What to do if pulled the muscle

What to do if pulled the muscle

If you play sports or go to the fitness studio, the problem of the muscle strain has to you be well familiar. Once you few times miss the training or to overestimate the abilities, the muscle begins to support, ache, and sometimes even to swell. What to do?

Some consider that muscles begin to hurt from the fact that they lack no loading and try to dull pain additional physical exercises. It is absolutely incorrect. Your pulled muscle needs the additional warming up, but only before the training or the performance. If to strain it now, you only aggravate the situation. The best simply is to give to the muscle rest and not to involve it so far in any exercises. Pain is perfectly killed by the warming compresses. It can be alcohol, pepper tincture on alcohol or any anti-inflammatory ointments with anesthetics. The compress needs to be maintained within several hours, and to leave best of all for the night. As for medicinal grindings, you carry out them together with the warming massage. Such therapy will help to kill not only pain, but also will reduce hypostasis.

One of the most pleasant and effective means for removal of pains from stretchings is the hot bathtub. In water the body weight decreases, becomes less and load of your distressful muscle. Besides hot water will kill pain and gives you unforgettable pleasure. After the bathtub both the massage and compresses works better therefore it can be used in complex treatment at sports damages and injuries.

And here it is necessary to restore loading gradually. Don't stop being engaged at all at all – it will only aggravate the general situation and after a while instead of one stretched muscle you easily can be hit similar feelings on all body. Just reduce intensity of occupations and you make thrifty use of your muscle and it is patient. Very good impact is made by swimming. In water the body weight is lost therefore for work less efforts are required. You will be able to develop the muscle, without doing it harm wearisome trainings. If you strongly pulled the leg or the hand during the occupation or performances, it is better to put to this place ice at once and to lift above that there was no hypostasis. In hard cases it is recommended to receive spasmolysant and anesthetic and to see the doctor. Remember that if muscular pain doesn't pass over time but only amplifies, and you see symptoms of obvious deterioration, you shouldn't self-medicate. Entrust care of the health to the qualified specialist better.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team