What it is necessary to do exercises for an armwrestling

What it is necessary to do exercises for an armwrestling

The armwrestling is a fascinating emotional power opposition. It would seem that here it is it is necessary to lay a hand of the rival only. But, as well as in any sport, behind success are for many years persistent trainings. Participants approach competitions not only with beefy muscles, but also with the tactical plan for a duel. Let's consider a physical component of this sport — as as it is necessary to swing to achieve result.

What muscles work at an armwrestling

In spite of the fact that fight is conducted on hands, during the competitions muscles not only hands and a humeral belt as loading is distributed on all case are involved.

The main loading is the share of the following groups of muscles:


·         main and small razgibatel of fingers;

·         taking away a thumb;

·         short sgibatel of fingers;

·         superficial sgibatel;

·         uderzhivatel;

·         long palmar muscle;

·         beam razgibatel of a wrist.


Here the bringing muscles of elbows which names are connected with this part of a body are generally involved:

·         sgibatel and razgibatel of a wrist;

·         elbow shoot;

·         nadmyshchelka of an elbow bone (average and laterny).

Shoulders and biceps

·         connecting sinew;

·         humeral;

·         short head;

·         deltoid;

·         plecheluchevy;

·         clavicle;

·         two-headed and three-headed.

Breast and back

·         the widest backs;

·         chest — big and small;

·         scapular and its ostevy;

·         grudino - clavicular and mastoidal;

·         lumbar and back fastion;

·         complex of intercostal muscles.

Important! Anthropometrical data of athletes are absolutely various therefore the technique of trainings has to be selected under each organism individually.

The equipment and rules of carrying out duels on an armwrestling

The armwrestling — not the Olympic sport, but is cultivated on all planet. Fight is divided into three parts: starting, obtaining advantage and realization.

General rules for competitions following:

  • appearance of the athlete tidy, clothes — sports;
  • hands without elements of clothes, bandage, elbow pieces, bracelets, rings, rings;
  • the athlete has to follow rules of hygiene — nails are cut also without fungal diseases, hands are washed up;
  • the clothes with logos of manufacturing firms have to be in advance agreed with organizers of competitions.

Video: Basic rules of competitions in an armwrestling

Carrying out duels the basic rules are as follows are regulated by organizers, but:

  • after a call the athlete has two minutes on an exit to a table;
  • during capture the arbitrator has to have an opportunity to see thumbs to estimate correctness of capture;
  • capture is carried out over the middle of a table with an elbow emphasis to an armrest, and the brush and a forearm have to be on one line;
  • other hand the table support undertakes;
  • shoulders have to be parallel to table edges;
  • the match begins after a signal of the judge Ready! Go! (or Are ready! March!), and Stop stops after team !;
  • the rupture of capture grants the right to have a rest 30 seconds with the subsequent binding of brushes a belt;
  • that athlete who managed to reach contact of a part of a hand of the rival (a forearm, a brush, fingers) with the roller wins.

Important! During a duel it is authorized to arm wrestler to rest one leg against a near or distant leg of a table.

Violations of the rules during a duel are punished by prevention. Repeated violation leads to disqualification of the athlete and award of defeat to it.

Violations can be such:

  • premature start;
  • separation or failure of an elbow from a table;
  • excess the head or shoulders through the middle of a table;
  • touch by the head to capture of hands or the forearm;
  • deliberate rupture of capture;
  • provoking of the trauma or traumatizing rival;
  • otpuskaniye other hand of the pin.

The athlete is not allowed to competitions if he is under the influence of the alcoholic, narcotic or other stimulating substances. Also insults of judges, rivals, fans are inadmissible — such participant acts from competitions. For this sport the techniques are not too various, but all of them give some field for a tactical delicacy:

  • the direct movement — the sharp movement of a brush designed to defeat instantly the rival;
  • astride — the attack with pulling of a brush of the rival to;
  • pulling — at a supinirovaniye (rotation) of the elbow joint, a brush of the rival is attracted to itself;
  • the top hook — on start of a duel the arm wrestler leaves up and immediately aside with draft of a hand of the rival;
  • the lower hook — at a supinirovaniye of a hand is made sharp leaving down with attempt to put the opponent's hand;
  • triceps — after the judge's signal the athlete pushes a shoulder forward and tries in a power manner at a tension of a triceps to turn a duel outcome.

Whether you know? Professionals do not advise to adopt tactics which the Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone in the movie about an armwrestling Very much used. All excess movements by fingers lead to a losing position.

The best exercises

The program of trainings for occupations is aimed by an armwrestling at the development of muscles of hands, shoulders, breasts and backs. In the absence of an opportunity to be engaged on specialized exercise machines, the set of exercises can be carried out also in house conditions. Trainings for development of muscles under occupations are divided an armwrestling into basic (all muscles of an organism are preparing) and isolated (separate muscles or groups develop). Let's consider the most known exercises.

