What muscles work during the training on the stepper

What muscles work during the training on the stepper

The stepper is the cardiovascular machine which imitates rise on steps. Its design is very simple: two pedals for legs can be also resistant for hands.

Despite this, he quite effectively studies muscles of a lower body. In more detail we will tell of features of the stepper in our article.

What groups of muscles work at occupations

When the athlete is going to be engaged on the new exercise machine, he first of all is interested in the principle of its work and what muscles are influenced by occupation on it.

Whether you know? The first analog of the stepper was created in 1983. The device of that time reminded the mini-escalator moving with a constant speed.

As the word stepper comes from the English step (step), it is simple to guess that first of all the exercise machine swings muscles of legs and buttocks, namely:

  • sural;
  • buttock;
  • quadriceps;
  • lateral and medial wide;
  • straight line;
  • kambalovidny;
  • semi-webby;
  • semi-tendinous;
  • sgibateli/razgibatel of knees and hip.

Except them the exercise machine can also train muscles:

  • direct and slanting stomach;
  • backs;
  • hands.

Characteristic of the exercise machine

The main function of the stepper — creation of the strain similar to that which is experienced by muscles of legs when walking on a ladder. It differs from that which is offered by other cardiovascular machines therefore occupation on the stepper allows to open new abilities of an organism.

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The exercise machine also gives the chance:

  • to reduce load of knee joints during the occupations;
  • to be engaged at home at any convenient time;
  • to make occupations more various and interesting as in parallel with walking on the exercise machine it is possible to watch the movie or to work on muscles of hands with dumbbells.

Advantage and harm

Occupations on the exercise machine bring the following benefit:

  • strengthen heart and vessels;
  • increase endurance of all organism;
  • normalize pressure, hormones;
  • help to get rid of stresses, lift the general emotional state;
  • load with cheerfulness;
  • stabilize weight and burn calories;
  • strengthen muscles;
  • adjust a figure;
  • improve work of a respiratory system;
  • develop feeling of balance;
  • intensify exchange processes.

Important! Harm from occupations on the stepper is possible only in case contraindications which are described further are not considered.

Indications and contraindications

It is not recommended to be engaged on the exercise machine if are available:

  • diseases of a cardiovascular system;
  • serious chronic illnesses, especially during aggravation;
  • problems with the musculoskeletal device;
  • injuries (fractures, dislocations, shifts) of bones or joints;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • pregnancy, especially in the third trimester;
  • unstable pressure.

Occupations on the stepper are shown all who are not included into the above-mentioned list and especially that who wishes:

  • to strengthen heart, vessels, respiratory organs;
  • to increase endurance of an organism;
  • to overcome cellulitis, to correct a figure;
  • to train a vestibular mechanism;
  • to strengthen immunity.

To remember the main thing that it is necessary to start trainings after consultation with the doctor.

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Types of exercise machines

Stepperov exists a huge number of types. Also not only the producer, but also design type, a type of loading, dimensions and other nuances distinguishes them. We will characterize only the main differences between them.

On the nature of loading

How there is a training on exercise machines, they can be divided into such groups:

  • classical (on it usual walking is carried out);
  • balancing (to take a step, it is necessary to displace the center of gravity of a body and to keep balance);
  • rotary (the step is carried out together with turn of legs).

By the sizes

If to classify simulators for dimensions, then they are:

  • steppers (the dimensional device with different types of hand-rail);
  • mini-steppers (the simple platform with pedals);
  • professional (a kind of the ordinary steppers intended for occupations in gyms and the fitness centers).

On operation of the device

On the nature of transfer of loading happen:

  • mechanical (hydraulic cylinders act as resistance);
  • electromagnetic (loading is transmitted through magnetic resistance, have a set of additional functions).

General rules of performance of occupations

For obtaining desirable effect of occupations it is necessary to follow the rules of holding a training on the exercise machine:

  1. Be engaged in the aired room.
  2. Try to make the schedule of the day so that between meals and trainings there was at least an hour of time.
  3. Do not take medicine less, than in two hours prior to occupations.
  4. Allocate time for trainings in the period of your greatest activity (if before going to bed, then in two hours).
  5. Before occupations always do warm-up.
  6. Increase the speed and loading gradually.
  7. Control the breath and pulse.
  8. During the occupations do not stoop, do not bend a back, you do not look down.
  9. You hold a foot in parallel one another. Put a leg on a pedal all foot.
  10. If you have an exercise machine with the handle, then adhering for it hands, do not transfer all weight to it.
  11. Before finishing a training, smoothly reduce its activity. Do not finish sharply.

The instruction for performance of exercises on the stepper

The instruction on occupation not the stepper is quite simple, nevertheless it helps to gain desirable effect:

  1. Warm muscles and joints as much as possible to reduce getting injured probability.

Important! The admissible pulse rate is calculated according to the scheme: from 220 your age is taken away. From the received number 50–65% undertake. In these limits also there has to be a warm rhythm during performance of exercises.

  1. Settle down on the exercise machine. You hold a back exactly.
  2. Having slightly given the case forward, begin to walk, putting effort to move a pedal down. The movement has to be smooth. Speed is selected during the trainings.
  3. Walking, do not straighten completely knees.
  4. Give to occupations of 10-20 minutes every day or 40–50 minutes three times a week.

Recommendations for bigger efficiency

If you are engaged for the purpose of correction of a figure and fight against excess weight, then follows you:

  • to allocate every day for occupations 40 minutes;
  • to load hands irrespective of on what type of the stepper you carry out exercises;
  • allocate some period in a training under walking on equal legs;
  • carry out pressing all foot, but not a sock (muscles, but not joints will work so);

Whether you know? In 1986 the stepper close to modern was invented. It already had two pedals for legs.

  • combine a fast and slow pace (at first slow, then gradually its speed increases also by the end slow again);
  • alternate the stepper to exercises on power loading as the exercise machine has the maximum on loading and further it will just strengthen a cardiovascular system.

Security measures

It is undesirable to master any kind of sport without knowledge of safety measures. And if occupations are connected with work on exercise machines, then without acquaintance with safety measures it is not recommended to start trainings:

  1. Having felt an indisposition, dizziness, breast pains, nausea, difficulties with breath, at once finish occupations and see a doctor.
  2. The stepper has to stand on a plain surface, around it at distance of at least 1.2 m there should not be excess objects.
  3. If you are engaged regularly, then check each 1–2 months as the carving in places of connections of details is tightened.
  4. Foreign objects or liquid should not get to the exercise machine.
  5. If on the stepper there is a defect, then be not engaged on it, and address to the service center.
  6. Train in suitable footwear and clothes.
  7. Always collect long hair in a tail or other similar hairstyle.
  8. Do not climb hands to places where details of the exercise machine are in the movement.
  9. Do not upgrade the stepper as any its change can become the cause of a trauma.
  10. If you have an electric model, then before its repair, cleaning, movement disconnect it from network, having pulled out a cord from the socket.
  11. Always disconnect electric model from network when you are not engaged. Switching off has to happen as follows: food button, then disconnection from the socket.
  12. Keep out of the electric exercise machine of children up to 13 years and pets.
  13. Electric steppers are connected in the separate network which is switching off on a guard. At the same time the socket has to be grounded.

Idle time on a design the exercise machine can be very effective assistant in fight against extra kilos. Having constructed correctly the program of trainings on the stepper and having combined them with power trainings, it is possible to note significant changes in the appearance for a month of regular trainings.

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