to begin with rise on 2–3 floors, 3–4 approaches with rest 4–5 min. between them that heartbeat returned to norm.

It is weekly possible to increase the number of floors, no more than by one not to overload heart. Before it it is necessary to make surely the warm-up warming muscles to avoid possible injuries.

Learn more about advantage and harm of walking on a ladder.

Together with exercises of the house

For achievement of bigger efficiency it is possible to combine exercises with walking, so you will double effect and will become a step closer to the purpose. Further several exercises which can be carried out during walking are given:

  1. Walking with high raising of a hip. It is necessary taking a step, to highly raise a hip that it was parallel to the earth. The angle between a trunk and a hip has to be right.
  2. It is necessary to do broad attack instead of each step. Before each subsequent attack it is necessary to put a working leg to basic.
  3. Turns of a trunk. Hands are bent before a breast, synchronously at each step turn a trunk and open hands. Becomes at first in one party, then – in another.
  4. Throwing of shins back. At each step the throwing of shins is carried out so that they touched a hip. The back has to be equal, hands – on a belt.

Interval walking on the exercise machine

Not always weather promotes to come for walk. The rain, wind and high temperature force many to look for the reason which would justify absence on a training. In such cases saves a campaign to the hall. The gym is often located in close availability from the house, and bad weather conditions will not prevent your training.

Walking on the racetrack is one of the most popular cardioloadings which allows to get rid of excess weight and to improve the physical shape. Interval walking is one of modifications of usual walking in which alternation of fast and slow walking at various tilt angle of a path is carried out. This option allows to train better respiratory and cardiovascular systems, creates good load of muscles.

The standard training has to begin with 5-minute warm-up in order to avoid traumatizing. The main training usually lasts 30–40 minutes. The final stage is the hitch to bring excess of lactic acid out of muscles, to level heartbeat and breath.

The table for an interval training on the exercise machine is given below:


Training course


Fast walking or easy jogging no more than 10 minutes or on distance in 900–1000 m.

Interval run

Alternation of intervals: fast and slow run.

Option 1:

·         1 training: 2 minutes of run and 3 minutes of rest (only 20 minutes);

·         2 training: 3 minutes of run and 2 minutes of rest (only 20 minutes);

·         3 training: 4 minutes of run and 1 minute of rest (only 20 minutes);

Option 2:

·         400 m – fast run, 400 m – quiet,

·         400 m – fast run;

·         600 m – fast run, 400 m – quiet;

·         400 m – fast run, 400 m – quiet,

·         400 m – fast run.

End of a training

Breath restoration, transition from run to walking (duration of a stage of 10-15 minutes).

At regular trainings and observance of the balanced food you will be able to see the first essential results in 2–3 weeks.

Useful tips

To derive a maximum of pleasure from walks, it is also necessary to observe advice which will help to facilitate trainings:

  • classes need to be given in qualitative synthetic clothes which take away moisture and will not cause rubbing;
  • it is necessary to plan the beginning of a training not earlier than in 2-2.5 hours after acceptance of carbohydrate food, and in 3 hours for proteinaceous;
  • footwear needs to be chosen on the half of size more, than usually as in the course of walking of stop swells and increases in a size;
  • that walks did not seem too boring, take earphones and listen to favourite music or audiobooks;
  • surely during the training it is necessary to sip water even if you do not feel thirst;
  • you watch serving size, even healthy food in large numbers can be harmful.

Despite the fact that what way of a training you preferred, it is necessary to remember that it is possible to receive result only in a complex trainings + the balanced food + rest. Each of components is very important, and its absence significantly worsens efficiency. The main thing – patience and will power, and in several months you with pleasure will be able already to brag of the results to friends and acquaintances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team