What to begin occupations with Hatha yoga with: basic councils and complexes

What to begin occupations with Hatha yoga with: basic councils and complexes

Probably, in the modern world there is no person who at least once did not hear about yoga. Perhaps, not all understand true sense of this word, what is represented by yoga actually. And if you are among those for whom the yoga is, some kind of, the dark, and it is interesting to you to learn and be influenced by its many-sided influence, then in this article we will investigate step by step all process of immersion in Hatha yoga for beginners and inexperienced users. So, let's understand.

Point of practice of Hatha yoga

If to address the ancient deep meaning of data the practician, then the yoga is a certain philosophy of life which by all means will force practicing to refuse harmful and pernicious habits and to completely reconsider the outlooks on life. Also it is necessary to leave in the past and some benefits of a civilization, to change a food allowance and madly to spend a lot of time for the serious hobby. The yogi cannot call sport as there is a transformation and regeneration not only bodies, but also souls of the person.

Thanks to daily practicians of people has an opportunity to normalize work of internals, blood circulations, pressure and a dream. Besides, practicing receives a huge charge of cheerfulness, freshness and energy if it carries out a Hatha yoga complex correctly. And days of persistent practice later even for beginners there comes time to feel positive changes in the organism.

Over time you will also acquire skill not to be dependent on the feelings and emotions, to abstract from the outside world, to plunge into a meditative state and to completely concentrate the attention on achievement of perfection of soul. If you assume to practice yoga only in respect of sport and physical development, then the practician in that case given a look it is possible to consider as gymnastics option. Carrying out the corresponding exercises, you will be able to increase flexibility, to normalize a blood-groove and pressure and also to improve health and to reduce tension. But, if you want to become the true guru in yoga, then, besides physical, also spirituality has to be carried out.

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From what age it is possible to be engaged

At most of people a certain stereotype, concerning the one who can practice yoga was created. As a rule, as the yogi some Tibetan monk who at top of the plateau carries out improbable figures and exercises is represented, staying at this moment in meditation. But actually the yoga widely practices many men and women in different parts of the world.

As for age, in this respect there is a weight enough contradictory statements and opinions. Hindus impart rules of yoga to the children since three years. And here the British do not hurry with involvement of children in similar practicians and begin occupations since eleven years. But the most weighed age for the first steps in yoga the period when children go to the first class, that is about seven years is considered. During this period the child is already able to concentrate long on certain objects, understands what to him is explained, and takes the first steps in sport.

Whether you know? There is such concept as baby yogi when parents together with babies of six-seven months practice the most real yoga which, besides, helps with fight against a serious congenital illness.

Advantage and harm of a basic complex

If you stand at the crossroads to be or not to be, then it is necessary to understand all subtleties of trainings before starting performance of the very first poses of yoga. And before you will begin to look for where it is free of charge possible to download Hatha yoga lessons for beginners, let's understand all pros and cons and we will consider restrictions of this occupation.

Speaking about positive impact of occupations yoga on a human body, it is possible to tell safely that carrying out occupations few times in a week for several months, you will feel positive changes in functioning of an organism. Thanks to yoga, work of all systems is normalized — from digestion and a blood-groove, to nerves and a condition of skin. Besides, the complex of asanas is directed to massage of internals that also promotes improvement of efficiency of their work and interferes with emergence and development of undesirable problems. In addition, exercises affect ukreplyayushche a backbone that will help to cope with chronic diseases, like osteochondrosis and also — with tension in muscles.

The yoga helps to develop plasticity and flexibility, and still to correct a bearing and to fill engaged in cheerfulness and a charge of energy for the whole day. And having spent hour to meditations, you will be able to clean yourself from negative impacts of stresses, and, besides, to enhance immunity which will be more resistant to perception of diseases now and the risk of development of cardiac diseases will be minimized.

But, at all the merits, occupations yoga have also some restrictions about which we will talk further.

Restrictions at occupations

Perhaps, as well as any kind of sport, the yogi has a number of contraindications in the presence of which it is undesirable to practice asanas, without having undergone preliminary consultation with the doctor. So the yoga is contraindicated if it is available for you:

  • mental disorder and, especially, schizophrenia;
  • inguinal hernia;
  • sharp diseases of internals;
  • diseases of a cardiovascular system (if the heart attack or a stroke was had);
  • the increased blood pressure;
  • injury of backbone or joints;
  • the rehabilitation period after operation;
  • oncological disease;
  • the increased body temperature;
  • viral diseases, for example, flu.

