What feature of yoga of the kundalina

What feature of yoga of the kundalina

The feature of yoga of the kundalina consists in performance of several consecutive blocks: warming up, kriya, relaxation and meditation. Spirituality in combination with special exercises yields excellent results.

What is represented by yoga of the kundalina

According to the theory, energy of awakening and transformation is necessary for each person to find harmony which is reliably kept in the backbone basis. During the practical training two forces – Apana and Prana connect then release of the true energy of Kundalini turns out. This energy rises in the topmost chakra and the practicing person at this moment is considered the highest being.

It is necessary to practice by all means in the morning till the dawn as at this particular time the organism is sensitive to energy, so, occupations will be fruitful, they will help to find tranquility, power fullness and satisfaction with the inner world. Duration of occupations is 62 minutes, and this figure also bears in itself magic sense.

Features of yoga of the kundalina

Occupation begins yoga of the kundalina with pronunciation of the initiating mantra which improves concentration of attention on the internal feelings. Except the weakening and heat-sink effect, the mantra stimulate the strengthened production of endorphins that does practice pleasant to perception. The next stage - Pranayama. In total there are several types Pranayam which performance many teachers with experience advise to bring to full automation for more active practical training. After breathing exercises it is necessary to do warm-up for the backbone, special extensions, then to make kriyyu and the full relaxation. Meditation and the relaxation can replace each other, in these two stages the sequence isn't so important. Right at the end pupils sing the final mantra.

Effect of kundalina yoga

The effect of the kundalina of yoga opens for each pupil true chance to realize the opportunities, internal creative potential and also to enhance sensuality and to adjust thoughts on the necessary harmony. Practice allows to learn to be honest not only with itself, but also with the world around. Daily trainings fill with vital energy, load with determination, normalize mental activity, gradually recover health and positively influence all organism in general. Kundalini of the yogi consists not only in spiritual improvement, it helps to focus on the internal questions, gives the chance to find answers to them, opens the secrets concerning the modern person.

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