What exercises help to get rid of sides

What exercises help to get rid of sides

Very often happens so – legs harmonious, the slender waist, and all appearance is spoiled by fat deposits on sides. It is almost impossible to eliminate this trouble by means of the diet. Therefore it is necessary to perform special exercises for tightening of sides.

All complex created to remove sides exercises, consists of stretching, power loadings and occupations on the fitball.

Elementary gymnastics

The extension of muscles of the side press helps to remove excess fat deposits and to narrow the waist. Besides stretching plays the warm-up role.

Lean on the left knee and the left palm. Straighten the right leg and set aside aside, and extend the straight right arm in the direction of the head. On the breath slowly stretch at the same time right leg and the right hand, feeling as side muscles stretch.

Become directly, feet on width of hips, hands behind the head. Last the left elbow to the left, and the right hip to the right. From outside the body has to remind letter S in the form. Be late in the pose on several breaths and exhalations.

Lying on the right side, prop up the head the hand, and part legs so that they formed the corner of 45-60 degrees. Raise the right leg to left. Repeat 20 times for each party.

Complex with dumbbells

That quickly and effectively to remove sides exercises, it is worth arming with additional stock. Take in each hand on dumbbell weighing 1-3 kg. Slowly bend to the right, at the same time raising the left hand vertically. Execute 10 times on each party. Remain in the home position, hands are lowered. Making side bending, at the same time you slide the opposite hand from dumbbells on the side. It is also possible to put the dumbbell on the shoulder and when bending to extend the elbow to the top. During these exercises you have to feel the muscle tension of the slanting press. Lean one hand against the wall or the table, take the dumbbell in the second and put it on the shoulder. Raising the hand from dumbbells up, at the same time extend the straight leg of the same name back by 45 degrees. Try to feel the extension in the waist.

Cheerful fitball

The fitball will do exercises for tightening of sides not only effective, but also pleasant occupation. Arrange the fitball to the right of yourself, become on the left knee and put the extended straight leg on the ball. The left hand needs to be put on the waist. Slowly bend to the right, having densely recorded the lower body. Lying sideways on the fitball, lean against the floor the palm of the same name, and put the leg of the same name on the sole edge. Raise other leg as it is possible above. Settle down on the back, place hands under the nape, and shins - on the fitball. Slowly roll the ball here and there, without moving the upper body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team