What the advantage of walking for health of men and women consists in

What the advantage of walking for health of men and women consists in

Know many about advantage of foot walks, nevertheless, types of walking quite a lot and to understand what of them will be more useful, difficult. In this article we will consider versions and features of this occupation, advantage and harm, contraindications on health. Let's also in detail sort as it is correct to be engaged in walking.

In what advantage and harm of walking

The main advantage of pedestrian activity is an opportunity to be engaged at any convenient time, without the accompanying exercise machines or other devices. Now we will understand useful properties of different types of walking.

Whether you know? Sports walking as sport appeared as a result of a dispute of two Americans on results of elections on the U.S. presidency. Eduard Weston who lost in a dispute under the terms of a bet went to Lincoln inauguration from Boston to Washington on foot that took it slightly less than eleven days.


Fast speed strengthens blood circulation, exchange processes in an organism happen quicker, burning fat cages and processing useful substances into energy. Vessels and capillaries extend, work of a brain, work of bile-expelling and urinary systems improves, exempting an organism from toxins and slags. Doctors of the whole world consider fast walking an ideal way of prevention of atherosclerosis, hypertension.

This occupation strengthens an organism, giving it big endurance, improves psychological health and lightens the mood due to release of endorphins. Harmful occupation can be at chronic diseases of eyes, hearts, joints.


Slow walk in the fresh air reduces stress hormone level in blood, thereby relaxing nervous system, normalizing a dream. Slow rate of the movement contributes to digestion normalization, improves blood circulation, activates the immune system. Slow walking does not give strong load of joints, on the contrary, promotes their developing.

Get acquainted with main types of walking.

Walk helps to reduce adjournment of fats, facilitates a condition of hypertensive persons, strengthens a cardiac muscle. Foot walks at slow speed do not bear any harm and even at serious diseases are a part of the general therapy. An exception — the strict indication of a bed rest.

The Scandinavian

This type of sports occupations is suitable for all, including for elderly people and pregnant women. The point is that during walk special sticks are used. They absorb a third of the loading falling during walking on legs and a back which at women in situation and at people of old age are vulnerable.

Learn more about the Scandinavian walking with sticks.

Pedestrian occupations force to work with sticks practically all muscles of a body, develop joints, strengthen sheaves. At the movement the saturation by oxygen of all cages increases, warm activity improves, lungs are cleaned, exchange processes accelerate that significantly reduces the level of sugar and cholesterol in blood.

Occupations help to strengthen the immune system and slow down aging processes. Are prevention of diseases of a backbone, help to improve coordination of movements, promote an equal bearing. Harm from this type of activity will not be, the list of contraindications includes exacerbations of chronic diseases, sharp infections. At the available heart diseases it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Video: technology of the Scandinavian walking

On the place

Walking on the place is useful to the men and women inclined to a varicosity, thrombosis. During the movement the venous blood-groove improves, the bodies removing toxins and slags, digestive system are activated. At the same time blood supply of bodies of a small pelvis improves that promotes prevention of diseases of an urinogenital system at women, at men reduces risk of adenoma of a prostate, strengthens a libido.

Read in more detail what muscles work when walking in different ways.

Active exercises can be harmful and are not recommended at threat of peeling of a retina, postinfarction and postinsultny states, a sharp form of viral and infectious diseases.

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On a ladder

Circulation on a ladder is an ideal option for those who seek to lose the excess weight as burning of calories happens more effectively, than at jogs. At the same time except weight loss the shape of hips improves, ears, manifestations of cellulitis disappear that will be estimated by each woman. Men will also estimate a relief of foot muscles, and most of all — improving effect for male health.

Also it will be interesting to you to recognize in what advantage and harm of walking by a ladder.

At rise, bodies of a small pelvis are actively supplied with oxygen and blood that increases potency and performs prevention of oncological diseases of men's bodies. At women the risk of a disease of ovaries, a uterus decreases, the condition of a reproductive system improves. Intensive rises can be harmful at vegeto-vascular dystonia, serious problems with heart and joints.

