Walking on a ladder: advantage and harm"

Walking on a ladder: advantage and harm"

All of us know about need of physical exercises since childhood: the sport tempers, develops force, keeps shape. But if there is no hunting or determination to go to the gym or to fitness, pacing on a ladder will help to correct a form. In article answers to questions will be given that gives such type of occupations what muscles develops whether also such loadings will be useful to all.

What muscles get into gear

This kind of aerobic and anaerobic loading available to everyone.

Important! Walking on a ladder will be to the taste to those who seek to make a relief of buttocks and the hidden part of hips more elastic and appetizing.

Climbing steps, we force to work such groups of muscles:

  • rectifier of a knee joint;
  • sural;
  • two-headed hip muscle;
  • large buttock.

Advantage and harm

Going to work, do not use elevators, walk on foot. In such a way you "wake" heart, will force it to oxygenate more promptly blood, distributing it on all organism, metabolic processes will join. You will better feel.

Walking on flights is useful to those who are interested than, we will give its such positive impacts on an organism:

  • support of the cardiovascular device in a tone. Heart has muscular structure. The stronger it is reduced, the inflow of blood to vessels is more active. When walking the pulse becomes more frequent, and heart works more intensively.
  • beautiful relief of a body. As when pacing on steps gastrocnemius and coxofemoral muscles work, by means of such trainings it is possible to remove "riding breeches" and "buttock ears".
  • reduction of weight. Thanks to power consumption, by means of such steps it is possible to burn fat layers and to get rid of excess weight.
  • joints will become stronger. Load of knee, talocrural and coxofemoral connections when pacing is much lower, than at run.

Whether you know? In Los Angeles hold annually a running on a ladder on the 77th floor of a skyscraper.

  • the organism is saturated with oxygen. And even at the weak rate of the movement the bodies receive enough oxygen, and the volume of lungs increases.
  • activization of blood circulation in a small basin. This factor is important both for women, and for the men, it is a fine preventive measure against inflammatory violations of a reproductive system. The sexual inclination increases.
  • beautiful bearing. In the bent situation it is inconvenient to climb flights. Respectively, such movement will be much easier when a back direct, and shoulders are developed. Over time the given bearing will become a habit.
  • strengthening of a muscular corset. Elderly people have a risk of developing of osteoporosis which dangerous consequence can be a hip neck injury. At this problem without compensation of a joint of people becomes lame. Support of a muscular corset is the best protection from such trouble.

Positive aspects of this training are designated. And whether here it is useful for pregnant women to walk upstairs, for example, or to people with sore heart? Whether there will be negative consequences?

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As it appears, those are available:

  1. The inflamed joints. If when walking the sharp joint pain is felt, and in knees clicks are heard, it is necessary to stop — problem joints do not suffer loadings. It is in this situation better to see a doctor.
  2. Diseases of vessels and heart. If it became suddenly dark in eyes, or there was short wind, perhaps, you took not that loading. The help and the recommendations of the physician will be necessary.
  3. Thrombophlebitis, asthmatic attacks, hypertension. These diseases are restrictions for walking on a ladder too.
  4. At pregnancy (on late terms) such physical education does not approach. All systems of a female body during this period work with big loading, and it is not necessary to overstrain it. Also the falling threat is big.

How many calories are burned on average

There is an opinion that rises on flights spend more energy, than jog by a trot. And it is the truth. Practice showed that pacing on a ladder is the strengthened physical occupation at which ten times more energy is spent, than when moving on a flat surface. The expense of calories is observed both at rise up, and during descent. The person spends on 1 kcal for 10 steps at rise and on 1 kcal for 20 steps when goes down. It approximately.

Important! The more the body weight, the bigger number of calories is burned. For example, weighing 70 kg it is possible to spend up to 10 kcal/min.

Approximately when pacing on flights it is possible to remove 500-600 kcal an hour or to reduce the weight of 500-700 g for half an hour.

As it is correct to go on a ladder for weight loss

It is necessary to count any physical occupations, proceeding from individual opportunities of an organism and extent of physical training. In any case, it is necessary to begin with short trainings. At the same time it is impossible to neglect warm-up.

Generally rules of movement on a ladder are as follows:

  • if there are any violations of health, initial loadings have to be minimum: you should not rise by the 9th floor at once (to enough subdue 5 ladder flights);
  • if walking is given hard, it is possible to use the elevator sometimes;
  • the pace should be increased gradually. A reference point — a condition of an organism during rise.
  • to monitor pulse. The warm rhythm has to make 140-150 beats per minute.
  • if the rise purpose on steps — dumping of excess weight, trainings are carried out at high speed.
  • special footwear. For such trainings for prevention of traumatization use running sneakers.
  • it is not necessary to stop after rise. At once go down. And here before the following rise it is possible to take rest a little.

The best exercises

The complex or just for improvement of a condition of an organism can be developed for buttocks, weight loss independently, experimenting and complicating it. But it is originally best of all to use optimum platforms.

Whether you know? Run and pacing on steps are included into the program of trainings of tennis players.

For beginners

If you only begin to be engaged in pacing on a ladder, you should not hurry. At most, what is allowed, is a rise with weighting compounds. And it is not obligatory to drag in hands — cargo can be put in a backpack. As ballast use dumbbells, containers with water.

For a start adhere to such schedule:

  • 1-2 week: steps up-down at the slow speed (10-15 min.);
  • 3-4 week: run at moderate speed — 5 minutes, then 10-15 minutes of pacing.

For athletes of the average level

Over time, when you will master rises, it is possible to include easy physical education in a training.

Important! Before additional loadings it is necessary to undergo 2-3 flights. It will be warm-up.

For each training give 15-30 minutes, and in such order:

  1. Rises on tiptoe.
  2. The extended steps.
  3. Cross rises.
  4. Rises standing and hands.

The cycle is repeated on 3-4 times. In proportion to fitness, the extent of occupation can be increased due to increase in number of trainings.

For advanced athletes

Physically developed people can carry out more difficult complex. As well as at simpler techniques, it is necessary to warm up at first muscles, having undergone 3-4 flights.

Exercises are carried out on 30-50 sec., following such order:

  1. Run on steps.
  2. Jumps from a squat.
  3. Unequal height squats (in the parties).
  4. Direct and return push-ups.

The cycle is repeated 3-4 times. As this type of a training is difficult, it should be controlled. Duration of the program is increased (due to quantity of cycles).

Whether you know? Gyms suggest to use substitute of steps — a steyrmaster.

As we see, to go on steps not only simply, but also it is useful. And the main advantage of such "exercise machine" is its availability. Observing all listed above recommendations, it is possible to improve a form of a relief of a body and to lose couple of extra kilos.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team