What to be engaged in the winter in

What to be engaged in the winter in

The winter is great time for active holiday. Fresh frosty air, scintillating snow and the bright sun create mood, and the movement will help to avoid cold and to strengthen immunity.

Skates - the most popular sport in the winter

The skating rink is practically in each yard. On it adults, children and youth spend time with pleasure. Skating is most popular and available. Couple of skates cost not so much, and many skating rinks are free.

In sports shop you can see several types of skates. Walking models are intended for slow driving for the purpose of pleasant pastime. Their boot is light and doesn't rub the leg, and the lacing is most comfortable, they will be ideal for beginners. Fitness skates get those who see the way to play sports in driving and to tighten the figure. These skates help to gather good speed and are easy to control. Professional skates have special stiff boots and well ground edges and also cost rather much. But you shouldn't buy them only by this principle, considering that they are the best. It will be difficult to beginner to cope with such skates, and the rigid structure isn't really convenient for walking driving.

Skates are figure and hockey. The first differ from the second in existence of teeth in front.

Skis - sport for singles

If a lot of people quite often ride skating rinks, then for ski walks it is possible to choose less crowded track, for example, the next park. Skiing involves muscles of legs and the shoulder girdle, promotes deeper breath and good work of heart. To learn to go the classical step rather easily, it is only necessary to understand how it is correct to make a start. If you want to go the ridge step, you will need shorter skis or the combined models, but most often such type of the step is used by more experienced skiers. It is necessary to buy the ski set, since socks and boots. Then pick up bindings and after they are skis and sticks.

Length of skis has to be your growth plus of 25 cm, and sticks - growth minus 25 cm.

Snowboarding - for extreme winter

Snowboarding became popular rather recently. Generally the youth which is looking for adrenaline is fond of snowboarding. To find slopes for occupation this sport it is rather problematic, suitable places are in large parks and in the country. To learn to ride the snowboard rather difficult. The problem is that the movement happens sideways, and both legs are fixed at one level. Beginners often use the special defense. Also the dense snowboard clothes save from falling. Professionals in this area can show fascinating tricks, jumps and the somersault.

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