On a lap

Circulation on a lap activates a set of the nervous terminations which are connected with digestive organs and a secretory system. It promotes digestion improvement, removal of hazardous substances and excess liquid from an organism, helping to reduce fat deposits. Occupations promote strengthening of a muscular corset of the top part of a trunk, femoral and pelvic area.

Read also about that in what advantage of walking on a lap.

Gradual loadings help to cope with diseases of knee joints, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and arthritis. Harm from this type of physical activity can be done in the presence of sharp forms of diseases of joints, injuries of knees and hips, in the presence of any formations and tumors.

On buttocks

It is useful to move on buttocks for the men and women having hemorrhoids, locks, a meteorizm, incontinence. Occupations improve blood circulation internal and genitals, increasing sexual function and reducing development of urinogenital diseases (prostate adenoma, oncology of female genitals, impotence).

During active daily exercises, volumes of buttocks decrease, they get a beautiful form, orange-peel disappears. At the same time the bearing improves, back muscles, belly and foot become stronger. Heavy traffics have a number of contraindications:

  • critical days;
  • pregnancy in the first trimester;
  • threat of an abortion at pregnant women;
  • sharp or chronic form of a disease of an urinogenital system and musculoskeletal device;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal device and bodies of a small pelvis.

Important! It is desirable to be engaged on a soft surface in the clothes closing hips to avoid irritation and rash on skin as a result of friction.

As it is correct to be engaged in walking

With what intensity you were engaged, a lot of things depend on the place of walk. It is desirable to choose for this purpose the area remote from roads and the industrial enterprises with the polluted air. City parks, forests, the private sector with a green zone will be the best option.

Walking is considered the safest of all types of physical activity, nevertheless, to achieve results, it is necessary to move correctly. Let's consider several recommendations:

  1. The step is taken from a heel on a sock.
  2. Hands are slightly bent in elbows, freely swing in a step to the movement.
  3. Equal bearing, it is not necessary to cave in back or to stoop.
  4. Look forward, but not under legs, the neck and shoulders are relaxed.
  5. Try to strain slightly belly muscles, taking a step.

Whether warm-up is necessary

Walking, especially at fast speed or Scandinavian, it is necessary to begin with a body warming up. There is enough 5–10 minutes and couple of exercises on an extension, for example, of trunk inclinations back and forth, to the right-to the left. Knead feet, having made several rifts from a heel on a sock — at the same time also gastrocnemius muscles will be warmed. Moves hands will prepare area of a back for loading.

What to hold speed

It is necessary to begin with the slow or moderate speed of the movement, gradually increasing speed. On loading degree in improving occupations distinguish several types of walking:

  • slow (60–70 steps/min.) — for the recovery period after a trauma or a disease, for elderly people;
  • average (70–90 highways/m) — in the absence of physical training, presence of chronic diseases;
  • fast (90–110 highways/m) — the ideal option for weight loss, suits each healthy person;
  • the fastest (110–130 highways/m) — for professionals or the trained beginners who got used to intensive loadings.

Whether you know? The world record on sports walking on a distance of 50 kilometers belongs to Inés Enriquez, the sportswoman from Portugal. At the Olympic Games of 2017 it passed 50 km in 4 hours 5 minutes 56 seconds.

How to finish occupations

Occupations come to an end as well as begin — slow speed. At the same time it is necessary to monitor breath: it has to be equal, deep. Later it is possible to make easy warm-up once again. The shower will help to remove muscular stress, it is desirable contrast.

Features of walking

Before being engaged in foot walks, slow or intensive, it is necessary to get acquainted with contraindications and features of occupations at some painful states.

At backbone hernia

Walking improves blood circulation that more than is useful at intervertebral hernias as accelerates regeneration processes. Slow walks on distance to three kilometers a day are useful. Too big rate and duration of occupation are not desirable as they can provoke aggravation. In many countries of the world the program of rehabilitation includes the Scandinavian option of occupation. In this case at hernia and a protrusion a number of such positive effects is observed:

  • strengthening of a muscular corset of a back;
  • strengthening of flexibility of a spine column;
  • weight reduction;
  • normalization of exchange processes;
  • acceleration of processes of healing;
  • increase in immunity.

