What to begin trainings in gym with

What to begin trainings in gym with

The most widespread mistake of all beginning athletes in strength sport – desire to achieve fast results right after the beginning of the training in gym. Relief muscles, cubes on the stomach, delighted looks … But, alas, not to reach it instantly. The one who wants to become the guru of strength sport it is necessary to pass the difficult way.

So, with what to begin?

First, from the theory. Study what is strength sport, for example, and solve bodybuilding for yourself: whether you will master such loadings in gym and whether it is necessary to you in general?

Secondly, prior to the trainings it is necessary to organize quite rigid day regimen. Reconsider the lifestyle, it is necessary to devote to sports trainings much time.

Thirdly, it is necessary to change the food cardinally. If you want to reach desirable forms in gym, then it is necessary to adhere to the correct diet. To add to the menu protein (turkey, fish, chicken breasts, cottage cheese), complex carbohydrates (vegetables and fruit). And also it is necessary to think of vitamin complexes, collagen, the protein, etc. for the help to the organism both in extension of muscles, and in ensuring healthy functioning of all organism.

Before the trainings it is necessary to analyze the condition of the organism and to decide what set of exercises suits you. You can calculate the index of mass of the body, the daily need for water or norm of creatine for the loading phase.

Program of power trainings

Power trainings should be begun with warm-up, then with simple exercises, to do no more than three-four approaches and no more than three times a week one and a half-two hours. It only at the beginning, gradually loadings, approaches and time will increase.

Ideal option if the program of trainings and food is made by the professional instructor especially for you. It is possible to resemble the first trainings in gym. If there is no such opportunity, then it is possible to organize occupations in house conditions. In the sports corner will be to get dumbbells with pancakes of different weight and the bench for occupations quite enough at the beginning. In shops there is the huge number of special exercise machines today. To choose that exercise machine which is suitable for you, - the task difficult, but quite solvable. Numerous advertizing or consultants in specialized shops comes to the rescue.

Experts recommend to begin from the o'clock of the training at least three times a week, it is desirable every other day, gradually increasing power loading and time. If you with discipline and self-organization are all right, then quite possibly soon on sports power arena the new star will light up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team