What sport the highest paid

What sport the highest paid

Assessment of the vysokooplachivayemost of different types of sport is very subjective. The highest salary can be estimated in the set of parameters. For example, on level of income of the highest paid athlete, on the total turnover of means in one form or another sport, or on the average level of salaries of players.

1. It is possible to consider the highest paid sport in what at least one of athletes receives the highest salary. If to define the sport vysokooplachivayemost thus, then following the results of 2013, the most profitable sport can be considered boxing. The world champion in boxing on average weight the 37-year-old American Floyd Mayweather Jr. could earn $105 million following the results of the year. The highly paid athlete of the world following on the score is the Portuguese football player of the Madrid Real Cristiano Ronaldo. For the last year he managed to earn about $80 million dollars. In this list the basketball player of club of NBA of Miami Heat Lebron James got the third place. The income of the American for the last year was $ dollars 72.3 million. It is necessary to understand that these sums include not only salary, but also receipts from advertizing contracts according to which, athletes quite often receive the sums much surpassing them direct earnings from sport. On the fourth and fifth places still about one representative of the football player and the basketball player settled down. This is respectively the player of Barcelona Lionel Messi and the representative of Los Angeles Lakers Cobi Bryant. The first managed to earn $64 million for the last year, and the second — $61.5 million. In TOP-15 athletes with the highest level of income three golfers enter at once. One of them is Tiger Woods who earned $61.2 million. He was the highest paid athlete of the world for the previous eleven years — from 2001 to 2012, however lost the leadership in connection with the termination of several contracts, favorable from the financial point of view. Other two golfers are Phil Mickelson and Arnold Palmer who finished the career recently. Also representatives of hockey, American football, the races "Formula One" and baseball occur among the highest paid athletes of the world.

2. If to consider the highest paid sport that which has the largest turnover of money at the order — it is unambiguous soccer. Unlike other sports which are popular on certain continents or among certain groups of the population the soccer is popular everywhere. The exact turn of means in this sport can't be counted, however its order can be presented if to consider that income of the International Federation of Association Football of FIFA only from holding the World Cup of 2014 in Brazil was over $4.5 billion.

3. If to count the average salary of all representatives of any given sport, then out of competition there are races "Formula One". The average salary of racers following the results of 2013 was $5.5 million. However this sport totals only 20 athletes.

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