What is air squats

What is air squats

Air squats without weight in a crossfita are called classical squats. This exercise is used both by beginners, and skilled bodybuilders. The main loading during the occupations is the share of muscles of legs. Let's consider how it is correct to carry out this exercise without additional weight and what are made mistakes.

Work of muscle and joints

During squats the following muscles are involved:

  • buttock;
  • quadriceps;
  • hip bicepses.

In addition, thanks to exercise, joints of legs become stronger:

  • knee;
  • coxofemoral;
  • talocrural.

Also become stronger a sheaf and the sinew training.

Advantage and contraindications

If to carry out exercises it is regular, then it is possible to achieve the following results:

  1. The endurance increases.
  2. There is a fat-burning effect.
  3. Joints become stronger, the percent of getting injured will be lower.
  4. Coordination of movements and balance develop.
  5. There is a positive effect on a cardiovascular system.

One more plus is that such exercises can be carried out as at home, and in the gym. As for contraindications, it is necessary to notice that these exercises are not recommended to be carried out to people who have problems with knee joints or heart.

Learn as it is correct to squat with a bar on shoulders and also as it is correct to do frontal squats with a bar and the Bulgarian squats.

As it is correct to squat without weight

Before the training it is necessary to do small warm-up (3–5 minutes). It is recommended to do moves by legs, case inclinations in different directions, jumps on a jump rope or bouncings on the place. After that it is possible to start the main exercise.

Video: a tekhnka of a vypoleniye of air squats of Foot strong press to a floor, try not to tear off heels. Knees have to move strictly in the direction of socks of feet. The back has to be equal with a natural deflection in a waist, such it has to remain throughout all exercise.

During the training, hands have to be involved, they serve in order that keep balance. It is possible to part them in the parties, to get for the head or to hold before itself.

Important! You watch closely for the breath: on an exhalation — squat, on a breath — get up and come back to a starting position.

For a start it is possible to make 3–5 approaches, with each set increasing the number of repetitions. For example, in the first approach to make 10 squats, in the second — 15, etc.

Over time it is possible to try to execute squats with burdening in the form of a heavy backpack behind the back or to pick up two dumbbells, thereby putting into muscle work of shoulders and hands.

Frequent mistakes

The most frequent mistakes of beginners when performing air squats are:

  1. Desire to make is a lot of repetitions for a short period.
  2. Deflection in a back.
  3. Knees and feet look in different directions.
  4. Hands are in any state.
  5. Before the training the warm-up is not done.

Whether you know? For entering into the Guinness Book of Records the achievement of Brazilian Edmar Freytas who managed to make 111 thousand squats per day with breaks for 5 minutes every 4 hour is presented.

If to carry out correctly this exercise, then it is possible to improve coordination, to drive excess fat, to develop muscles of a lower body. At the same time this exercise suits both to men, and women, and can be carried out not only at home, but also in the gym.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team