What is the Scandinavian walking

What is the Scandinavian walking

The Scandinavian walking with sticks is the unique type of fitness developed initially for trainings and rehabilitation of skiers. During walking with sticks practically all muscles of the organism are involved therefore it is considered same effective, as well as run, but at the same time doesn't injure joints.

The Scandinavian walking appeared in Finland nearly 80 years ago, but began to be popular only in the 80th years of last century. From Scandinavia this sport dispersed almost on all planet, having won millions of admirers.

Before starting the unusual type of walking, it is necessary to pick up the right place for trainings. It can be the park, the forest area or the square. The main condition – only fresh air around. Walking with sticks brings the maximum benefit if classes are on the cross-country terrain.

The next important point – sticks for the Scandinavian walking. They need to be bought, being guided by the growth increased by 0.68. It is necessary to consider that sticks have to be intended for the Scandinavian walking, but not for skis or tracking. Not to injure joints of hands, it is necessary to buy sticks with carbon fabrics in structure as this material has ability to absorption, doing sticks not only safe and reliable, but also durable.

Occupations the Scandinavian walking are convenient that this sport is suitable for any season, the main thing is to pick up clothes correctly. It has to be convenient, "breathing", not constraining movements. The same rule concerns also footwear.

That occupations were productive, it is necessary to master technology of the Scandinavian walking. She reminds ski: the alternate step – the right hand and the left leg, and vice versa. The leg has to be rolled always from the heel on the sock, movements have to be fluent. The top has to extend up that the back always was the most direct.

Walking with sticks is the great option for those who want to begin to bring the figure into the form without wearisome trainings. These are natural movements for the organism therefore preliminary preparation isn't required. It is possible to begin with small walks, deriving from them pleasure and trying not to tire itself out, then walking will gradually become the habit, trainings will become regular and long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team