What exercises best of all train lungs

What exercises best of all train lungs

Well trained lungs provide health of all organism. If the person isn't engaged in regularly exercise stress, gradually his lungs begin to be lazy too. It leads to the fact that all organism doesn't receive necessary amount of oxygen for normal work.

The fastest and easy way to train lungs - sports loading. Performing daily small complex of special exercises, you for several weeks will be able to increase the volume of the inhaled air.

Physical exercises on breath

Get up directly, widely part legs, lower hands along the body. With the breath raise hands through the parties up, connect palms over the head. Hold the breath for 3-4 seconds. With the exhalation of the hand lower through the parties down. Have a little a rest and repeat exercise 2 more times.

Home position former. On the breath as much as possible fill with air lungs, at the same time take away shoulders back, try to connect shovels. With the exhalation translate shoulders forward, part shovels. Perform exercise 10 times. Palms arrange on the waist. With the breath make trunk bending precisely to the right, at the same time feel how muscles on the left side stretch. On the exhalation become straight. At the following breath incline the case to the left. Repeat exercise on 5 times in each party. Lower hands along the body. On the breath turn the case to the right, having twisted in the waist round its pivot-center. With the exhalation return to the initial pose. At the following breath turn to the left. Repeat exercise on 5 times in each party.

Breathing exercises

Sit down in Turkish, lower palms on knees, you hold the back directly. Slowly make the deep breath, hold the breath for 3 seconds. Then slowly exhale. Perform exercise of 10 times.

During performance of exercise you watch the back. If you are at full breath to stoop strongly, can injure lungs.

Leave the home position former, but lower palms on the stomach. On the breath inflate the stomach, so you make active the diaphragm. With the exhalation as much as possible pull in press muscles in yourself. The first 20 seconds you breathe slowly, then 20 seconds at fast pace. Further have a rest 40 seconds, having passed to the usual breath. Repeat exercise once again. Lay down on the floor, lower hands along the body, extend legs. Begin to breathe quickly. For this purpose gain the small amount of air in lungs and at once exhale. Perform this exercise within 20-30 seconds.

If you began to whirl the head, reduce performance time.

Lying on the back, straighten legs or bend in knees, lower one palm on the stomach, put the second on the breast. Taking the breath, at first inflate the stomach, and then the thorax. With the exhalation first of all pull in in yourself press muscles, then lower the thorax. Perform exercise of 10 times.

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