What not Olympic sports exist

What not Olympic sports exist

The Olympic program includes limited quantity of sports, even the main simply aren't able to include all and the most popular which are cultivated in many countries, otherwise competitions would last for long months.


1. Not Olympic sports don't wish to be reconciled with this fact, and representatives of their international federations conduct constant fight for inclusion in the Olympic program. This fight is very not simple as any sport can't be included in the Olympic program if from there not to exclude something.

2. The first Olympic Games included only nine sports, but over time the program of the Olympic Games so expanded that there came situations which obliged the International Olympic Committee not only not to include new types, but also to exclude existing.

3. So, the croquet and cricket, pulling of the rope, polo in which medal events were held in the first half of the twentieth century weren't enshrined in the Olympic program. In the twenty first century the softball and baseball lost the status of the Olympic sports, and the boxing resisted with advantage only unanimously.

4. Periodically the IOC considers contenders for inclusion them in the Olympic program, organizing during the Olympic Games demonstration performances by types of the sport applying for inclusion in the Olympic list.

5. There are several main groups of sports which constantly apply for becoming Olympic. One of them are various single combats. Fight, boxing, judo, taekwondo are already included in the Olympic program. Federations of sambo, karate, wushu, kickboxing and other single combats constantly submit the applications to the IOC, but so far without special result.

6. Many strength sports, despite the popularity, also so far pass by attention of representatives of the IOC. Didn't receive the Olympic registration such widespread disciplines as the armwrestling, powerlifting and kettlebell sport yet.

7. Figure skating long since enter the program of the Olympic Games, moreover, today it is the integral part of the modern winter Olympic Games. Therefore the disappointment of representatives of sworn brothers of figure skating, federations of sports dances which entries the IOC traditionally ignores is quite clear.

8. Also ambitions of intellectual sports, such as chess, checkers and billiards are considered as unpromising. It is considered that the IOC is more located to those types of sports meets which demand exercise stresses.

9. Nevertheless, despite overpopulation of the Olympic program, some sports after all are lucky. So, in recent years the program of the winter Olympic Games included various types of the snowboard, and the program of the Summer Olympic Games was filled up by golf.

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