It is important! If after the trainings you worsen health, then it is necessary to consult with your family doctor.

Features of Hatha yoga for women

Besides all the contraindications given earlier, at women one more is added: during critical days it is impossible to practice yoga. There are no other additional contraindications.

Also It should be noted that men's and female complexes of asanas differ. So, at women bigger emphasis is placed on plasticity and flexibility, and at men — on force and endurance. In addition for women it is possible to refer to features of Hatha yoga more frequent practicians of meditation as at women the imagination and imagination is stronger developed and it is much simpler to them to plunge into a meditative state. Thanks to these features the female set of exercises is more various in flexible and meditative asanas, and men's — in power.

What to begin occupations with

By this moment you already, definitely, had the first impression about yoga and if you decided to pass from the theory to practice, then the following step of knowledge of lessons of Hatha yoga for beginners consists in what it is necessary to begin with. Let's look into it.

Someone considers that it is better to be engaged in trainings in the morning, finding for it for two-four hours to time. But what in that case to do to the working people. Not to rise at three o'clock in the morning to manage to execute asanas. The most favorable time for occupations is evening. At this particular time body the most flexible and mobile. If you have a hard work, then it is possible to break occupations yoga on half an hour during the whole week or to be engaged at least on days off.

Main rules which need to be followed strictly is a lack of external irritants, for example a sound. Nobody has to disturb you as classes are given in a privacy; it is necessary to hold a training barefoot on a carpet or a floor. During the training as much as possible concentrate attention on the correct deep breath which promotes full relaxation of a body, namely it and is necessary for the most effective impact of yoga on your organism.

Important! Classes yoga are only next the heart so at least in two hours prior to a training eat nothing.

How to be engaged in Hatha yoga

To create at you the correct understanding, It is necessary to tell that the Hatha yoga is an initial level of yoga, a peculiar type of bodybuilding. In total distinguish five levels or steps, having seized which you will become the true guru of yoga.

So, for occupations yoga you need to retire, disconnect all excess sounds indoors and to be undressed. Further concentrate on the correct breath and devote the first 10 minutes to the maximum relaxation of your body. It is, so to say, the preparatory stage when you have to abstract from affairs everyday and smoothly passes to the pleasant and weakening occupation. It is necessary to breathe measuredly, quietly and deeply. It is necessary to inhale and exhale only through a nose. You do not hurry, do not do sharp breaths exhalations. Only smoothness and relaxation.

We dealt with preparation, and time to consider the detailed description of the very first poses of Hatha yoga for beginners came now.

Basic practicians of Hatha yoga

It is possible to begin the knowledge of yoga and independently, without instructor. General exercises of Hatha yoga are quite simple for understanding and execution, and therefore even the beginning practician will be able to cope with them.

Whether you know? According to a research which was conducted in 2016 by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal, only in the USA counted more than 36 million people practicing yoga. And the highest number of requests in search engines for the words yoga and yoga is registered in Canada and Ukraine, respectively.


Shatkarma is especially important stage before all process of occupations yoga, so-called total cleaning. There are sets of types of a shatkarma, but we will stop on the main.

  • Nettie — a procedure for washing and cleaning of the nasal courses. Many variations of solution for washing are known, but the water which is warmed up up to the pleasant temperature with the salt dissolved in it most often practices. Proportion: 1 teaspoon of salt on 0.5 liters of water. It is important that salt was completely dissolved. This procedure kills unnecessary bacteria and brings the collected dust out of a nose.
  • Dhauti — more volume complex of procedures directed to cleaning of a digestive tract, mouth, an eye, ears, teeth, language and head skin. Eyes wash with usual water; teeth, a mouth and language clean with toothpaste and a brush, and head skin, as well as hair, wash with shampoo. Apply to cleaning of a gullet, for example, swallowing gauze bandage.
  • Nauli — special massage of a stomach which promotes strengthening of internals.
  • Kapalabkhati — the procedure of cleaning of a front share of a brain which consists of several stages. The first — blowing off of a nose air. The second — needs to gather a nose water and to pass it through a mouth. The third and the most difficult — to gather water a mouth and to pass through a nose.
  • Trataka — contemplation of an object a long time. It is used for concentration development, but also motivates to act spiritual powers. Strengthens eyes and optical nerves.

Having passed all stages of clarification, you can start practice of asanas.

Complex of asanas of Hatha yoga for beginners

Studying the main asanas of Hatha yoga with the detailed description of all actions and exercises that you received the full instruction for teapots will become the following step of our article.

