What exercise for the extension of muscles exist

What exercise for the extension of muscles exist

At static position of the muscle flow and over time begin to atrophy. The easiest way of the training of muscles - exercises for stretching. During the occupations it isn't necessary to sweat therefore the main complex for the extension of muscles gives sheer pleasure, not only warming the body, but also warning diseases of joints.

The extension is necessary for health and maintenance of flexibility. The most widespread stretching exercises prolong life and ability to move independently even in old age.

Main positions

Concepts the static stress and also passive, active and dynamic stretching enter the main complex for the extension of muscles.

Static stretching is usually used by beginners for warm-up. Poses are carried out slowly to stretch and at the same time to warm the muscle. From the beginning to the maximum stretching of the muscle there has to pass not less poluminuta.

At the passive muscle strain also hang very heavy, but for loading resistance is added. For example, stretching the internal part of the hip, it is possible to rest the divorced legs against the wall or to grasp hands of the partner who is in front. Active stretching is continuation passive. When muscles get stronger, it is necessary to refuse assistance and to perform exercises only by force of own muscles. The striking example of the active extension is the yoga and Pilates when stretching connects to easy power exercises without weighting. The most effective exercises for stretching are based on dynamic stretching. Poses stop being static. The muscles stretched to the limit smoothly transfer from one position to another, keeping at the same time easy tension in muscles.

Propriotseptivny muscular simplification

The most widespread stretching exercises don't mean the maximum reduction of muscles. But the people belonging to professional sport surely carry out the similar complex. Technology of performance of such exercises is quite simple. At first it is necessary to strain the certain group of muscles, without moving this part of the body, i.e. it is isometric. Then it is necessary to relax and stretch the muscle to the maximum point. Propriotseptivny muscular simplification is often carried out with additional complication. In such exercises the isometric tension, relaxation and stretching terminates in reduction of the muscle of agonist.

How to avoid injuries

Despite static character, exercises for stretching can cause the serious trauma if it is wrong to carry out them. To avoid stretchings and the rupture of sheaves, it is impossible to neglect warm-up. Besides, during performance of poses it is necessary to breathe exactly, without holding and without speeding up the breath. Also it is worth remembering that impatience and haste will lead to injuries and pain, but won't improve result.

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