At arthrosis

Foot walks strengthen and develop sore joints, reduce a painful symptom at arthritis and arthrosis. The fact is that during the movement the organism produces the synovial liquid greasing the surface of joints that prevents their friction and deleting. In the movement all fabrics, including bone and cartilaginous, are supplied with oxygen which promotes healing at the cellular level. In the center of doctor Bubnovsky the program of treatment of arthrosis and arthritis of knee joints included walking on a lap. At the same time during exercises the sldeuyushchy influence is carried out:

  • development of muscles and joints, giving to them of elasticity, mobility;
  • processes of destruction of tissues of joints and cartilages decrease;
  • blood circulation is normalized;
  • food and breath of cartilaginous and articulate tissues is provided;
  • production of synovial liquid is normalized;
  • amplitude of the movement of an extremity extends;
  • there take place clicks and a crunch in joints;
  • the number of a recurrence is reduced.

Read in more detail what vitamins are necessary for joints and ligaments.

At hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a disease of people with sedentary work: these are drivers, office workers, etc. Therefore walks on foot for them are vital need. Cases of exacerbation of a disease can make an exception: bleeding or loss of gemorroidalny knots. At an illness all types of exercises will approach, and it is desirable to specify their intensity at the attending physician. Let's consider advantage of circulation:

  • blood circulation in the field of a basin increases;
  • venous stagnation decreases;
  • muscles of a pelvic bottom and anus become stronger.

At varicosity

Circulation on foot — the most sparing load of legs and veins, besides, is not present strong tension for a cardiac muscle. At the same time the advantage is very essential:

  • vessels become stronger;
  • the blood-groove is normalized;
  • muscle fibers of extremities are toned up and become stronger;
  • HELL returns to normal.

Slow walks on two-three kilometers a day are recommended.

Learn how to treat leg pain.

For heart

Researches of the Irish and American scientists confirmed medical action of foot walks at cardiovascular diseases. It agrees to the results received during the made experiments (participants are women and men of 50-70 years), during walking in an organism there is a number of the processes capable to help with treatment and to prevent diseases of vessels and heart, namely:

  • depreciation in LDL-cholesterol;
  • strengthening of walls of vessels and capillaries;
  • oxygen food of fabrics;
  • blood circulation improvement;
  • strengthening of a myocardium.

Intensive loadings are forbidden after the had heart attack and a stroke.

At pregnancy

Many future mothers heard the recommendation to walk more on foot from the gynecologist. Than this occupation is useful for future woman in labor, we will consider in detail:

  • supports weight normal;
  • is prevention of venous expansion and hypostases of legs;
  • stimulates warm activity;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • develops the necessary muscles of a basin in patrimonial activity and belly;
  • stimulates work of lungs.

Important! Walk in the fresh air and solar ultraviolet stimulate synthesis of vitamin D which lack provokes fruit diseases.

Long walks at threat of an abortion, a uterus tone, severe toxicosis are not recommended.

For weight loss

For keeping fit, weight loss by more effective there will be intensive types of walking: fast, Scandinavian, on steps. At the same time the organism will burn calories during all training and hour after it. During the occupations all exchange processes in an organism accelerate:

  • fat cages are quicker split;
  • excess liquid is removed;
  • water-salt exchange is normalized;
  • the amount of cholesterol in blood decreases.

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Plus to everything, is tightened a figure, gaining symmetry and flexibility, the bearing is leveled. In conclusion we will note: walk in the fresh air, be engaged actively or by slow speed — it is important to do it regularly. Foot walks not only will give pleasure, but also will help with prevention of many unpleasant problems with health. Even if you have any disease - it is not an occasion to refuse occupations, it is only necessary to specify degree of permissible loading at the doctor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team