We learn to be brought up from scratch

We learn to be brought up from scratch

What reasons can be that the person can't be brought up also to time? Article will tell as to learn them, will disclose the important nuances connected with need of physical activity and will share useful tips.

Each person can do chin-ups. It isn't difficult to learn it. Kind of it is banal sounded, but to learn to be tightened, it is necessary to go to jump on the horizontal bar and to be tightened. Everything that from you is required – work, rest and patience. If for you there is a lot of it, you can not read further.

What the fact that the person can't be brought up is connected with? Everything is very simple, such person doesn't have enough force and endurance. Unfortunately, modern living conditions reduce movements of the person to the disgrace. The comfort in our life is so high that will practically pick up physical activity all.

Pullings up on the horizontal bar are as all know, the universal apparatus which can tell a lot of things about your physical training. In army this main exercise, pullings up develop force and endurance of muscles and also well influence the backbone.

If you can't be brought up also to time, then it is necessary urgently to begin to be engaged over himself. Besides force and the beautiful figure, you will take care of the health as the muscles which are in the tone help heart to perform its main work. Muscles serve as some kind of "pumps". And in order that these pumps regularly worked, thereby reducing load of heart, it is necessary that they were strong. Pullings up will help you with it as nobody is better. And before climbing on the horizontal bar, it would be advisable to prepare muscles for hard work. For this purpose it is necessary to begin to be engaged in push-ups. And if you have the excess weight, then it is necessary to dump it. There is also it that people can be brought up not once with the excess weight. However all have the different organism, you shouldn't give huge load of heart once again. Therefore it is better to lose excess weight walking or run, without forgetting about moderate food. Council: Drink more clear water in day (1-2 liters). Tea, coffee and compotes aren't counted. Only clear water to food, and not in which case during meal. It is desirable thawed! Push-ups will perfectly strengthen muscles of hands and the breast. It is possible to add work with weights or dumbbells which will make the contribution too to these exercises. It is important to have a rest well after each training. Muscle pains after it, tells about fitness therefore it is necessary to have a rest several days (3-5) that muscles were completely recovered. After some preparation when your muscles got stronger thanks to push-ups and weights, it is possible to go to the horizontal bar and to begin to learn to be tightened. Perhaps, at you it will turn out to be tightened several times at once if isn't present - don't despair. The best exercise for you will be negative pullings up or pullings up by means of the workmate. Though first more effective. For performance of negative pullings up become on the support or the chair, and be recorded in situation as though were already tightened, the head has to be over the horizontal bar. Further take away legs from the support and fall most slowly. It is possible to be late in some provisions, but the most important that it is impossible to detain, so this breath. Do so many time how many there will be enough for that forces, you won't be able to fall from the horizontal bar slowly yet. Several approaches, most likely, have to be enough for you. It is possible to jump off from the horizontal bar and to go to have a rest. In the morning, you can feel good fatigue in muscles. After several days of rest come back to work again and carry out the same. Now do on two, three, and more approaches, depending on your state. Try to do full pullings up. After the long training over negative pullings up, you already have to have forces to master to tighten the weight to the horizontal bar completely. As soon as you be tightened one or several times, we congratulate, your indicators grow! You shouldn't stop and furthermore to relax. Now it is necessary to increase the number of pullings up and technology of performance of exercise. Important: The thumb has to be under the horizontal bar, but not over it! Don't hang as the monkey! Pullings up have to be clean and without breakthroughs. It is necessary to tighten the body before contact of the breast of the horizontal bar. And to increase their quantity, work more, increasing the number of repetitions and sets (approaches). If you are brought up only one-two, do pullings up with the minimum rest on time (15-30 sec.). If you are tightened more, do more approaches, and don't forget about the fixed exercises. Be late over the horizontal bar and you weigh as long as possible until hands begin to fall. The most important, give good rest to your muscles. If you came to be engaged and hear that it became heavier to be tightened to you, than last time, immediately jump off and go home to have a rest as your muscles weren't recovered up to the end yet. Only such persistent work it is possible to increase gradually the results and to achieve success. It isn't necessary even special "over" programs, it is simple "go and do". Regular trainings and patience will allow you to achieve the objective - to be tightened purely and technically. And if you want to go further, then you should be engaged in the complicated pullings up with the additional weight (vest, pancake, the weight, the workmate) and on one hand. It will make you even stronger and more strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team