What means ""to drive weight"

What means ""to drive weight"

To drive weight means in especially short time to get rid of extra kilos on the eve of the competitions (on bodybuilding, fight, etc.). Weight disappears due to burning of fat weight and removal of surplus of water. Desirable result - the "dry" relief body. The synonym - "drying of the body".


1. It is necessary to drive weight in two cases: to bare the muscular relief or if at competitions there are weight restrictions. The first situation takes place in bodybuilding where life of the athlete consists of two alternating periods. In the first period it plentifully eats and works power exercises hard, building up muscle bulk. That it successfully occurred, it is necessary to consume many calories. The side effect – together with muscles increases also percent of subcutaneous fat.

2. Before competitions, approximately in 2 weeks, the bodybuilder enters the period of "drying of the body". At this time he strongly is engaged in cardioexercises instead of work with big scales and goes on the special diet. The diet can be very rigid. As a result it manages to come for a short time to the form and to show the developed relief at the competition in all beauty. Amateur athletes resort to this method even to see the achievements. The second situation takes place most often in combative sports. The athlete wants him to be defined in smaller weight category to get advantage. Just before fight the kilograms are again gained.

3. In these two cases the weight loss differs. Bodybuilders follow the following principles at trainings: facilitate operating weight, do the bigger number of repetitions, actively are engaged in cardioloadings. Refer run, the bicycle, sports walking, swimming to cardioexercises. These sports promote activization of all processes in the organism and to combustion of excess fat. In parallel the athlete goes on the diet which is often almost not containing carbohydrates. He drinks a lot of liquid, eats proteinaceous products and vegetables. Caloric content of such diet is rather small.

4. Consequences of "drying of the body" for health can be very unpleasant, the bodybuilder can feel fatigue because of the exhausting loadings and the lack of energy. After the competitions he comes back to usual mode of food and trainings. In the case with weight loss before weighing the picture is a little another. The fighter sharply limits himself in liquid consumption, on the eve of weighing completely empties intestines and uses diuretics. The last method isn't really safe because some medicines allow to remove 5 kg of liquid in the day. After achievement of desirable weight and the procedure of weighing the athlete within a day again gains weight. The main rule is not to snatch on food and water.

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