What exercise burns most of all calories

What exercise burns most of all calories

Before many people watching the weight there is the question what loadings it is better to choose to support themselves in the good shape, without spending on it too much time.


1. Oddly enough, walking — one of the most effective and appropriate exercises which allows to spend the large number of calories. Depending on your weight, the area, supplementary equipments you can burn from 250 to 450 calories for the hour. If you have the opportunity to go on foot before work with weighting compounds, to walk upstairs, without using the elevator, to walk in the next park with the child, you can significantly increase the daily expense of calories.

2. Equestrian sport — the remarkable way to put the figure in order. He helps to burn excess calories, puts in order buttocks, the internal surface of hips, tightens the belt. Depending on your weight and ongoing efforts in the hour of such training it is possible to get rid from 200 to 600 calories.

3. Swimming — the wonderful complex training. First, it provides the hydromassage of all body, secondly, allows to burn the huge number of calories. Certainly, to get rid of surpluses of calories, it is necessary to float diligently, but isn't weakened to move on all pool. Depending on your weight, style of swimming and water temperature you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour. In this plan the swimming practically the record holder among exercise stresses, however, should be considered that for want of habit it is continuous float at least half an hour can be very difficult.

4. Dances — the great way to burn calories with pleasure. Vigorous types of Latina dances or the zumba allow to burn up to 800 calories for the hour. Less intensive types of dances, for example, belly dance, help to get rid of 300-600 calories for the hour.

5. The bicycle — very energetically expensive type of transport. In warm season it is possible to replace public transport with the bicycle, and also to correct figure shortcomings. Depending on speed, the bias of the area and your weight you can burn the hour of the trip prior to 1000 calories. For the cities with public transport it is the best of all to buy folding bicycles to have the opportunity in case of serious fatigue to use public transport.

6. Rope jumping — simple and very effective way to get rid of excess calories. It is possible to be engaged in them if you have no problems with knees and joints. It is possible to jump with the jump rope even at home, it improves the shape of buttocks, puts legs in order, besides for the hour it is possible to get rid of 720 calories though, of course, jump with the jump rope the whole hour at decent pace can be quite difficult.

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