What it is possible to replace the protein with

What it is possible to replace the protein with

For some athletes the accumulation of muscle bulk is the serious problem which can't just be solved regular visit of the gym. They are come to the rescue by special nutritional supplements, proteins which, unfortunately, not only are expensive, but also not always bring benefit for health. Many are inclined to compare these substances to anabolic steroids, and therefore seek to replace them.

The protein - special mix with the increased content of proteins which is perfectly acquired by the human body and promotes fast accumulation of permanent muscle bulk. The usual protein received by the athlete from food, the protein isn't able to be forced out, however and it is impossible to replace with its simple diet with the increased maintenance of this element too as the fats and carbohydrates received with food render more negative, than positive impact on the figure. Besides from the athlete in this case drawing up the accurate food allowance which would contain the proper correlation of proteins of different types, vegetable and animal will be required. It is necessary in order that all range of the necessary amino acids got to the organism.


Protein-rich treat products: - chicken breasts,

- the liver, - seafood, - low-fat cottage cheese, - light cheese, - bean, - chicken proteins, - milk, - kefir.


Experts of bodybuilding recommend to set the specific mode of meal: to use above-mentioned products each one and a half-two hours in the small hundred-gram portions. Throughout the day the proportion necessary for fast accumulation of muscle bulk has to turn out: two grams of protein on one kilogram of own weight. It is considered that as the reasonable alternative of proteins serves ordinary powdered milk which, by the way, and is the cornerstone of many protein cocktails. This plain product more than on the third consists of serumal and casein protein, another fifty percent make carbohydrates, useful to the organism. Many athletes in fight for so valuable proteins pass to consumption of baby food. Despite the fact that the squirrel in it contains a little less, than in proteins it provokes growth and development of the children's organism that athletes skillfully use concerning own muscles. Experts advise the lack of protein of baby food to fill at the expense of special BCAA amino acids which should be added in the special proportion on each 2-3 kilograms of children's food. This amusing method is considered one of the most expensive, however and he has legitimate right for existence, especially when it isn't possible to get protein additives.

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