What are Olympic Games

What are Olympic Games

Having arisen in Ancient Greece, the Olympic Games didn't differ first in big scope and the wide list of participants. It isn't enough and sports it was presented in the first Olympic Games. With revival of the Olympic Movement in the 19th century the situation changed. Today the Olympic Games are held regularly and include both summer, and winter sports.

In essence the Olympic Games represent sports meets of the international scale which are held with the certain frequency. In ancient times such games became the national holiday for the period of which conflicts and contentions were forgotten, but with the advent of Christianity of the Olympic Games became sign of paganism and gradually died away. The forgotten traditions of the Olympic Games existing in Ancient Greece revived efforts of the baron Pierre de Coubertin who became the active popular writer of the international competitions of athletes from around the world.

The modern Olympic Movement became the integral part of world culture. Large complex sports meets with participation of stars of world sport are held regularly, every four yearsevery four yearsevery four yearsevery four years. At first the Olympic Games were exclusively summer. Only in 1924 the Winter Olympic Games were added to them. To the middle of the 90th years of the last century of year the "white" Olympic Games took place in one year with summer games then they were shifted for two years for reasons of convenience of preparation for this responsible action.

Each Olympic Games have the number, at the same time count is kept from the first Olympic Games which took place in 1896. Number was even assigned to the Summer Olympic Games when for the objective reasons they weren't held. So was, for example, at the time of World War II when had to play XII and XIII Olympic Games. And here when numbering Winter games the missed Olympic Games are considered. The responsible moment in the organizations of the Olympic Games – the choice of the place of their carrying out. As a rule, the International Olympic Committee grants the right of holding such large-scale events not to the country, but the concrete city. At the same time several cities participate in the competition usually, each of which together with National Olympic Committee of the concrete country thoroughly defends "the" candidate, presenting to the authoritative commission powerful arguments. From 60th years of the last century in the Olympic Movement one more type of competitions – the so-called Paralympic Games appeared. The athletes having certain restrictions on health traditionally participate in them. As a rule, such competitions for persons with disabilities take place after the ordinary Olympic Games and on the same sports arenas. Paraolympians compete among themselves both in summer, and in winter time. The Paralympic Games clearly demonstrate that even serious physical violations can't be the obstacle for high sporting achievements if the person has the self-confidence and the will to win.

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