What is before and after the training

What is before and after the training

The power supply system question in the presence of exercise stresses is particularly acute enough. How to eat properly what to choose the diet as a lot of time has to pass from the end of the training before meal – these factors affect the end result.

What is prior to the training?

In professional sports dietology there is the concept of carbohydrate loading. Approximately for the hour prior to the training it is necessary to eat the small amount of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can be presented by grain bread, sandwiches, fruit or juice. If you are going to grow thin, train in the mornings, it is very important to understand that to burn down fat next the heart is absolutely unpromising. The organism needs a little fuel to start all important processes.

There is the alternative opinion according to which in two or two and a half hours prior to the training it is necessary to eat a few fats or proteins. By the beginning of the training all food already has to be digested that will give you forces for exercises. This option suits those who regularly and properly eat during the day in such a way that pauses between food make no more than five hours. Carbohydrate loading in the situation with regular food is considered as the emergency option in case the mode got off, and you ate nothing long ago.

The only type of loading which demands the empty stomach – the yogi practically all instructors consider that it is necessary to be engaged in this type of loading since morning, without having had breakfast, the discomfort otherwise can appear. If you can't concentrate on yoga without breakfast, be limited to the glass of tea or part with water fresh juice.

During the training you shouldn't eat. The only sport which allows to be supported in process and even demands it is the running on impressive distances. Carbohydrate additives fill up resources of energy of the organism.

What is after the training?

The healthy nutrition after the trainings depends on the type of loading. If you the admirer of cardio-trainings, your main objective it is possible to call restoration of stocks of the glycogen or spare carbohydrate. You spend its stocks before beginning to spend fatty tissue. If the glycogen isn't restored after such training, it will slow down exchange processes, and you some time will be less hardy. So after run or other cardio-loading smoothie, milkshake is the best of all to drink or to eat fruit. It is the best of all to make it in fifteen minutes after the end of occupations.

To make the ideal program of trainings, address the expert. Well picked up system of exercises and food works wonders.

If you are engaged in power loadings for strengthening of muscles or accumulation of weight, then within two hours after the training you have to eat something with the large amount of protein. Low-fat meat, cottage cheese, the bird, fish or protein cocktail will approach.

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