  1. Tree pose. It is necessary to rise vertically and to become straight. Inhaling, gradually raise hands, trying as it is possible to extend stronger them up. Further take away straight arms for the head, opening at the same time a breast. For strengthening of impact of this exercise it is possible to bend a leg in a knee and to put foot to a hip. By means of this asana you will develop the correct and equal posture and also strengthen a backbone.
  2. Child's pose. Sit down on heels, and later be bent in half and extend both hands forward (such pose is accepted by Muslims when pray). This exercise relaxes back muscles and unloads a neck from tension.
  3. Mountain pose (pose of a dog). Execute an inclination, having set hands against a floor the opened palm down. Raise hips up and depart heels back that your weight was equivalently divided between stupnyam and palms. The head at the same time needs to be hung under elbows. The asana will give symmetry to legs and will unload from tension of a muscle of shoulders and a back.
  4. Stork pose. In this exercise it is necessary to become straight at first completely, having deeply inhaled and having thrown up hands up, and later with an exhalation to be bent on a waistline. This asana is directed to giving of plasticity to legs and to increase in the general tone of a body.
  5. Onions pose. Lay down on a floor facedown. Clasp with hands anklebones and on a breath in parallel lift the top and lower part of the case, having created tension in a waist. This exercise will straighten your back and will give symmetry to hands. Besides you will strengthen muscles of a press and tighten a belt.

It, perhaps, is also a full complex on all parts of a body for beginners to open for itself for the Hatha yogi.

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Correct breath

In practice of yogis the so-called threefold breath is used. In this case they breathe only through a nose, involving clavicular, intercostal and diafragmalny breath. In other words, they fill with air each section of the body, thanks to so deep breath in which all area of lungs is involved. And now let's consider exercise which will help to develop the correct breath necessary for effective occupations yoga.

  1. Initially you stand in the weakened usual pose.
  2. Further sharply you exhale.
  3. And then you begin to take a breath which will be formed of three stages: at first the stomach (it is possible to put a palm on a stomach to experience the movement of a diaphragm) forward is pushed, costal muscles and average breath are connected further, lungs to the full are filled at the end, expanding at the same time a chest part of respiratory bodies. Thus, you incorporated the greatest number of air which can hold in lungs.
  4. Further the phase of a slow exhalation, again through a nose begins. At the same time it is necessary to exhale in the same order as inhaled.
  5. At the end you do a residual exhalation that inside there was no more air (it when it seems what already could not be exhaled, but if to strain muscles, then there is residue of air).

Throughout all process it is necessary to be accurate and not to be overzealous to avoid muscle strain. Do everything slowly and smoothly and also do not make breaks between stages.

Development of the correct technique of breath is obligatory as it is an integral part of yoga and is used when performing asanas.

Meditation and Hatha yoga

It is possible to write about meditation long and eloquently. But, if really not to endure it, then no words will be enough to explain those feelings and feelings to which you are exposed at immersion in this surprising state. Meditations and Hatha yoga and in general any yoga, are very closely connected. For the practician important not only physical, corporal transformation, but also spiritual development, knowledge of, opening of the Divine and divine truth.

For immersion in meditation it is necessary to retire, accept a pose with a direct back (it is possible in a lotus pose), further to concentrate on deep and the main thing the correct breath. It is possible to close eyes and only mentally to watch how your breast rises and falls as smoothly and exactly pass waves air flows and spread a vivifying cool on a body, filling with themselves each section in you.

It is important! If your thoughts disturb foreign subjects, try not to be involved in them and again come back to breath. Think only of air flows and of how smoothly and measuredly you breathe.

Later certain time (it can be everyone miscellaneous) you will stop thinking in general about something, having reached an immersion point necessary to you in meditation. It will occur spontaneously, and you will not even understand it as your body and your mind will enter balance and harmony, and, therefore, will reach the highest point of relaxation and at the same time concentration. And here what will be there, in a condition of meditation — only you because to everyone something special opens, let know only to you will be able to answer this question.

Summing up the result, one may say, that now you know everything that acquaintance to the starting stage, Hatha yoga which is only the first milestone on the way of development of all subtleties and poses of this step is necessary for beginners. Having passed this stage, you will be able independently to move ahead, but it is better to carry out the further development under the leadership of the mentor. Practicing yoga, you remember that everything needs to be done smoothly and gradually.

The main thing, enjoy very much that, what are you doing, from each movement, from each breath and an exhalation. Feel better, than before. Be exempted from fetters of everyday affairs and adjoin something light and pleasant. Dare, and at you everything will turn out.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team