What to begin occupations in the pool with

What to begin occupations in the pool with

In the people there is the opinion what to learn to float very easily, only once in water is enough to fall and to begin to sink. The way, of course, which isn't deprived of logic, but very much dangerous. It is much easier to learn to float, being engaged in the pool. There you not only will teach to float any style, but also will prompt what it is necessary to begin development of any water space with.

Water choice

To learn to float it is possible in any reservoir, including the river, the lake or even the coastal strip of the sea. But experts advise to choose for training nevertheless the closed or outdoor 25-meter pools where regular coaches instructors work and to drown in which is very problematic. Besides the pool with its dressing room, the shower and the constant health center much more not only is safe, but also is comfortable and hygienic. The main thing to get medical permission to its visit and to buy the subscription.

Health and preparation

The first that needs to be made, being going to learn to float is to visit the office of the doctor. More precisely, even several doctors. In the bathtub of the pool or the water sports center which staff seriously care for health of the visitors and constantly control purity of water, will pass you only after survey and obtaining references from the therapist, the venereologist, the dermatologist and — for girls — the gynecologist.

But if nobody from you demands medical certificates or enough paper from the therapist, it is better not to visit such sports complex. You shouldn't study swimming and in the pool which heads actively use its room for arrangement of commercial saunas. First, at visit of the sauna no permissions are usually necessary. And secondly, those who come to it very much like to dive and be cooled in the pool. Sometimes even passing the shower and in a state of intoxication. The list of necessary and useful bathing accessories about which you will be told for certain by the administrator of the pool includes things, standard for swimming — melting for men or the bathing suit for women, goggles, the rubber hat and also slates for walking on the floor from the dressing room to the bathtub and back, the towel and soap with shampoo.

We begin with warm-up

Isn't necessary, having hardly approached the bathtub, immediately in it to jump. Especially if pool rather deep. Experts strongly recommend to have a talk with the instructor in the beginning and to attentively listen to his recommendations. And, first of all, how to do warm-up, to warm the sheaves, main and necessary for swimming, and the muscle as it is correct to breathe in water. It will pick up also the necessary gymnastic exercises. For example, squats with bending of feet inside and broad setting of legs. The instructor will become your "lifebuoy" at occupation directly in water. To learn to keep and float on it at least the minimum distance in 25 meters is, enough, regardless of age, from 10 to 15 individual trainings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team