What is sports run

What is sports run

Run is the great way not only to lose weight, but also to strengthen health. It makes the person vigorous and hardy. In parks and at sports stadiums it is often possible to meet those who decided not to spend money for gyms, and free of charge and in the fresh air to create the beautiful body. Many know about advantage of run, but not all heard that run is separate sport.

Sports and jogging

Run is divided into sports and improving. Jogging supports and keeps human health, can be engaged in it as the trained athletes, and people with small physical training.

Run on various distances under different conditions belongs to sports run. The athletes using various technology of performance are engaged in it.

Types of sports run

Sprinting. It is run on small distances, for example, on 100 meters. Throughout all distance the athlete has to support high speed to overtake other participants. To gain the victory, the athlete needs to own ideally the body, to have good high-speed endurance and clearness of movements. Run from low and high start are applied during the runnings on small distances. Differ in the postural pose of the athlete. At low start the center of gravity of his body is transferred down and a little displaced forward to create the necessary dispersal and high speed. Narrow setting of hands that they could fit less efforts at the raising of the center of gravity is recommended to sprinters. Shuttle run. Technology of shuttle run differs from all other types of sports run. Sprinters need to pass the same distance in two directions several times. At the time when athletes change the direction, the speed of their movement is lost, in it and the complexity of shuttle run consists. The low or high start can be used. Sprinters have to not only control the body, but also have good coordination of movements. The place for the finish is limited that does this type of run even more difficult. Run on 1000 meters. It is run on the long distance. Athletes need to gather the maximum speed and to be very hardy. Not all people seek to become professional athletes. Or to maintain by that who wishes to lose excess weight the health, it is rather simple to be engaged in slow run within 40-60 minutes several times a week. It is possible to run both in the morning, and in the evening, in convenient time. Beginners have to remember that they can't overload the organism sharply. To begin to run it is possible 15-20 minutes, gradually increasing jog time. It is necessary to be engaged in run regularly, then the result won't keep itself waiting.

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