What is aero yoga

What is aero yoga

The aero yoga — the invention of the instructor Michel Dortinyak, is known in our country more than five years and every year gains popularity. This type of yoga will help you to support itself in shape, to have the good extension, to reduce stress and to find internal harmony.

In this type of yoga of exercise are carried out in the special elastic hammocks suspended to the ceiling. Exactly thanks to the hammock of the aero yogi has the mass of advantages before usual exercises. 

First, deep muscles and muscles stabilizers as in asanas attention is paid also to deduction of balance on weight train better. 

Secondly, there is the sparing impact on the backbone and joints. The turned poses are carried out most safely, without squeezing of vertebras. Besides, by means of the hammock it is possible to record the postural pose, for example, in the level at the support legs in the floor. Thus to concentrate on study of the necessary muscles. 

Thirdly, the extension by means of the hammock is especially effective, and at the same time is also safe. 

Fourthly, in hammocks it is good to carry out relaxation poses: fabric envelops all contours of the body, and rocking favorably influences nervous system. 

The yoga in hammocks is shown to also pregnant women, but of course, under the leadership of the experienced instructor. 

It is necessary to remember that the aero yoga has also contraindications, such as thromboses, foul of brain blood circulation, some mental diseases. It is connected first of all with the turned poses. The studio of yoga has to inform you on it and if necessary send for consultation to the doctor. In the absence of contraindications, people of any age and also people with the excess weight can be engaged in aero yoga. 

It is very important to choose the place of occupations correctly: the instructor has to have the certificate by this type of yoga as the teaching technique very much differs from usual. The quality of the hammock has to conform to standards, cheap hammocks are sewed from improper fabrics of poor quality. On the first occupation the instructor has to explain safety rules how to pick up the hammock under your growth and it is correct to perform exercises: position of the back, hands, knees as it is correct to breathe. 

After one or two months of occupations you will feel the changes in your organism connected with the release of clamps in cervical department, the waist with improvement of mobility of joints and elasticity of muscles. And the aero yoga for certain will become the integral part of your life. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team