What elements can be made on the horizontal bar

What elements can be made on the horizontal bar

The horizontal bar represents the horizontal bar fixed on two vertical columns at the height about 3 meters. Despite simplicity, quantity of elements which can be executed on it continue to increase. But exist basic on the basis of which the others are under construction.


1. Occupations on the horizontal bar are intended not only for muscles of hands or the stomach, but also for all others. Even the one who before it never did can master them.

2. The first and most known exercise with which it is worth beginning is pandiculations. Besides strengthening of muscles they favorably affect the condition of the backbone, back and organism in general. If you never stretched before, then weigh on the horizontal bar, increasing time. Remember that the horizontal bar has to be under the chin. For this purpose jump up or ask the friend to help you. When this action doesn't bring you difficulties, try to be brought up. Optional much. Begin with small. The main thing here – regularity. In the month it is quite possible to finish quantity with 2-3 till 10-12 times.

3. Rise with turnover – the simplest action which can be made when the number of pandiculations reaches 6-8 times. For this purpose it is necessary to be shaken and throw slightly legs through the horizontal bar. The main thing is to bring them to the vertical position then they will pass through the horizontal bar.

4. After you stretch 10 times, it is worth mastering the exit with the force at one and on both hands. For this purpose, having tightened, make the tag on the horizontal bar. It will be your leading hand standing at right angle. Further throw another and make final breakthrough. Exercise is both hands heavier as it demands more abrupt and rapid movements.

5. The admiral's exit should be done after the previous elements are mastered. Grab the horizontal bar one hand to straight lines, and another – the return grips. Be tightened and establish the tag by the leading hand. Develop the body by 180 degrees, at the same time putting other hand on the horizontal bar. Thus, you will be the back to the horizontal bar. It is necessary only to make the exit force and to sit down. After the first vypolneniye of the hand can support, however it is normal. Over time they will get used and exercise will come easily.

6. Also it is worth paying attention to "sun" and moon. They represent turns around the horizontal bar on the straightened hands. "Sun" is twisted forward, moon - back. The last element is considered easier as so it is simpler to help with the vertical position legs to fall back. This exercise should be done from situation, received after the exit with the force. Besides, it isn't recommended to carry out it without safeguarding.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team