What is Pilates

What is Pilates

Fashionable and a little mysterious word, which today very famous – Pilates. This improving system of physical trainings subdued the Hollywood beau monde and the Moscow elite. Each fitness center respecting itself offers classes in the system Pilates. So it it?

Technique history Pilates

Such popular today around the world the technique Pilates was developed at the beginning of the XX century by German Joseph Pilates for treatment and rehabilitation of patients after various injuries. The system of exercises was directed to complex impact on all organism in general. At the same time from the patient big exercise stresses and muscular tension weren't required. The majority of exercises was performed in horizontal position by means of special devices for the muscle strain.

Today Pilates – the special set of exercises both for rehabilitation patients, and for the ordinary people wishing to support the body in the healthy and young state. The method is especially useful to the women who are going to become in the future mothers and recently given rise since Pilates allows to strengthen groups of muscles of the basin, the press and the back. These muscles are strongly loaded during pregnancy and participate in process of childbirth.

The technique allows to stretch and strengthen muscles, without applying strong exercise stresses.

Basic principles of Pilates

The first principle of the method – the relaxation. Each occupation begins with this exercise. The second important principle – concentration. From the person it is required during the occupation concentration on those groups of muscles which he studies. Alignment – the third fundamental principle. Its essence – development of the bearing. Safety of all occupations since abnormality of the bearing can lead to injury of joints depends on it. Breath control – the fourth principle. Important deeply and rhythmically to breathe, filling the lower part of lungs at breath. Such breath will save you from the otdyshka and will help to perform exercises easily. Centering – the fifth, but not on value, the principle. It is the fundamental basis of all method. Also other muscles of the stomach with their important properties of maintenance of the backbone and internals in the correct position are the focus of attention cross here. Coordination – the principle demanding accuracy in movements and strict control over the body in general. Here the body habit always is developed and everywhere it is correct and beautiful to move. The principle of coordination supplements another – smoothness of movements and the continuity of transition from one exercise to another. To it it should be addedit should be added endurance of the organism since without gradual increase in this component it will be difficult to increase intensity of trainings.

Implementation of all above-mentioned principles is impossible without respect for the principle of regularity of occupations Pilates – not less than three times a week.

It is possible to be engaged in Pilates not only in special halls and clubs, but also at home. The special equipment is for this purpose not obligatory. Regular trainings by the method of Pilates will allow you to improve the bearing, to strengthen muscles of the stomach, the basin, the back, will improve work of joints, i.e. will improve the general condition of the organism. Besides, Pilates will make you more flexible, coordinate, graceful and self-assured.

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