What sport is better for weight loss

What sport is better for weight loss

If you decided to combat excess weight, you need to begin with healthy nutrition and regular trainings with sport. It is difficult to beginners to be defined in what sport to choose to lose weight?


1. The first sport of which persons interested to lose weight think is the run. Its pluses are obvious – you don't need the special equipment to run, jogs can be made practically at any time, in any place, the main thing is to buy pair of qualitative running sneakers. But run suits not everyone. If you have problems with knee joints, be careful with jogs. And some people just don't love run. Besides, for weight loss will be insufficiently short 10th minute jog the trot. To lose weight, you need to run long enough, within 30-40 minutes, with the speed of 8-10 km/h. Not the simplest task for beginners.

2. The fine alternative to run is the bicycle sport. If you still have no bicycle, urgently get it. In warm season and till late fall the bicycle will become for you the best "natural" exercise machine for weight loss.

3. Combustion of fat in the fresh air happens quicker, than indoors. In it the main advantage of cyclings. For example, twisting exercise bike pedals in the hall with average intensity, for the hour you can burn 250-300 kcal. If you go to the cycling, you will dump 600-1500 kcal. Such rates you have the chance to get rid of 4-7 kg in 4 weeks.

4. Regular driving not the bicycle increases immunity, improves work of the cardiovascular system and increases endurance. Driving by bicycle helps not only "to kindle" the saved-up fat, but also to create hips and buttocks, to give the tightened by it, sports view.

5. To derive advantage and pleasure from cyclings, it is optional to be the professional. Follow simple rules and you not only you will get rid of extra kilos, but also keep excellent physical shape.

6. Choose the bicycle with the convenient seat suitable for your figure. Having got on the bicycle, you have to feel comfortable. Lift the saddle on such height that at spin of pedals of the leg remained slightly bent. At the movement don't hang the head down and you look forward. Load of hands has to be minimum. Regularly check, tires are how well beefy and take the pump on cyclings.

7. That bad weather didn't prevent you to hold the full-fledged cycling, won't prevent to dress the raincoat and waterproof boots. That hands remained in heat and were dry, wear bicycle gloves. It will allow to hold surely the wheel and to brake. The clothes "on weather" reduce chances of injury of ligaments and allow the body to spend energy not for heating, and for rapid movement.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team