What is interval trainings

What is interval trainings

At the moment the method of interval trainings became very popular among those who try to lose excess weight for short terms. However initially such technique was applied by athletes by preparation for serious competitions.


1. The principle of the interval training combines alternation of the condition of rest and active exercise stresses. The sport at the same time can be chosen at discretion - fitness, the racetrack, swimming, run. The main goal of interval trainings not burning of excess calories, but schooling of the organism to that fat didn't collect even in the period of lack of exercise stresses.

2. According to experts, interval trainings bring several times more benefit, than regular trainings in gym halls. This feature is demonstrated by numerous researches. For example, in one of the fitness centers the experiment which proved that women get rid of extra kilos much quicker was made, playing sports two-three times a week, than women who visit the gym hall daily.

3. The complex of interval trainings includes several stages. Occupations begin with warm-up, then the organism is given the exercise stress within several minutes. The activity is replaced by the same rest on duration after which loading increases. During one occupation, these receptions alternate several times. Loading at the same time constantly increases.

4. The main lack of the technique of interval trainings is need of existence of great patience. Fatigue in this case several times exceeds result of usual sports activities. Besides, this method has some restrictions connected with human health. Interval trainings categorically aren't recommended to be carried out to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs.

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