What is uprazheniye for the neck

What is uprazheniye for the neck

People who constantly do some sport in the complex surely are engaged in exercises for the neck. And the special gymnastics for the neck usually begins to interest people who already faced cervical vertebra pains. However it is necessary to pay attention to the neck constantly not to become the holder of ugly wrinkles and "withers".

Rules of performance of exercises

Exercises for the neck need to be included in the general complex of daily physical exercises that they gave big efficiency. It is necessary to carry out them regularly 10 min. a day. Along with exercises it is recommended to do light massage of the neck.

In the beginning any exercises for the neck it is necessary to do warm-up exercises. The home position – to stand, arms on hips. Then slowly to incline the head to the right, forward, to the left, back. To repeat 5 times. Further also at slow pace to carry out turns of the head to the right and on the left on 5 times in each party. Afterwards in the home position slowly to do circular motions-headed clockwise 5 times and counterclockwise 5 times.

Exercises during the sedentary work

Office workers are recommended to perform several times in the day the following exercises.

The home position - to sit on the edge the chair. At first to hang the head down, densely to press the chin to the breast. At the same time with effort to clasp itself with hands, contracting to the center. In this pose it is necessary to stiffen on 20-30 sec. Then to return to the home position, to deeply sigh and rest behind itself hands, having directed fingers back. At the same time to close shovels together, and deeply to throw back the head back, having put it on the raised shoulders. To be late in this situation on 20-30 sec. Having returned to the home position, it is necessary to curve the back the wheel outside, directing shoulders forward. At the same time deeply to sigh and stand on 20-30 sec. In the home position it is necessary to pull the head up, having undertaken hands at first under the 7th cervical vertebra, and then under the occipital bone. And without inclining the head, it is necessary to pull hands along vertebras up.

How to extend the neck

To extend the neck, it will be regularly necessary to carry out simple gymnastics: to raise the shoulder to the ear and as much as possible to incline the head to the shoulder, being pressed in it. To be late in this situation 20-30 sec., to make exercise repetition 3-4 times in each party. Further it is necessary to carry out opposite exercise, stretching the neck and the shoulder in another from pressing in the party. At the same time it is necessary to help itself the hand, performing exercise 3-4 times in both parties.

To tighten the line of the chin

To avoid excess wrinkles on the neck and to correct the face form these exercises will help. It is necessary to raise the face up, stretching the neck. At the same time the lower lip needs to be pulled as it is possible further up thus as though there is a wish to reach the lip the ceiling or to close it the nose. In such situation 20-30 sec. are desirable to hold on and to repeat exercise of 5-10 times. After that it is necessary to clamp the book teeth and to begin to lift and hang synchronously the head. It is worth repeating the movement 30 times.

Exercises from neck pain

When the neck suffers from osteochondrosis, the following gymnastics will help. It is necessary to rise, link hands in "lock" directly under the chin. Then it is necessary to press on the chin hands, and on hands the chin. At the same time it is desirable to apply maximum effort, repeating exercise of 10 times. It is necessary to put the chin on the breast further and to turn alternately the head to the right, to the left directly from this situation. It is necessary to make repetition 10 times. Then to raise the chin upward and to turn the head to the left and to the right it is strict from this position, repeating the movement of 10 times. Further to rise and connect on the nape fingers in the lock. And effort of hands to try to incline the head forward to the breast. Neck muscles at the same time it is necessary to counteract hands, without allowing the head to bend.

Exercises for the neck rating

Professional athletes for inflating of muscles of the neck use here such exercises. It is necessary to lay down on the rug the person in the small rigid pillow. Then slowly to tear off the body from the floor, being curved so that the head rested against the floor at right angle, and the trunk was curved by the small arch. At the same time it is impossible to help itself hands. It is necessary to be late in this position on 20-30 sec., and to repeat 10 times. The following step will be - to tie the head with the elastic tape, on it behind to bind the small weight. Then to sit down on the stool and to perform weight exercises: turns, bendings and spins. Over time burdening should be increased on weight. The tape for convenience can be moved forward or on one side. It is necessary to perform exercise on 10 times.

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