What rules of work of the pool raise the smile

Many sports complexes, and pools including, work by certain rules and also develop rules of visit for people in order to avoid different unfortunate or unpleasant cases. But some rules seem so logical that their existence causes bewilderment or even the smile.


1. One of the first such rules which is registered in special instructions almost in each pool sounds so: "It is impossible to drink water from the pool at all". Possibly, the rule is written for parents of small children, but without this small specification the sense becomes a little absurd. Probably, children can add known even the phrase from the fairy tale: "Don't drink, not that you will become the kozlenochok".

2. One more interesting rule is the ban on swimming without swimwear and the hat. The hat, though raises questions of its need, after all is necessary for prevention of contamination of water and filters in the pool and also for protection of hair and head skin. But why to register the swimwear, remains unclear. Possibly, it has to frighten off fans of nature and naturalism - nudists. Or the rule is specially created for Ippolit's admirers from the popular New Year's movie who dream to bathe in the coat and the fur cap.

3. As the rule causing laughter in more or less adequate people serves the statement that in the pool it is impossible to urinate. For these purposes the toilet bowl was thought up several centuries ago, but, probably, it is convenient to some swimmers also without it. As it is proved by scientists who also in detail investigate this question, it not only contradicts cultural norms, but also is hazardous to health. By the way, the ban on drink from the pool can it is dictated by non-compliance with this rule?

4. The following rule which can also make laugh, especially visitors of sports complexes with the pool is ban on swimming of the being able alcoholic or drug intoxication. Perhaps there are also courageous people who in such state will want to swim for a while, but whether they will reach the destination - it is the question. Here it is possible to carry the rule about the ban of drinking of alcoholic drinks and smoking in water. Really, just some resort turns out, but not occupations swimming!

5. Also in the pool it is forbidden to appear with open body wounds, probably, not to shock other especially impressionable swimmers. Of course, it is that it is possible to get the infection through open wounds, but after all who in senses would come to the pool with damages even if this rule wouldn't exist? Reading these lines, and the person with the shot knee wishing to float right now all Olympic standards is represented.

6. One of the ridiculous laws connected with pools was received in the Californian city Baldwin park. The case law in the USA assumes existence of some strange laws, and therefore it is no wonder that residents of this city were officially forbidden to stop by in the pool by bicycle. Probably, precedents after all were.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team