Draft in the horizontal block

Exercise develops the broadest muscles of a back, bicepses, wings and also in the form of auxiliary all participates a humeral and back belt. Technology of performance:

  1. To establish weight (10 kg for men, 5 kg for women).
  2. Legs rest against an emphasis and are bent up to 90 °.
  3. Holding an equal back, hands delay on themselves draft the established weight.
  4. When the case was located perpendicular to a floor, it is necessary to begin exercise repetitions.
  5. Having straightened shovels and shoulders, the handle is pulled to a stomach and detain in such situation for a second.
  6. Controlling immovability of the case, weight is released.

Exercise is done in 2–3 approaches of 10-15 times.

It will be for certain interesting to you to learn how to pump up a biceps.

Draft of the top block one hand with an emphasis

Such occupation develops as a muscle of a back and a humeral belt, and helps to pump up hands.

Technology of performance:

  1. To take a dumbbell so that the hand with it was directed towards a hip, at the same time legs have to be together.
  2. The torso is located parallel to a bench.
  3. Lowering a shoulder a little, to straighten a hand.
  4. During a breath it is necessary to conduct a shell up, straining all muscles.
  5. In the top point of rise it is necessary to make a pause for a second and to exhale.
  6. To repeat all actions by other hand.

Occupation is calculated on 2–3 approaches up to 10 vypolneniye.

Raising of a hammer or unilateral dumbbell

This occupation can be spent at home with a usual sledge hammer — for it the lever with a serious weight on the opposite end is necessary. It is possible to get also a unilateral dumbbell. In this exercise muscles of hands, shoulders, backs and the press develop.

Technology of performance in this case at all is simple — it is necessary to lift a shell bending of a wrist, but not all hand, at first forward, and then back. It is not necessary to exhaust hands with recurrence of performance, it is enough to reach feeling of muscular fatigue.

Extension of a brush with burdening

Power exercise which can do harm to the unprepared person. Houses it is carried out by means of a bar or a dumbbell.

Technology of performance:

  1. In a sitting position, hands lie on a support (bench), and brushes are outside a support palms up.
  2. The assistant gives a shell (dumbbell, two dumbbells or a bar).
  3. Powerful movements the shell rises only by means of brushes, at the expense of a bend of wrists up.

About four approaches of presses are made till 15-20.

Get acquainted with a set of exercises with an expander for men.

Pulling up on a crossbeam with a towel

Technique of trainings of hands by means of two towels is rather original — they are transferred through a crossbeam or a horizontal bar on width of shoulders, and the athlete is brought up on them, having taken by the hanging-down edges. In this exercise it is important that palms were directed to each other. In this technique the broadest muscles of a back, bicepses, tricepses and brushes are well pumped over.

Exercise rather variable — only change of length, the improvised towel horizontal bar which is hanging down with, it is possible to change load of different groups of muscles.

Raising of a trunk with a disk behind the head

Exercise directionally on development of a back, press, bicepses and brushes. This type of occupations is designed for experienced athletes as excessive loadings can lead to traumatizing.

Technology of performance:

  1. In a prone position to bend legs in knees at right angle with an emphasis in some design (for example, the Swedish wall).
  2. To press pancake from a bar to a nape (it is possible to wrap up in a towel or other fabric).
  3. Using press muscles, to lift the case and to touch by a breast of hips.
  4. To return slowly to an initial position.

Frequent mistakes of beginners

In any business the correct approach is important, and preparation to a competition in an armwrestling is not an exception.

Whether you know? The world champion in an armwrestling among physically disabled people, Armenian Sarkis Stepanyan, without legs and one hand managed to defeat the rival who has two hands. The rival had an opportunity to hold the handle on a table, but lost to Sarkis.

There are councils by means of which the beginning athletes will be able to avoid the main mistakes:

  • it is necessary to train taking into account anthropometry as the correct tilt angle, the draft length, withdrawal of a dumbbell from a torso — are especially individual;
  • loadings have to be dosed, otherwise the discomfort or injuries is possible;
  • it is not necessary to force the program of preparation — too quickly to gain muscle bulk it will not turn out, and the diseases accompanying loadings are quite possible;
  • pumping of some separate muscles is fraught with ugly appearance;
  • too great or insufficient efforts at trainings will not bring any benefit — there has to be an accurate plan of occupations made by the professional;
  • after the training the recovery period is necessary — study of large muscles assumes three days of rest, after work on small muscles it is necessary to have a rest two days;
  • it is impossible to pass or at all to stop trainings — the motivation is the most important factor of occupations;
  • it is necessary to set the purpose, to plan the term of its performance and to seek to make it — the mission has to be executed, otherwise everything became in vain.

Armwrestling, as well as any other type of power opposition, besides a competitive component which is visible to the audience, comprises years of persistent trainings. It is difficult to come to the arena at all and to lay someone's hand. Both the strength of mind, and fortress of muscles, and application of the correct tactics is for this purpose necessary.

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